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70+ Best Event Planning Business Name ideas

These businesses tend to hire experts to ensure that they can put together events of all sizes. Ranging from decorations to entertainment, these businesses put in place numerous details that will guarantee the success of the big day and keep everything running efficiently.

However, note that the name you give this business matters and should buttress how important your services are. Note that coming up with the right name for your event planning business can be quite stressful but exciting.

Regardless of your objectives for starting an event planning business, the importance of creating a viable and perfect name that draws the attention of your client remains a critical step in the process. There are indeed a whole variety of factors to take into account when choosing a name for your event company.

First and foremost, the name you picked for your event planning company needs to be catchy and memorable. It is important that the name conveys your brand.

At the same time, it should extensively align with the theme of your business. Aside from that, your event company name must also be unique, but not too distinctive. There are numerous event-planning companies around the globe, as such you would want a name that stands out but isn’t too rare.

Catchy Names for an Event Planning Business

  1. Creative Managers LLC
  2. Authentic Planners
  3. Greenland Event Management
  4. Valor Event Planners
  5. Wing Span Events
  6. Happy Moments Entertainment
  7. Foresight Events
  8. Luxury Success
  9. Skyline Planners
  10. Prime Events, Inc.
  11. Queens Touch
  12. Sunlight Event Managers
  13. A1 Weddings & Events
  14. Dynamic Details Inc.
  15. Mighty Drum Events
  16. Purple Springs Occasions
  17. Quick Planners
  18. Super Cool Events
  19. Shine and Glitter Inc.
  20. Power Zone Planners
  21. Event Classic
  22. Choice Productions
  23. Vineyard Events
  24. Class and Vibe
  25. Trustlink Decorations
  26. Mentor Planners
  27. Topcerm Events
  28. AX Events
  29. Joy Planners and Events
  30. Elegant Touch
  31. Olympus Guards
  32. Royal Preparation
  33. Rainbow Butterfly
  34. Grim and Park
  35. Dazzling Planners
  36. Alpha Management
  37. Nature’s Glove
  38. Charis Event Planners
  39. Class Stunner Events
  40. Plus Planners
  41. Red Fairy
  42. Event Goddess
  43. Eternal Event Agency
  44. Brown Light Group
  45. Orchard Events
  46. Triple Satisfaction Inc.
  47. Clean Tent Planners
  48. Party Zone
  49. Event College
  50. Alexa Planners
  51. King and Queens Events
  52. Sharon & Shannon Event Planners, LLC
  53. Shavonne Wedding Planners, LLC
  54. BVN Corporate Event Planning Company
  55. Tony & Tammy House of Events, LLC
  56. Rosemary®, LLC
  57. Delights Party Planners, LLC

Popular Event Planning Names Used By Competitors in the Industry

  1. Bassett Events
  2. Berkeley City Club
  3. Bluefish
  4. Bompass & Parr
  5. Colin Cowie
  6. David Beahm Design
  7. David Tutera
  8. Debi Lilly
  9. Elegant-Affairs
  10. Event Fusion
  11. Eventmakers
  12. Events & Company
  13. Fun Events Group
  14. GBK Productions
  15. Kai’s Catering + Events
  16. Karla
  17. LJF Events
  18. Love Luck And Angels
  19. Luxurious Wedding

Tips to Consider When Choosing a Name for an Event Planning Business

  1. Consider the Services You Intend to Provide

You have to understand that there are many niches and areas any event planning business can choose to focus on. As such, you must take the services you intend to offer into consideration and seek ways to inculcate them into your business name.

Make sure to avoid anything that will in any way impede your business’s future growth if you choose to go in another direction down the road.

  1. Location-Specific Terms

You will find that a good number of event planning businesses are specific to a geographic service area. If that’s true for your business, then you should consider adding a location-specific term to your business name. There are numerous benefits that come with this approach, as your clients will know where you are and how to reach you.

Nevertheless, ensure to consider what happens if you expand outside your intended service area. Does the name constrain your business? If that’s possible, then you should avoid it.

  1. Avoid Business Names That Are Hard to Pronounce or Spell

This is very important to have in mind, especially in this line of business. It is always recommended you avoid complicated words, industry jargon, and making use of numbers in place of letters.

Although coming up with a unique name for your event planning business will really do your business good, have it in mind that being too unique might not be so worth it. As such, always remember to keep your business name as simple and easy to remember as possible.

  1. Consider Alliterations and Rhyming Words

Alliterations and rhymes have proven to be enticing and easy to remember, and they tend to make wonderful business names.

However, it is also quite daunting to come up with them. Begin with selecting a handful of your favorite words from your master brainstorming list. You can Google “words that start with S” to come up with a name like Scintillating Systems or P for Prime Planners or whatever letter you’re using to create an alliteration.

You shouldn’t overthink the titles you come up with.  Simply pen them down as some of the more interesting ones may give rise to better ideas later.

  1. Avoid Initials or Obscure Acronyms

It is imperative to note that initials and unusual acronyms can be quite challenging for clients to remember, as such they tend not to make wonderful business names. Also, note that they can pose a challenge to pronounce as well as make it hard to find your business using modern voice search.

Have in mind that there are 325 different two-letter combination possibilities in the English language, so the possibility that your clients will remember the specific letters you pick are quite low.

  1. Imagery Words

Most people will consider this a vital point when looking to name a business. When brainstorming business name ideas, it is advisable you consider whether there are industry-related words that will bolster your branding. For example, an event planning business might leverage an image such as a balloon or cake and concentrate the business title around the image.

  1. Consider the Owner’s Name

It is possible to consider using the owner’s name when seeking the best name for your event planning business. Going down this route would be ideal if the owner also intends to be the face behind the business. However, it is important to note that utilizing using the owner’s name as the business name can make it more difficult to sell the business in the future.


It is important to state that the title you give your event planning business will in many ways affect the success of your enterprise, be it positively or negatively. It is essential you don’t rush the process, brainstorm on a regular basis and with different groups, and be certain to verify the availability prior to committing to any title.

It will do you well to understand your brand, clients, and inspiration prior to brainstorming to pick the appropriate name for your event planning business.