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List of Equipment Needed to Start a Bakery [Prices Included]

Do you want to start a bakery and want to know the required tools? If YES, here are 10 equipment or tools you need to open a bakery and how much they cost.

Bakers typically don’t want for business because people are always having one reason or the other to celebrate. But for you to take full advantage of this business, you need to have a suitable store front, and as well as the necessary baking things.

Asides from needing special licenses to open your bakery, you will need certain tools and equipment in your work kitchen to get you started off. Regardless of whether you are baking out of your home kitchen, or you have an industrial kitchen, here are a list of tools and equipment you will need to get started.

Equipment Needed to Start a Bakery

1. Oven

The number one equipment, and even the most costly equipment you will need to start a bakery business is an oven. Ovens vary considerably in price, size and quality, so you have have to get one that suits your budget. It would do you good if you are able to purchase a quality stove so it can last you a long time.

Small convection ovens can accommodate a maximum of five sheet pans, while their double convection counterparts can hold twice the number of pans. Furthermore, a double deck oven can allow you to bake your confection at two different temperatures at the same time, which makes it a good investment if you are planning to bake artisan breads.

Another decision you will make when buying an oven is to decide if your oven should be gas or electric. This may be the most expensive item on your list when starting a small bakery, because a good, reliable oven that’s airtight, with even heating costs a bit more. Check with local restaurant supply stores for used commercial ovens.

If you are baking at home, you can get great deals on high-end ovens by comparison shopping. The cost of an oven runs between $350 and $15,000. Labor and installation charges range between $100 and $200. The cost to have a gas technician install service lines is over $200.

2. Proof boxes

Proof boxes are another item to put on your budget. Yeast-risen bakery items need to rise effectively. A proof box is a humidity- and temperature-controlled sealed environment to enable that to happen. Some bakers use their ovens as a makeshift proof box, but if your oven is expected to be in use, then this won’t work.

It’s also easier to dictate the rise with a proof box. Professional bakers also need proof boxes for their roll dough and bread to rise at the recommended temperatures. And since proof boxes come in different sizes, mobile proof boxes can be recommended for small bakeries.

These boxes can accommodate a maximum of 20 pans, and can as well be moved out when they are no longer in use. These proof boxes are generally less expensive than the built-in models, hence suited for small professional bakers who are just starting out. A proof box can cost you between $1,680.00 and $2,680.00.

3. Bakeware

You need to make good budget for your bakeware when starting your bakery. Since you are starting out, you’ll be required to purchase at least ten 18″ X 26″ baking sheets with three or more racks, as well. In addition, you’ll need a number of sheet cake pans, round cake pans, muffin tins and pie pans to start the business.

You can also find high-quality bakeware at restaurant supply stores. Learn about the differences between glass and aluminum pans, so you can determine which better suits your needs.

You will need baking sheets, cake pans, muffin tins of regular size, mini and large size, for muffins and cupcakes of different sizes, plus pie pans, cheesecake tins, and several sizes of cooling racks. Buy at least two of each of these, with an eye toward buying more when needed. Your bakeware can get up to $2,500.

4. Mixers

In a bakery, you can’t do without a standard mixer, so you have to get one or two depending on the scale at which you operate. You can look out for counter mixers or planetary dough mixers with a capacity of 30 to 40 quarts. A good mixer can cost you from US $238.00 to $265.00.

5. Work Tables

Work tables are important for storing all the items you need while baking or to provide ample working space in your bakery. For this reason, it’s recommended that you get the sturdiest work tables that suit your budget, since you’ll be using them most of the time.

But most importantly, consider your height while choosing which work tables to buy. For example, if you’re tall, choose a table that matches your height to protect yourself from back pains. A neat bakery work table can range from US $79.00 to $139.00.

6. Chiller

A chiller is “must-have” bakery equipment for storing cold ingredients like butter, milk, and cream. The good thing is that most chillers have flat worktops, which are great in providing the much-needed working space in bakeries.

Getting a chiller with a stainless steel worktop may actually lessen your burden of having to buy more work tables, since you’ll have enough space for storing all the baking items that you need. Expect to spend up to US$1,600 for a standard chiller.

7. Sinks

Federal regulations require all commercial food operations including bakeries to at least have 3 sinks while starting out. One, you’ll be required to have a three-department sink for washing, rinsing and sanitizing your dishes and other appliances that cannot be effectively washed in a dishwasher.

Two, federal regulations demand that you have a mop sink that’s exclusively reserved for cleaning your floor. Lastly, you will be required to have a separate sink in the kitchen for washing your hands before or while baking. A triple-sink is what’s usually mandated for most food and beverage businesses. To keep equipment at its cleanest, you will use one basin for washing, the second for rinsing, and the third for sanitizing.

8. Freezers

If you’re planning to sell decorated cookies and cakes on a large scale, you’ll need industrial freezers to store the cakes and the cookie dough as well. Generally, these freezers are room-sized and can actually store a large number of cakes and cookies. Depending on size, you make have to spend between US $780.00 and $860.00 on a freezer.

9. Sheeter

A dough sheeter is a kitchen machine that rolls out pieces of dough to a desired thickness. The resulting sheets are smooth, uniform and completed in a few minutes, a much shorter turnaround than rolling by hand. Dough sheeters create dough at a specified thickness.

Television shows such as TLC’s Cake Boss use dough sheeters to produce fondant for cake decorating. Fondant is a pliable decorative icing that bakers press into sheets with a dough or fondant sheeter. Somerset is a sought-after brand. The price of a sheeter varies based on its output size with prices ranging from approximately $2,800 to as high as almost $4,200.

10. Storage Equipment and Supplies

Every business requires storage supplies in one way or the other and so it is with bakery a business. You need to store supplies, utensils, etc. as well as display/store prepared goods in a clean and hygienic environment, and for this very purpose, you require a list of storage equipment and supplies.

Shelving is one of the most important requirements for a bakery because it serves as a storage space for keeping all your ingredients, other supplies, plates, and utensils etc. So you need to have this. Food bags are another supply you need to spend money on so you have where to store your foods.

11. Display and Packaging

Your presentation makes the first impression in your bakery business, so make sure you have everything to present your baked stuff in the best possible way.

Display cases are a must for presentation as it’s the key to attracting customers. A display case allows customers to see what they’re getting, and makes your products more appealing. You may skip this item in case of an online bakery, but there you will require a highly responsive website to display your items with an option to order online.

You also need to think of packaging. Since there are so many options for packaging available, you need to spend some time to explore the ideas and have one that best suits your brand. Make sure you have everything to make packaging impressive, i.e. cardboard, and plastic, waxed paper, etc. You may have to spend up to $1,000 to get all these in place.

12. Miscellaneous

Apart from all the bakery startup equipment listed above, you will also need a number of miscellaneous items and kitchen appliances that are essentially crucial for an effective operation of a bakery. To begin with, you’ll need a collection of different pans depending on the type of confection or the baking products that you are planning to sell.

Secondly, if you’ll be selling your baked products at the storefront, you’ll need a cash register and a number of display cases as well. Lastly, depending on the size of your bakery, you may also need items like cake decorating tools, a bread slicer, ingredient bins and a scale for weighing ingredients before baking.

Needless to say, don’t forget to buy smaller items like oven mitts, baking utensils, aprons, hair nets, hats and packaging paper while starting out. You would also need a delivery bike/van if you plan to offer delivery service. You may decide to partner up with services like Uber to save the cost of van/bike.


Depending upon your Business model, you may need some more items, but the items mentioned up here are the ones without which you cannot start/run a bakery business. Make sure you have them all so that your bakery will be up to a great start.