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15 Best Types of Flour Mixer Machine for Bakery

Do you want to start a bakery and you are wondering what type of flour mixer machine to buy? If YES, here are 15 best flour mixers for bakery. A flour mixer machine is used for household or industrial purposes.

It is used for kneading large quantities of dough. The quality of baking to a large extent depends on the baker, but the equipment you choose has a large impact on the quality of your products, especially if you are competing against some market leaders in your location.

What you need to do to stay competitive is to have a reliable commercial flour mixer that creates the highest quality product possible. The right mixer can impact productivity and efficiency in day-to-day operations, as well as the time and money spent on equipment maintenance and repair — dollars that can add up over the life of the machine.

Considering the number of options on the market, shopping for the best flour mixer for your bakery can be challenging and time – consuming. In no particular order, here are 15 of the Best flour mixer machines that you can get today.

What are the Best Types of Flour Mixer Machine for Bakery?

  1. R&M Spiral Mixer

R&M Spiral Mixer is a new type, both mixer and bowl revolve  at the same time, thus the mixing speed is greatly increased and the mixing effect is greatly improved. R&M Spiral mixers can imitate hand-kneading and rolling motions.

The process of mixing with a spiral hook incorporates the more than double the amount of air into the dough, giving you a light and airy product simulating kneading the dough by hand. R&M Spiral Mixers are Exceptionally easy to operate and clean with good looking. They are widely used for dough mixing work in bread bakery houses, hotels, restaurants and company canteens.


The industrial commercial 2-speed spiral dough mixer is widely used in bakeries, noodle restaurants and other pastry dough processing plants and wheat food processing plants. The dough mixer uses frequency converter motor, which ensures no noise during operation. Specially designed stirrer and auxiliary stirrer ensures perfect mixing and kneading effect together with the proper rotating speed of the bowl.

This machine is suitable for restaurants, hotels, bread houses, and food manufacturers. It can be used to mix cream, egg fluid, fillings and other dough operations – With neat and beautiful appearance, low noise, high efficiency and easy to clean.

The operation of the machine is safe and stable. It has multi speed drive, users can choose speed to meet different mixing requirement and obtain satisfactory results. All its parts touching food are made of stainless steel. Speed regulator is used to control agitator shaft speed – Round control valve can adjust height of agitator shaft.


SXBP series spiral mixers is a new developed model. Temperature displaying & time setting system are implied in these models. Their hook and bucket can run at the same time imitating man power. They have beautiful appearance and safety cover. The cover will protect users from injury by cutting the power once it is opened.

For another, the most important equipment of the model is the frequency converter, which enables the motor of unstable voltage resistance and flexibility to adapt both 220V 50Hz & 220V 60Hz. These series are fit for bakery shops, hotels, restaurants, dinning rooms etc.

  1. Planetary Dough Mixer PLANETMIXER 200

PlanetMixer 200 is extraordinarily versatile and it yields excellent results for any type of soft mixtures such as wire-cut biscuits, dosed and injected products, all types of creams, raw and cooked ones, fresh whipped cream, meringues, pâte à chou, etc.

Hard doughs as rotative moulded biscuits, pie, short bread, etc. Adapt for laboratory or R&D center. PlanetMixer 200 is a machine constructed and studied to guarantee the maximum alimentary security’s requirements and it is operative unitedly with the elevated quality of the final product. The Planetary ratio between tools and scraper is 1:4.

The entire bridge shaped structure is built in stainless steel AISI 304. The standard UNPL 200 is equipped with PLC of brand to choice of the client, user interface type TOUCH SCREEN with software multilingual, management of recipes, phases.

  1. Spiral Dough Mixer IRIS

Fixed bowl spiral mixer, built with respect to the latest standard of design. Its characteristics are: very thick steel structure, 2 motors with 2 speeds, double transmission, electromechanical or digital control panel, temperature probe, solid lid in ABS or stainless steel grid over the bowl. Mounted on wheels. Dough capacity of the bowl from 2 to 300 kg.

The IRIS spiral mixer line with fixed bowl has been designed and built by Logiudice Forni. The company guarantees and certifies that the product is 100 percent MADE IN ITALY. The mixer has been built using the most advanced manufacturing technologies, combining experience, operating safety, designer style and simplicity of use in a single machine.

The fixed bowl spiral mixer line is available with capacity from 2 to 300 kg of dough. The machine frame is made of thick steel structural work, treated with liquid paint. The entire structure can be made in stainless steel upon request. The spiral tool, central column, and bowl are all stainless steel. A bowl scraper is available as an optional tool. ABS bowl protection and stainless steel grille.

The machine houses a two-speed motor both for the spiral tool and for the bowl. A version with upgraded motors for stiff dough is available. The dual relay transmissions always ensure maximum traction and considerable performance in any conditions of use.

As electromechanical control panel is provided as standard, complete with two timers for work speed and double speed programming both for the bowl and for the spiral. In this way, working time is reduced while dough uniformity, oxygenation, and refinement is increased, keeping the temperature constant

  1. Pastry Shop Dough Mixer GMG Series

In addition to GTM series, GORRERI produces the innovative GMG series (GMG 100, GMG300, GMG300L and GMG 500 models). A versatile and compact mixing unit that combines the GORRERI TURBOMIXER technology and GORRERI PREMIXER in a single stainless steel structure and an innovative premixer for the ingredients for liquid batters and creams realized with cold or hot technology.

PREMIXER is realized with an innovative semi-spherical bottom tank and high performance shovels to optimize the amalgam of the ingredients that need to be premixed before being automatically transferred to the TURBOMIXER buffer tank, where the turbo emulsifier with VERTIMIX© vertical head, emulsifies, mixes and whips the final batter.

GMG series is perfect to prepare creams and batters composed of ingredients or bases which need to be amalgamated before being worked or mixed, such as sponge cake batter, creams and a lot more.

  1. Bakery Dough Mixer SMR Series

The product adopts a slight inclination angle raising mechanism and a bowl hook to ensure that the bowl does not slip backwards during the tilting process. The lift can raise the bowl to a height of 2.6 meters, with angle of 25 degrees. The total weight of the lifting bowl and the inner can reach 450kg. The height of this bowl is 4 meters (+ the height of the rear bowl)

The bowl adopts a slight inclination angle raising mechanism and a bowl hook to ensure that the bowl does not slip backwards during the tilting process. The lift can raise the bowl to a height of 2.6 meters, with angle of 25 degrees. The total weight of the lifting bowl and the inner can reach 450kg. The height of this bowl is 4 meters (+ the height of the rear bowl).

The lifter is match with removable mixer, and then lift and pour out the bowl. It is an essential device to save labor and improve efficiency. The lifter is the connecting device between the removable dough mixer and the dough forming machine.

It has 9-inch Siemens touch screen where more than 10 kinds of mixing programs can be set, automatic powder adding mouth, water inlet pipe and automatic powder adding system and automatic batching system can be connected.

The mixer with strong power, suitable for industrial production and various soft and hard dough and high-gluten dough, imported key components. The mixer is made of high-strength steel and stainless steel, which is durable.

  1. Tilting Dough Mixer ZM300S-BL

ZM300-SL single blade biscuit dough mixer (also known as zet mixer) which can be used to prepare both soft and hard biscuit dough and even for some special type of wafer and biscuit creams. Thanks to its fixed cover, it’s ready to be fed automatically by raw materials and ingredients.

And thanks to it’s sealings between mixing tank and cover, the dust cannot escape. Because it is user and costumer oriented, it can be discharged both from left and right sides by means of a small geared motor which has no danger of leaking oil anywhere. And its maintenance easy design allows user the maintain the machine at its utmost efficiency conditions.

  1. Spiral Dough Mixer ITALICO PLUS

The ITALICO PLUS mixer is the union between quality, innovation and tradition of BIANCHI RAPIDA ITALIA. It is designed with new technologies and materials that guarantee an outstanding relationship between price and quality.

The latest generation of spiral mixers has a truly innovative design. ITALICO PLUS is designed for both artisan and industrial bakeries. It is provided with manual or fully automatic working program. Totally removable base makes maintenance as easy and quick as never before.

Extraordinary results in mixing phase and excellent reliability are guaranteed by bowl transmission with gearbox, round shape breaking bar and wide spiral utensil. The percent hydration of dough is from 40 percent to 70 percent.

ITALICO PLUS has broken down the old methods of construction making the spiral mixer modern, comfortable in use and 100 percent made in Italy.

  1. Spiral Dough Mixer BERTA7, BERTA15, BERTA25, BERTA35

The ideal machine for pizza, bread, breadsticks, focaccia, piade and all leavened products. Berta uses the innovative hook tool system that reproduces the movement of the hand working without altering the temperature of the dough, improving its oxygenation and digestibility.

The working time of the dough is halved compared to a traditional kneading machine with double arm, fork or spiral. “Berta” is the only kneading machine patented by Fimar. Casing is coated with scratch-proof paint bowl, tool and grilled lid in stainless steel AISI 304. For the BERTA 7 model, the second speed is standard on the three-phase version.

  1. Bakery Dough Mixer KDM-250

Saves energy and time by reducing kneading time. Kneading times can be adjusted for both speeds. Easily moveable on tyres. A separete bowl can be used with moveable bowl system. Bowls are compatible with Lifting and tilting machine.

  1. Spiral Dough Mixer IS06MWW

Ideal for dough with hydration above 55 percent. It has bowl, spiral, Save-hand stainless steel high strength. Its electrical systems and safety devices are according to CE standards.

  1. Spiral Dough Mixer PMSP xxx series

Spiral kneading machines are commonly preferred by bakery and pastry shops in order to shorten the usual kneading time. It enables bakers to make very little flour to dough. This also provides more homogenate dough mixture and bigger volume bread. Machine works in manual and automatic cycle with two programmable timers.

The bowl, spiral arm and bar are made of stainless steel. It uses reverse bowl rotation. Due to belt transmission of main power, the machine noise level is quite low. Mixer is mobile and there is a fixing device on the mixer. The emergency stop function and the security system on the cover are available. It can be moved easily thanks to its wheels.

  1. Spiral Dough Mixer C-Line 10/20

The C-Line 10/20 Planetary Mixers were specifically designed for confectionary productions. Not only attractively priced, but the machines require minimal to no maintenance. The design and features of the C-LINE Series Planetary Mixers allow one to carry out very precise work cycles. One of the main features contributing to precise operation is the simple Control Panel.

The panel allows the operator to control mixing time and speed. Use of the various mixing utensils, which are easily and quickly changed, guarantee gentle, gradual and homogenous mixing. All these features make the C-Line 10/20/40/60 Planetary Mixers ideal to whip (i.e. mousse and creams) and also to mix small quantities of dough.

The structure is composed of a durable stainless steel carpentry. The safety grid is of stainless steel and plexiglass and the head section is covered by specially thermoformed shatter proof plastic safety cover. The various inner drive components are of a durable and unique stainless steel, while the transmission gears are constructed of rectified stainless steel nickel chrome molybdenum.

The special attention paid to mechanical fortitude makes this machine quite and robust.  Particular attention has also been paid to the incorporated safety features. The safety grid, when raised, makes the bowl lower. The machine is endowed with a special tool arresting system. Once the machine is turned off, the rotation of the mixing tools immediately cease.

  1. Planetary Dough Mixer

This double tool planetary mixer with pressurizable bowl is ideal to mix whipped products, sponge cake, extruded or deposited cookies, soft biscuits and tarts. It has standard or jacketed bowls on castors, tools of stainless steel AISI 304, with adjustable speed, scraper with support of stainless steel and scraping blade of teflon. Its operator panel “Touch screen”, is suitable to archive up to 50 recipes, each with a max of 10 phases of mixing.