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Can You Leave a Dog Unattended in an RV at a Campground?

Although it is possible to leave your dog unattended in an RV at a campground, it is important to note that numerous factors are at play when considering the possibility of leaving your dog alone.

Your day can begin as a comfortable 70-degree day but in the twinkle of an eye can become a violent triple-digit scorcher with high humidity.

These conditions are unsafe when you are outside but can become more terrible and devastating for a dog or pet in an unventilated space.

A pet is believed to have hyperthermia (heat stroke) once its body temperature goes past 103°F, and this high temperature can be reached in as little as 30 minutes within the wrong space in certain dog breeds.

While a good number of RVs come with air conditioning and ventilation, leading you to think your dog will be safe, don’t forget that these systems can fail or the campgrounds can experience power outages.

As such, it is recommended you play it safe and take your dog with you. They will most definitely relish the scenery and fresh air just as much, if not more than you.

What Does the Law Say About Leaving Your Dog Unattended in an RV at a Campground?

Aside from local regulations, most campgrounds have rules indicating that dogs and pets can’t be left alone or unattended.

However, it is pertinent to clarify that leaving pets unattended doesn’t only mean chained to a tree outside your camper. It also includes being left alone inside the RV.

Most of the rules you will find at campgrounds across the United States still align with state laws, and this goes to show that it’s not just the campground’s preference.

Going against these rules can give rise to a wide spectrum of actions from a simple reminder or reprimand up to restrictions from the facility.

As such, prior to visiting a campground or RV park with your dog, it is important to review its list of rules and regulations, particularly as regards pets.

Tips to Guarantee the Safety of your Dog While Alone in your RV

Sometimes it can be really unavoidable to leave your dog alone in the RV, but the general advice is to avoid it as much as possible.

No matter how much you love the life of adventure, note that as a pet owner, there is a great deal of planning that comes with traveling with your dogs to guarantee their safety and health. It falls on you as a pet owner m to make sure your dogs are as safe and comfortable as possible while you are away.

  1. Exercise your dog prior to leaving them alone in the RV

One thing you have to note is that a tired dog is a quiet dog. As such, it is recommended you first take your dog for a nice long walk to deal with any excess energy. Note that while you are away from your camper, the plan is to get your dog to relax, sleep, or rest quietly until you get back.

  1. Leave plenty of water

In hot weather, a dog is known to consume more water just like humans. Owing to that, make sure to set out fresh water for your dog when they are unattended in your RV.

  1. Install an RV indoor temperature monitoring system that links to your phone

Even if you feel you have no need to bother about hot or cold temperatures, it’s necessary that you are always well-informed regarding the exact temperature inside your RV when you have dogs alone in the RV.

In recent years, there have been cases of pets dying of heat stroke owing to harsh temperatures within the camper. In the same vein, note that cold temperatures can hurt pets too.

  1. Set up your RV generator auto-starting system

A good number of modern RVs come with auto-start features on generators that sense power outages. However, if you possess older RVs, then you need to go upgrade to that exact system.

With an auto-start generator, you can leave your dog inside the RV knowing that if the power goes out while you are away, the A/C will continue to work and keep your dog cool and safe.

  1. Install indoor security cameras with WiFi links to your phone

It is also possible to mount a few cameras inside your RV that will be directly linked to an app on your phone to ensure that you can keep a constant eye on your pet inside your RV.

Also, note that a good number of systems come with a speaker system that makes it feasible to ‘talk’ with your dog from your phone.

  1. Shut all windows and pull shades prior to leaving your dog alone in the RV

Note that to keep your dog calm and quiet when you are away from the RV, you will need to seek ways to keep outside noises and light to a minimum.

Don’t forget to leave the AC on to a comfortable temperature and turn off the lights inside your camper. Also, consider leaving the TV or radio on for comforting white noise for your dog inside the camper.

Keep in mind that leaving music playing or the TV on while you are away can help keep your dog calm when he’s alone in the RV.

  1. Add pet rescue stickers to the door window of your RV

This is very vital just in case of an emergency. If something happens or comes up while you are away from your RV, pet rescue stickers will help people or those around know the number and types of pets you have inside. Don’t forget to add your cell phone number as well so as to make it easy for someone to call you if they see a disturbance.