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How to Find Roofing Subcontractors to Work With

Finding the right roofing subcontractors and crew members can prove to be quite daunting and time-consuming, but there are several ways to go about it.

When you own or operate a roofing company, it falls on you to take every action to ensure that your projects are finished on time, within budget, and to the best possible standards.

Note that by collaborating with well-established and consistent subcontractors, it is possible to finish jobs on time while also having time to increase your work portfolio.

It takes more than wanting extra hands to find a reliable subcontractor.  Here are basic steps to take when searching for the right roofing subcontractors.

Ways to Find Roofing Subcontractors

  1. Contact trade schools and apprenticeship programs

Trade schools and apprenticeship programs are known to have students who are seeking jobs or who will be graduating soon.

By working with these programs, it is possible to locate skilled workers who are willing to invest in their careers or are interested in learning more.

Consider establishing smooth relationships with these programs, especially since it can work in your favor in terms of finding the right workers in the future.

To make it more alluring, consider offering certain incentives or even collaborating with one of these programs or schools long-term to continually guarantee the right talent you want.

  1. Partner with other contractors

Partnering with other contractors is one of the most prevalent ways contractors find subcontractors for a project, and you can also find roofing subcontractors for your company.

You can come together to work on projects and share resources, such as labor. By aligning and working together, you establish more reliable connections and you can as well leverage their own industry connections.

As time goes on, this could also lead to more referral business. You shouldn’t be scared to collaborate with other companies and share the success together.

  1. Build a referral network

Keep in mind that growing a viable referral network could prove to be a very useful way to find roofing subcontractors. You can start by asking your current employees, customers, and suppliers for referrals.

Don’t also skip on attending local business events or even meeting other business owners who can refer skilled workers to you.

  1. Use social media & job websites

Please note that social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have proven to be valid resources for locating skilled workers and laborers.

It is quite easy to create job postings or join groups where roofing subcontractors come together. On these platforms, you can post your listings, make requests, and comment on posts linked to job listings.

You can also consider sending some direct messages to business owners and building your referral network. Job websites are also another viable alternative when it comes to finding roofing subcontractors.

  1. Attend trade shows and conferences

These events are known to attract contractors, suppliers, thought leaders, as well as other industry professionals, and this makes them a solid networking opportunity to both give your business more exposure and to link up with the right people.

They also offer you the platform to meet with other business owners and like-minded professionals. You will relish the opportunity to boost your knowledge and network. It is also possible to find subcontractors who are eager to work at these events and opportunities.

  1. Use a staffing agency

You should also consider working with a staffing agency especially since it has proven to be an effective way to locate roofing subcontractors. These agencies are experts in fishing out skilled workers for a wide range of industries.

Staffing agencies in addition tend to offer temporary staffing solutions and have proven to be a viable option if you only need workers for a particular project but wouldn’t want to hire someone full-time.