Event planners are making money all over the world and in order to join the group of big time event planners who handle event planning contracts for multinationals and even governments of countries, then you must strive hard to acquire relevant trainings and professional certifications. Obtaining certification in your profession puts you ahead of others who don’t have any certification; it gives you advantage in the market place.

If you want to be among the elites in your field of business or profession, then you should ensure that you write and pass all the available certification exams in that field and also in other related field. If you intend writing and obtaining an event planning certification, you have the option of attending a lecture in a school and writing the exams or the option of enrolling in an online school and also writing online exams. Busy executives chose the later to get their certifications in most fields of studies.

You have various events planning schools online where you can become a certified event planner. Becoming a Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP), a Certified Wedding and Event Planner (CWEP) or any area of event planning is not a difficult task to accomplish especially if you are passionate about event planning. With little effort and concentration, you are likely to pass your event planning certification exams in one sitting.

Now let us consider some tips that will help you in preparing for and getting your event planning certifications online;

7 Steps to Getting Your Event Planning Certification Online

1. Study Your Options

The first tip you would need if you want to become a certified event planner is to study the options that you have around you. Since you have decided to obtain your certification via an online platform, it makes it easier for you to narrow your studies only on event planning schools that offer online trainings and exams. Once you are able to get a listing of the options you have, it is left to you to study them properly to know the one that best suit your career part cum niche.

2. Make Your Choice

Once you are able to list and study the various online events planning school that offer certification courses, it is your responsibility to make your choice based on what you want. If you are interested in wedding planning, then you should choose a certification that is meant for wedding planning professionals.

There are various areas that you can specialize in as an event planner that is why it is important to study the options you have properly before making your choice. You can as well choose to obtain certification in various aspects of events planning especially if you want to run a complete events planning company that can handle weddings, corporate events and social events as well.

3. Acquire Relevant Experience on the Job

There are some events planning certification exams that require hands on the job as part of the requirements that will qualify you to write the exam. So once you are able to choose an area of events planning that you want to specialize on, then you should endeavor to gather relevant experience in that aspect of event planning. You can understudy someone who is already running his or her own event planning company. The truth is that if you are able to gather reasonable experience, it will make it easier for you to pass your event planning certification exams without stress.

4. Make Enquiries and Apply for a Certification Course

If you have chosen an aspect of event planning to pursue and you are able to pencil down the ideal event planning school that can help you achieve your aim, then the next step to take is to make enquiries to know the fee and other requirements before you can enroll in the school and write the certification exams. If that is sorted out, then you can apply for the appropriate certification exams.

5. Purchase the Required Materials

In preparing for events planning certification exams, you would need to purchase the required materials. Since you have made the choice to get your certification online, then you would need tutorials in video or audio format; it makes it easier for you to study and understand. You can as well order for books both in softcopies and hardcopies format. The bottom line is to ensure that you get all the materials that will aid you in writing and passing the certification exams in one sitting. Apart from on the job experience, you can also read up all you could lay your hands on as regard event planning online.

6. Create Time for Personal study and Group Reading

In preparing for and obtaining your event planning certification, you would need to create time for personal study. It is not enough to purchase the required materials for event planning certification exams, you are expected to read and understand the materials if you must pass the exams.

So ensure that you choose suitable time and location to do your private studies. Another thing that will help you when preparing for your event planning certification exams is to look for people who are also studying for the exams and form a study group with them. The essence of this group is to help everyone involved to share knowledge. The truth is that some people find it easier to grasp what they are studying if they are doing it with other people.

7. Write the Exams When You are Ready

There is no point rushing to write event planning certification exams when you know deep down within you that you are not prepared for it. So before enrolling to write the exams, ensure that you have treated past questions and you are able to answer the questions with little or no stress. Of course if you are not prepared when the exams is scheduled, you can always wait for the next diet.

There you have it; the tips that will guide you in preparing and passing your event planning certification exams.