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10 Best Fish Options for Catering

Fish is a healthier alternative for people who are avoiding red meat. Pescatarian diets are becoming progressively widespread as a way of life. Seafood is a delicious main course choice that can make every gathering special and one-of-a-kind.

Catered activities generally include beef or chicken dishes, thus serving fish as the main course can “wow” your clients. What’s wonderful regarding providing fish is that it’s tasty, popular, and a healthier choice. Numerous folks look out for healthy foods with high nutritional value when choosing what to eat.

Among these fishes are sardines, tilapia, tuna, prawns, mussels, salmon, crab, lobster, oysters, calamari, and krill. Examine your customer’s fish desires to avoid getting a category of fish that is very seldom ordered or eaten.

Top Fish Options for Your Catering Service

Increasingly caterers are choosing to focus on procuring as well as utilizing environmentally friendly fresh fish while still developing new, inventive items. Below are a handful of fresh, fish meals from catering firms all over the nation, ranging from sushi “doughnuts” to sesame-seared scallops.

  1. Burgers with Crispy Golden Shrimp

Contemplate crisp golden shrimp burgers for an extravagant fish meal. Have some toasted brioche buns as well as a sandwich with some shrimp between the two. To improve the eating experience, you could add crunchy cabbage as well as creamy eggs.

  1. Salmon with Lemon Saffron

Saffron’s deep crimson color contributes a rich pleasant scent as well as an orange hue to just about any meal. The saffron salmon dish is delicious, particularly when made properly.

  1. Shrimp and Crispy Rice

The shrimp and crispy rice combo aren’t just lovely but also delectable. For a more stunning encounter, add a few citruses as well as sliced avocados.

  1. Summer Rolls with Turmeric Fish

A plate of fried fish spiced with turmeric is worth a try. You could indeed combine the fish with a wide range of herbs to make a tasty fish sauce dressing.

  1. Salad of Cod and Asparagus

Cod is a well-known fish that has long been shown to be a staple of the European diet. If you enjoy asparagus, then you’re in for a reward. Asparagus should be delicately slashed into coins and mixed with olives. This should result in an astounding flavoring that would also pair perfectly with cod.

  1. Spicy Shrimp Pilaf

It is customary for individuals to prep fish with rice in order for the aromas to blend. Shrimp, on the other hand, cooks very quickly. As a result, you cannot sauté them together. The correct method is to pan-fry the shrimp and afterward finish with rice.

  1. Salad with grilled salmon

There really is no nicer way of enjoying salmon than with a vegetable salad. Use some carrots as well as daikon and thinly slice them. This produces sufficient contact area for the coconut garlic glaze to absorb properly.

  1. Onigiri Three Ways

Onigiri is a small dish designed to be eaten while out and about. The balls are loaded up with savory stuffing that pairs exceptionally well with rice. This goes well with tuna as well as Kewpie mayonnaise. Marinated vegetables, such as kimchi, should complement onigiri.

  1. Grilled Seasoned Shrimp

Grilled shrimp is indeed delicious. Envisage the flavor while you season it with Old Bay or Aioli, and afterward, add a few garlic or desiccated lemon to the combo.

  1. Whole Wrapped Fish

Having to eat whole-wrapped fish is indeed a Korean culture. If you want to attempt it, pluck the meat off the bones with chopsticks while the fish rests on the table. The fish goes well with kimchi, rice, ssamjang, or radish salad.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Fish Options for Catering

  1. Frozen vs. fresh seafood

Fresh and frozen seafood is available from a variety of food services. Make absolutely sure you choose the safest alternative for your company. Fresh fish tastes sweeter and thus is recommended for salad dressings, sausage rolls, and burgers because of its fresh flavor.

Frozen fish must be preserved specifically to avoid losing their flavor over time. Based on the menu, you may choose to have fresh and frozen fish supplied.

  1. Reliability and Accessibility

Nothing is more essential to a catering business than a dependable supplier. The inability to provide food on time can result in significant losses. Examine the supplier’s dependability in terms of meeting deadlines as well as reacting to orders placed.

If you operate an overnight catering service, you should make sure that the supplier can help you if you run out of fish late at night.

  1. Prerequisites for Compliance

Lastly, make sure that the seafood supplier you choose is a certified food service company. Guaranteeing this could help to avoid food-borne illness as well as other problems that come with eating contaminated seafood. You would not only be complying with regulations regarding food safety, but you’ll additionally be rescuing your business.


For clients who are refraining from red meat, fish is a healthier alternative. Pescatarian diets are becoming progressively acceptable as a way of life. Although fish catering isn’t really common, it is a great alternative today.