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50 Best Direct Sales Business ideas You Can Start Today

Do you want to start a direct sales company but you want to go niche and be unique? If YES, here are 50 best direct sales business ideas and opportunities.

Direct selling is the process by which a seller sells a product or service directly to a buyer in a non-retail environment. This means that instead of sales occurring in a typical store, it takes place at home, work, presentations, catalog sales or other non-store locations.

Direct selling helps to remove middlemen who are usually involved in the product distribution process. Alternatively, the product goes from the producer or manufacturer straight to the direct sales company, then to the distributor or rep, and to the consumer.

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Oftentimes, the goods that are sold via direct sales are not usually found in a normal retail location and as such, finding a distributor or sales representative is the only method to buy the products or services.

Direct selling is usually associated with party-plan and/or network marketing companies; however these are not the only types of companies that use direct selling. Many businesses that sell business-2-business (B2B) use direct selling to target and sell to their end customers.

For example, many companies that sell advertising or office supplies will send their reps directly into the stores that can use their services.

As at 2016, about 20.5 million people were involved in direct sales in the united states alone. Direct selling is not the same as direct marketing and it is not be seen as the same. Direct selling involves individual sales persons reaching out to customers directly, while direct marketing is when a company markets directly to a customer.

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As a sales consultant, you will be paid a commission for each product you sell. Some direct sales companies will also pay you a commission on product sales from consultants who you referred into the program. Besides being able to work from home, you will also be able to choose your working hours and the type of products you sell.

Some of the products commonly associated with direct sales include jewelry, cosmetics, kitchen supplies, spa items, home décor and health and wellness products etc. Here are some direct sales related business ideas in the United States of America.

Best Direct Sales Business ideas

1. Direct Sales Consultant

A direct sales consultant refers to an independent consultant for direct selling. The direct sales industry is among the most profitable home based business opportunities out there.

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It offers a flexible, family-friendly business pattern where you can earn an income, cars, trips & products just for marketing the company’s products; host programs and business opportunities to others via home parties, online sales, fundraisers and direct marketing.

2. Direct sales of botanical and clinical skin care products

In order to get into this line of business, you will first have to contact a local representative for the direct-sell skin care line you want to market such as Mary Kay, Avon, Mark et al. With most of these companies, you can even sign up online or they can also provide you with the contact of local sellers on their website.

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Next, you will then have to get a sales tax authorization from your state. This allows you to collect and submit both state and local sales tax through one payment to the state. You must charge sales tax to purchasers even if you do not possess a retail store.

Finally, in order to sell your wares, you can organize a skin care product party to market your goods to friends and family members.

You can start by selling your products to people you know and then telling them to refer your product to other people they come in contact with. You can include a sort of referral bonus to encourage your customers to bring more people to your business.

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3. Direct sales of nutritional products and supplements

Sales of nutritional products and supplements can be quite profitable. There are a lot of people who wish to stay in shape and be healthy but they do not have the time to exercise regularly or prepare quality meals on a daily basis.

You can sell products like vitamins, energy supplements, weight loss products and exercise drinks to your health conscious customers. Increase sales by staying in touch with customers via email, your website and by using social media websites.

4. Direct sales blogging

A blog is an individual website that is updated on a regular basis. If you love to write, then you can open up a blog where you can discuss about direct sales and tips to succeed and make the most sales. There are different ways a blog can be monetized so you should not stick to just one.

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You can make money through blogging by putting up adverts on your blog, selling your own courses and books, affiliate marketing and of course Google AdSense. The more traffic you have, the more money you’ll make. Even if you post to your blog every day but only have ten people looking at it, you won’t make much money.

5. Podcast

A podcast is like a personal radio show where you talk about specific topics. You can create a podcast where you will discuss about direct selling and the intricacies that are involved in it. Before you think about monetizing your podcast, you have to make sure that it is filled with rich and engaging content.

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You can monetize your podcast through sponsorship, affiliate marketing or even sale of your own product. Other direct sales related businesses include;

  1. Direct sales of tech services and products.
  2. Direct sales of natural health supplements.
  3. Direct sales of communication services.
  4. Direct sales of water purification systems, air filtration systems, and safe and effective formulas for allergy and odor control.
  5. Direct sales of comfy leggings, tunics, and dresses.
  6. Direct sales of healing skincare and body products.
  7. Direct sales of makeup such as lipstick, eye shadow, eye pencil, concealers, et al.
  8. Direct sales of sells cookware.
  9. Direct sales of essential oils.
  10. Direct sales of discount health and dental plans.
  11. Direct sales of handcrafted jewelry and accessories.
  12. Direct sales of meal replacement shakes.
  13. Direct sales of stylish men clothing.
  14. Direct sales of children’s book
  15. Direct sales of workout videos and home fitness programs.
  16. Direct sales of beads and jewelry making tools.
  17. Direct sales of in-home spa treatments, skincare, and cosmetics.
  18. Direct sales of anti-aging skin care products.
  19. Direct sales of adult toys and products.
  20. Direct sales of scented Candles and bath bombs
  21. Direct sales of China, cutlery, tableware, and crystal.
  22. Direct sales of high-quality natural, eco-friendly products for everyday needs.
  23. Direct sales of all natural chalk paint.
  24. Direct sales of premium chocolate treats and products.
  25. Direct sales of fire safety equipment.
  26. Direct sales of educational toys.
  27. Direct sales of underwear
  28. Direct sales of Rubber Stamp
  29. Direct sales of gourmet pet treats and products
  30. Direct sales of enriched coffee
  31. Direct sales of scrapbooking supplies
  32. Direct sales of wine
  33. Direct sales of health equipment
  34. Direct sales of monogrammed totes, bags, purses, wallets, luggage and storage containers
  35. Direct sales of home cleaning systems
  36. Direct sales of various meat and seafood.
  37. Direct sales of home decorations, linens et al
  38. Direct sales of air purifiers
  39. Direct sales of pearls
  40. Direct sales of television sets
  41. Direct sales of crochet and knitting supplies
  42. Direct sales of cleaning and painting brushes
  43. Direct sales of health equipment
  44. Direct sales of sleep products such as sheets, blankets, mattresses, robes, pillows et al
  45. Direct sales of makeup removers.