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List of Open Fire Cooking Equipment Needed for Camping in 2023

Cooking over a campfire is entirely a different vibe and cannot be compared to cooking on a grill or stove at the campsite. Camp cooking is a fun thing, but the real deal, and also the best of all is campfire cooking. Owing to that, it is important you understand the right campfire cooking equipment you’ll be needing.

It is quite easy to purchase almost all the things you need from camping pan sets, dinnerware, and cooking utensils to reusable tablecloths and the most vital item of all – the marshmallow roasting stick. You only need to have access to the right information to ensure you get all you need to keep yourself fed on a getaway.

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If you are a beginner camper, tourist, weekend camper, backpacker, or local family who needs the right information to have an enjoyable camping experience, here are the appropriate equipment for open-fire cooking in a campground.

List of Open Fire Cooking Equipment Needed for Camping

  1. Percolator

You can’t deny that coffee enjoyed in the great outdoors tastes even better than on a cold morning at home. You will feel that there is something different about the aroma and the surrounding serenity that makes the day even better. To ensure you enjoy every bit of it, opt for a Percolator made of durable material to stand the heat of the campfire.

  1. Cast Iron Skillet

This skillet not only deals well with the hottest temperatures but also lasts practically forever. You just have to mount it directly on the coals of your fire, to the side, or on your grill for mind-blowing campfire meals.

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From morning chops to evening meals, a cast iron skillet is without doubt one of the most vital things you need. Skillets tend to come in a wide range of sizes and you will want to go for the most popular being from 6″ to 12″.

  1. Dutch Oven

You would appreciate this particular equipment every day you spend at the campground.  Although it matches the cast iron skillet in campfire abilities, its size and depth have proven to make it more adaptable to your cooking needs.

Be it to stir up campfire beef stew, fry a few fish fillets, or even bake bread. In addition, they are also known to be quite affordable.

  1. Camp Cookware

For those who really don’t buy the idea of the heavier cast iron skillet or Dutch oven, it is recommended you opt for the lighter set of camp cookware. Consider purchasing a compact stainless-steel that will last as well as serve you well. Ensure to take just one or two of the pots or pans, or all of them nestled together for easy portability.

  1. Broiler Basket

If you are among those who enjoy fresh meat or fish and perfectly cooked veggies, then it is advisable you purchase a camp broiler basket. This is a versatile equipment that you will love, as it can even toast bread. Ensure to take your time to consider the many options available in the market today to ensure you find the best one for your needs.

  1. Gloves

Regardless of whether you own one skillet or several pieces of campfire cooking gear, it is important you don’t forget a good pair of cooking gloves. They protect you from serious burns, and well-fitting ones make it possible to pick up skillet handles and remove pots with ease.

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Note that heat-resistant BBQ Gloves are an ideal option. Aside from looking sharp, they tend to be less expensive than many others on the market.

  1. Collapsible Sink

You should really consider these wash basins for your collection of camp kitchen gear. Most of them are made of BPA-free durable silicone, and this means that they are lightweight and easy to fold for packing.

Aside from that, they can be used to store your camp kitchen gear. The handles make them quite easy to move, even from the campsite–carry firewood or other small items.

  1. Outdoor Kitchen Set

It is recommended you incorporate this kit into your campfire cooking set. 24 pieces are included: 4 forks, 4 spoons, 4 knives, a collapsible whisk, a pivot spoon, a pivot spatula, a utility knife, a spice shaker, 2 condiment containers, a cutting board, a scrubber, a camp towel, a ballistic outer case.

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Most often, they come in a travel bag, and this makes them ideal when packing, using, and moving while camping. Aside from that, it is very lightweight and comes with waterproof salt and pepper shakers.

  1. Spatula

When you consider how regularly you use a spatula in your home kitchen, you will understand how important it can be. These heat-resistant tools will make it easy and convenient to flip pancakes, burgers, and any number of other meals safely over a flame. Consider getting a titanium one for durability, such as The Splitter, which also triples as tongs and a spork.

  1. Roasting Forks and Campfire Sticks

Regardless of how you feel about roasting hot dogs or marshmallows over an open flame, you’ll relish having or better still using campfire roasting forks and sticks.

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If you want each person to cook their own, then these sticks are ideal and designed specifically for this purpose. Ensure to go for ones made of stainless steel with heat-resistant handles, like the Rolla-Roaster.

  1. Pie Irons

If you love to make mind-blowing sandwiches and various other treats, then it is necessary you inculcate pie irons into your cooking ware. With its iron basket at one end, you can safely place your ingredients without bothering if they fall into the flames.

  1. Stick Waffle Iron

This is another valid tool to consider if you want to make a real breakfast treat while camping. For a whole lot of reasons and due to its versatility, it is recommended you get a waffle iron on a stick and go on with making the best-tasting waffles.

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Ensure to pour your batter in and relish the process of cooking it over the fire. Since this is a bit of a luxury item for campfire cooking, the iron might very well be more of a splurge, but when you first use it, you’ll know you made the right decision.