Baking delicious and nice looking confection is one thing, being able to display them in such a way that they can be appealing to your target market is another thing. For you to be able to convince people to buy stuffs from you, you should be able to present them in an eye-catching form, and that is exactly what a display basket will do. But you should be able to know the most suitable display basket that will serve your purpose.

When it comes to choosing a display basket, you just have to treat it as very important and it must fit your bakery’s unique needs. The right display basket can impact positively on sales and preservation of baked food in your bakery.

Having said that, considering the number of options in the market, shopping for the best display basket for your bakery shop can be challenging and time-consuming. In no particular order, here are 10 of the best display baskets for a bakery that you can get today.

What are the Best Types of Display Basket for Bakery?

  1. Econoco – Black Multi-Fit Narrow Wire Basket for Slatwall, Pegboard or Gridwall

Econoco’s Black multi-fit narrow basket for slatwall, grid or pegboard is the perfect addition to your retail store! Maximize display power and organize light-to-medium weight merchandise with this attractive Black multi-fit narrow basket for slatwall, grid or pegboard.

It’s comprised of 1/8″ thick wire and container inclines forward for enticing display and easy access. No hardware needed, so it’s quick and easy to install. Just mount and go. It comes in a 6 pack of Black narrow wired slatwall baskets.

  1. Single Wicker Basket Display Stand & Sign Holder Set

The Single Wicker Basket Display Stand & Sign Holder Set – Baguette Rack sits on top an affordable steel wire rack stand that is lightweight but sturdy enough to hold a full basket worth of bread for your customers. Whether it’s French or Italian, your loaves have found the perfect home.

Capable of holding more than a dozen loaves of bread, this wicker basket display idea also includes a retail metal sign holder to advertise your low prices to customers. The portability of this bread loaf display rack makes it easier to bring the bread to wherever it needs to go, whether it’s near the deli counter, cash register or by the other fresh baked offering your store carries.

This retail store fixture is a complete retail solution for today’s busy operators. It measures 20″D x 20″W x 33″H to the top of the included real willow wicker display basket. This set includes the metal stand, the wicker basket and the tall metal sign holder, the latter measuring 11.25″ by 7.25″ and capable of holding 11″ x 7″ signs.

Optionally, use the small clip-on sign holder that’s included for a lower display presentation. This retail fixture is a simple, traditional and elegant design makes your life easier and allows you to move the product wherever it needs to go. When you need a common sense way to deliver the goods hot and fresh, this display is the perfect solution for you and your business.

  1. 2-Tier Countertop Baked Goods Stand for Bagels

Pastries are often the best form of treat for your customers. They’re especially great when they’re on prominent display. This is why DGS Retail offers a selection of basket display stands where you can place your baked goods on the counter.

This helps you entice customers at the point of sale and in other parts of the store. It’s a great way to encourage impulse buys of bagels, cookies, donuts, and more. Basket Display Stands Work Great to Sell Baked Goods. These 2-tier bagel display racks are made of a solid black metal construction that is also affordable.

They’re more durable than the cheap stands you find elsewhere. They come with three 12-inch plastic square wicker baskets from your choice of four colors, so you can find the best look with ease. The counter displays also include a removable chalkboard sign you can use to promote your pastries.

Your marketing potential expands greatly, since you can get crafty with your advertising. In case you want to use different signage, the displays also accept .040 sign inserts. Whatever you choose, there are plenty of opportunities to create impulse buys of baked goods for customers, thanks to DGS Retail.

  1. Wire 3-Tier Bagel Basket Stand for Baked Goods

There are many ways for grocery stores, convenience stores, and even cafes to boost sales. One method is fresh baked goods on the counter, especially next to the cashier. DGS Retail can help with this with their line of basket display stands. They provide a convenient space for various bagels, pastries and cookies to be sold fresh to customers. In addition, they can serve strategically as a means to increase impulse purchasing.

This particular wire counter display rack comes with three complimentary 12-inch round plastic wicker baskets that you can place your baked goods in. They come in four colors, so you can be sure you’ll get the right look for your store.

The sturdy black metal frame construction of the stand itself makes it more durable than cheap display stands while also looking good. On top of the stand is wood sign holder capable of holding 8 placards with .040 inserts, so you can customize what you advertise. They also offer a free chalkboard sign to allow you and your employees to get more creative with what you’re offering.

  1. Double Wicker Basket Display Stand & Baguette Rack w/Sign Holders

This is a unique wicker basket food display that’s manufactured by DGS Retail and offered for sale at wholesale prices. Set includes a pair of natural real willow wicker baskets on a dual 100 percent metal stand plus the sign holder options shown.

These are ideal for an attractive display of freshly baked baguettes, brioche, and French bread loaves. Bakeries will enjoy having breathable wicker to store and display freshly baked loaves for customers. Florists and outdoor flower stands may also make use of these baskets to showcase fresh blooms, stems, and greenery.

A pair of this set makes a unique end-cap of baked goods or flowers in a mini-display for impulse buys. The included retail signage holders are a tall metal sign holder set and a small plastic clip on sign holder set for lower presentations.

  1. Single Wicker Basket Display Stand for Bakery

Despite your specific reason or need, this retail wicker basket display stand by DGS Retail is a versatile retail basket display that can give you an alternative option for displaying quick grab purchases or seasonal items. Each bin can carry a weigh capacity that exceeds 25 pounds, and so you can load up this awesome basket display tray stand without any worry.

It comes with sign holder clips that give you an opportunity to label your products in a distinctive manner. This also helps in providing descriptions for various food items as well as promoting the price specials in your retail store or café.

With this wicker basket display stand, you can use it as a rack to display baguettes, french bread loaves or many other types of fresh baked goods. It’s small footprint greatly limits the amount of floor space that has to be used so it’s ideal as an impulse display rack. It only measures a width of 20 inches, a length of 20 inches and a height of 52 inches to the top of sign. This does not cover a large space area compared to most display items that are in the market.

This bakery bread display has a custom printed base wrap. Place your order online. A DGS Retail specialist will contact you to go over the free design options. A color proof is emailed to you for approval before they print. Generally, this wicker basket display stand has been greatly constructed and assembling takes minutes.

Each of these displays come with a metal stand, a custom printed base wrap as well as a metal sign holder. You can use the custom printed base wrap to inscribe your store’s slogan or logo for patrons to relate well with your products. This display includes your choice of a washable synthetic wicker basket or a natural willow wicker display basket.

  1. 3 Tier Wicker Basket Display Stand for Bakery, Casters & Sign Holder Included

Add style to your retail store with this wrought iron design 3 Tier Wicker Basket Display Stand. Merchandise cupcakes, bread, or fresh baked bagels on this metal display stand. Create a visual merchandising attention-getter with this versatile wicker basket display rack. It is a great POP display solution for grocery stores, bakeries, and convenience stores.

This vintage wrought iron design store fixture is easy to move around thanks to the set of four locking casters that make it a breeze. Place this stunning bakery display idea next to your cashwraps and checkouts to increase impulse sales of high margin baked goods. Your shoppers will see the pricing and product information thanks to the dedicated retail sign holders attached to the top of the display.

This bakery display stand is manufactured by DGS Retail with a baked-on bronze finish for a classic feel. The three wicker baskets are sold separately. They are braided with strong, thick and super durable wicker that is sure to last. Choose natural willow wicker baskets or synthetic woven plastic wicker baskets that are dishwasher safe for sanitizing.

  1. Double Wicker Basket Display Stand for Bakery

A pair of deep, woven wicker display baskets makes any small bakery or grocery store bakery department look rustic and natural. These large display baskets are held as a pair by a sturdy metal stand. Freshly baked bread, Foccacia loaves, baguettes, and small bags of dinner rolls can sit nicely inside.

These will work well for grocery store endcaps or bakery displays for “impulse buys,” as well as traditional bakeries. In addition to food displays, these baskets would be nice for floral sale displays, either fresh cut flowers with long stems or fake flowers and greenery – even decorative feathers.

Placing two of the units back-to-back creates a cluster point-of-purchase display, great for showcasing similar items in a theme. The baskets come with individual sign holders, so the advertising signage can be changed as needed. Use either the tall metal sign holders or the small clip-on sign holders for a lower presentation. Both options are included.

This display is ideal for baguettes and other long bread loaves. The displays are sized 20″D x 38″W x 33″H to the top of the baskets. Each unit contains the two baskets, a solid metal stand that holds both sides by side, and retail sign holders.

Choose from two styles of baskets – natural willow wicker baskets or washable plastic wicker baskets. Both styles of baskets are tightly handwoven in a wicker-like pattern. The woven handles help transport the baskets and are strong enough for use – not just decorative. The stand is matte black metal.

  1. Marketing Holders Bread Bin Food Retail Container Box Premium Display Case 10 1/4″W x 4″ & 5.5″H x 10 1/2″D

These bakery bins are the perfect way to present freshly made pastries. Each model is constructed from durable acrylic. These food bins are built to last a long time. The construction of each unit is a blend of style and function. These food bins have a simple and modernized design to easily match any environment.

Upscale and low budget eateries appreciate having this unit on their tables or counters. These displays are perfect for Cakes, cookies, muffins, donuts, candy and sandwiches are all possibilities. These food bins, also known as acrylic bins, serve practical purposes as well. The acrylic exterior can help maintain the freshness of the contents.

Some of these food bins and displays, such as acrylic bins and pastry displays, have a rear a hinged door. The positioning of the door gives the server the access to the contents of the display. The design of the food bins makes filling them with food products faster and easier for the server.

Such a construction prevents the spread of germs. We sell food bins in many different sizes and designs to choose from as well. Choose one that best fits the display area. These food bins are great for use in restaurants, bakeries, delis hotels, candy store or home use.

  1. Round Wicker Display Basket For Retail, Dark Brown, 18″Dia. X 6″D

Draw attention to your baked goods, produce or other products by displaying them in this 100 percent natural dark brown wicker basket. Ideal for retail basket displays, bread basket or produce displays. This retail basket is made from real willow and is handwoven by craftsmen. It features a large rim for added strength and an eye-catching design.

The basket is a dark brown color that will contrast nicely with fresh fruits & veggies, pastries or bagels or brightly packaged foods. Overall size is 18″ in diameter by 6″ deep. Add clip-on sign holders for an inexpensive and effective countertop display.