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What Kind of Drug Test Does Restaurant Depot Use for New Hires?

The kind of drug test Restaurant Depot uses for new hires is none other than urine drug tests. This particular test is considered mandatory for all potential employees after the initial employment offer is made by Restaurant Depot.

Aside from that, also note that current employees who are involved in a workplace accident are also asked to carry out a drug test.

Additionally, any worker suspected of working under the influence of drugs or alcohol will also be asked to submit to a drug screening.

Keep in mind that as an employee with Restaurant Depot, the company reserves the right to carry out random drug tests as long as they have any slight suspicion or if the worker is involved in an accident.

Tests and Requests for New Hires at Restaurant Depot

Working at Restaurant Depot can prove to be fun and exciting; however, you would want to understand that prospective employees are expected to go through a well-detailed evaluation process.

Note that the primary aim for all of these is to ensure that the company only hires the best candidates for their roles. If you intend to work at Restaurant Depot, below are necessary tests and requests for new hires at Restaurant Depot:

  1. Skills Assessment

Although this will more or less depend on the position applied for, you might be expected to undergo a skills assessment to showcase your abilities in areas such as customer service, food handling, inventory management, or cash handling.

Keep in mind that these assessments ensure that Restaurant Depot can note candidates who are suited for the demands of the job.

  1. Background Check

This check encompasses a thorough evaluation of criminal history, employment verification, and, in certain instances, a credit check.

By carrying out background checks, Restaurant Depot guarantees the safety and security of its workers and customers while keeping in line with its optimal level of integrity within its workforce.

  1. Drug Test

The company mandates new hires to undergo a drug test, most often in the form of a urine test. This test guarantees that employees are fit for duty and in the right frame of mental health to carry out their job responsibilities safely and effectively.

Note that Restaurant Depot is quite serious with its drug testing policies and might even include it as a condition for employment.

  1. Reference Checks

To obtain comprehensive knowledge of a candidate’s work ethic, reliability, and interpersonal skills, Restaurant Depot tends to carry out reference checks with former employers or professional contacts made available by the applicant.

These checks tend to provide very insightful feedback from persons who have worked closely with the candidate in the past and provide Restaurant Depot with the necessary info to make valid hiring decisions.

  1. Orientation and Training

If after the checks and tests, you are deemed fit and eligible, you will be hired; however, note that new employees at Restaurant Depot are expected to attend an orientation session as well as job-specific training.

During the orientation, employees are taught about company policies, procedures, as well as expectations, coupled with very vital safety guidelines.

Keep in mind that this job-specific training ensures that employees are fully fitted with the knowledge and skills they require to carry out their duties adequately, further making sure that they are ready to aid the success of the organization from day one.