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50 Best Money Making YouTube Video ideas for Girls

Do you want to start a YouTube channel with your girlfriends but lack content ideas? If YES, here are 50 best money making YouTube video ideas for girls.

YouTube is a very popular platform. It is the most popular video sharing site in the world, and it gets millions of visits every year. A lot of these visitors are girls hence creating videos that are specifically tailored to girls would help you get a lot of subscribers easily. We have made a list of at least 50 YouTube video ideas that would draw a lot of interest from girls.

50 Best Money Making YouTube Video ideas for Girls

1. Hair Tutorial

The hair is a strong symbol of beauty so many ladies don’t play with their hair. You can make a video that teaches girls how to style their hair in quick and easy ways so that they can avoid visiting the hair stylist all the time, and save some money for themselves.

2. Makeup Tutorial

Makeup is also very important to many girls. You can make a video teaching girls how to find the right makeup products for their skin tones, and how to do their own makeup.

3. Room Decoration Tips

Another idea is to teach some trendy and affordable decoration tips to girls who may want to give their bedrooms or college rooms a beauty overhaul.

4. Morning Routines

Show them how you start your day- from making your smoothies, to going for morning workouts, yoga, breakfasts and how you dress to school or work. A lot of girls can use these tips.

5. Workout Tips

You can make a video sharing general workout tips or workout tips targeted to special areas of the body such as flat stomach workout tips, arm workouts, leg workouts, squats for butts, and so on.

6. Giveaways

You can host a giveaway on your YouTube Chanel. You can give away purses, clothes, hair accessories, and other fashion items for ladies. This would also help to attract a lot of traffic to your YouTube channel as many people would be interested in the prospect of winning something for themselves.

7. Challenges

You could also host challenges on your channel to attract traffic to your channel and also get involved with your subscribers. Tell them how to make videos of themselves doing the challenge, and then upload the videos on your channel. You can get a lot of interesting contents to upload on your channel from doing a single challenge.

8. Shopping Tips

You can do a video offering shopping tips to girls to help them get the best deals when they shop, find coupons, negotiate or avoid spending more than their shopping budgets.

9. 10 Things to Do

The video can be about anything- 10 things to do when you are bored, 10 things to do before you leave for college, 10 things to do before you are 21, and so on.

10. What’s in My Bag

You can teach young girls how to pack their bags like a lady- show them what’s in your bag, and the reasons why you have them there.

11. Favorite Songs

You can share videos of some of your favorite songs with your subscribers, and ask them to tell you about their own favorite songs in the comment section.

12. Favorite Movies

You can do the same with your favorite movies as well. You can give reviews about some of the trending videos you’ve seen, or share some interesting scenes from throwback videos.

13. Nighttime Routines

What do you do before bedtime? Wash your face, dinner, shower, etc. You can share some helpful tips with your subscribers to help them develop good night routines of their own.

14. Organizing Tips

Show them some helpful DIY tips to help keep their rooms beautifully organized without having to buy expensive organizing supplies.

15. Dress Making Tips

Another good video idea is to show your subscribers how to make simple dresses, or how to convert old dresses into new things. For instance, you can show them how to convert an old shirt into a skirt, a pant into a short, and so on.

16. Celebrity Style Catch Up

You can create videos talking about some of the latest celebrity styles, and how your subscribers can catch up with the styles and recreate the looks for themselves.

17. Product Reviews

You can give your reviews and experiences from using different products like beauty products and skincare products, and show your subscribers how to use them too.

18. Favorite Products of the Month

You can make a video showing your subscribers some of the products you enjoyed using for the month. You can also include affiliate links in your challenge so that you can make more money.

19. Lunch Ideas

You can make videos talking about your lunch choices for an entire week, and how they can prepare the recipes at home.

20. Cooking and Baking Tips

You can also make videos about cooking and baking tips. A lot of girls love to learn how to cook and bake at home.

21. Healthy Breakfasts

Another food related video idea for girls is to tell them what is on your menu for breakfast for an entire week, and show them how to make healthy and delicious breakfast recipes.

22. DIY Smoothies

Everybody loves a good, healthy smoothie. Come up with delicious recipes and talk about them on your YouTube channel.

23. Crocheting

Crocheting is a trending hairstyle amongst girls. You can teach your viewers how to crochet, and how to make different types of beautiful crochet hairstyles.

24. Study Tips

Another video idea is to share study tips with your subscribers. Teach them some effective ways to study, and how to ace exams.

25. Life Hacks

You can also teach life hacks. Teach your subscribers some easy ways to handle tasks without stress.

26. Packing for Trips

Another great idea is to teach your subscribers what to pack, and how to pack for trips. For instance, you can teach them how to pack for hiking trips, summer vacations, school excursions, and so on.

27. Yoga Videos

A lot of people are interested in learning how to do yoga, and girls are not excluded. You can make videos teaching girls how to do different yoga poses.

28. Eating Plan

Create videos about your healthy eating plan, and how they can follow your eating plans or create their own eating plans to achieve different health goals.

29. How to Make Money

It’s never too early to start learning how to be independent. You can teach your subscribers how to set up side businesses that they can do while in school, how to save money, and how they can be financially independent.

30. How to Style a Cardigan

Create videos teaching your subscribers different ways to make a cardigan less boring, and more trendy and fashionable.

31. A Day in Your Life

You can do your own mini-reality show. Create a video showing your subscribers what a typical day in your life looks like, and some of the interesting activities you get up to.

32. Sleep Over Videos

Another idea is to host a sleepover with your friends, and create videos showing your subscribers what you and your friends were up to, and how much fun you had.

33. Skincare Routines

If you have very lovely skin, or have any helpful tips to help your subscribers improve their skin, you can share these tips on your channel.

34. Bikini Trends

Make videos about some of the latest bikini trends for summer, and tell your subscribers where to get these items.

35. How to Get Rid of Acne

Acne is a problem that a lot of girls have to deal with. You can create before and after videos teaching your subscribers some quick and effective ways to get rid of acne.

36. Room Cleaning, Organization and Storage

Create a video of your room cleaning and organization routine. Your subscribers can learn a thing or two from your cleaning and organization routine.

37. Vegan Recipes

Vegan recipes are healthy and nutritious. Your subscribers don’t have to be vegan to learn and add a few vegan recipes to their menu as even non-vegans love to enjoy some vegan meals every now and then.

38. Etiquette Lessons

Etiquette lessons are also good video ideas for girls. You can teach your subscribers some of the dos and don’ts of classy females.

39. Relationship Tips

Another good idea is to offer relationship tips or sex education tips that they can learn from.

40. How to Make Perfume

Most people love perfumes and unknown to many, they are easy to make at home. You can create a video showing your subscribers how to make a few recipes.

41. Computer Tips

You can teach young girls some computer hacks and tips that can help them to be better at operating computers.

42. Comedy and Jokes

Comedy videos are very popular on YouTube because a lot of people love them. If you are good at making people laugh, you can create some funny videos and upload them on your channel.

43. Book Reviews

Talk about some of the interesting books you have read recently, and make short reviews about those videos.

44. Show off a Collection

Make a video showing off your bag, shoe, cloth, or makeup collection to your subscribers.

45. Discuss Time Management

Most people find it difficult to manage their time and stay productive. You can teach younger women to start early and learn how to manage their time early in life.

46. Review Tech Products

A phone you just got, a laptop, ear plugs, or any other tech products; you can write reviews about them. For instance, you can write a review about the latest iPhone.

47. Gardening Tutorials

You can teach your subscribers how to set up their own gardens and plant in it especially for people who do not have a lot of space around their homes; you can teach such people some indoor gardening tips.

48. Motivational Speaking

You can deliver a power-packed motivational speech to girls, and teach them how to avoid some mistakes in life, and how they can be better individuals.

49. Gift Guide

You can give your subscribers some gift inspiration for special occasions like valentine, Christmas, thanksgiving, birthdays, and other special occasions.

50. Games for Ladies

Lastly, you can make videos talking about some of the best games for females.