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10 Best Types of Food for Catering for Large Numbers in 2023

Catering for a large number of people, whether for a celebration, a Christmas dinner party, or a tailgating occasion, necessitates extensive preparation. There are several considerations that lead to the efficiency of such gatherings; however, the most essential one to comprehend is the demands of your attendees.

Choosing what to offer is among the initial phases in catering. The next move is to determine how much food will be required.

Several people need a specific kind of food, commonly due to allergies or religious constraints. It is critical that you put an arrangement in place for guests who might be vegan, gluten-free, or diabetic to guarantee that they’re not left hungry.

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Top Food Choices When Catering for Large Numbers

  1. Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are really a timeless classic dessert, and since they can be prepared easily. You could indeed make a tray of cinnamon rolls in far less than 30 minutes.

  1. Curry with Vegetables

Curry is indeed a dish that almost everyone enjoys. It’s simple to prepare in large quantities, which makes it a great option for big gatherings. The greatest feature of this dish is that you could always freeze it ahead of time as such you might not have to bother about keeping it fresh.

  1. Casserole of Chicken Parmesan

The chicken parmesan casserole is a flavorsome, pleasant, and filling dish that will be a hit at every dinner party. In a standard baking dish, you can make 5 portions of chicken parmesan casserole. You won’t have to hurry to make a multitude of portion sizes on the day since this bake can be frozen for as long as two days.

  1. Moussaka

Moussaka is a delectable Greek meal that is ideal for feeding a large group. It is a good recipe with just a relatively brief preparation time (30 minutes) as well as a longer cooking time (about 2 hours).

  1. Baked Camembert And Doughball Platter

A tray of breaded camembert and dough balls would be another option for an appetizer if you’re trying to cater to a massive crowd.

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Camembert may not be the most affordable cheese alternative available, but you should be capable of covering for it through the other courses. This decadent dish is so simple to make, and your guests would be pleasantly surprised by the taste of the ingredients.

  1. Platter of Beetroot Hummus

When catering to huge numbers, making a simple finger food platter is indeed a wonderful way of minimizing the pressure.

Beetroot hummus platter is both aesthetically attractive and delicious. It’s much more interesting than normal hummus, and although the meal calls for particular veggies as well as toasted bread for dipping, you could indeed substitute whatever you believe will serve you best.

  1. Skillet Lasagna with Vegetables

Lasagna is a simple meal to prepare. It does, nevertheless, take too long to arrange. Fortunately, by substituting vegetarian skillet lasagna for the classic recipe, you could save both money and time.

  1. Baked Cheese and Tomato Pasta

A pasta bake is a meal that most of us have made for ourselves whenever we want anything really filling and quick. Catering operates on the very same concept. Red wine, smoked paprikas, as well as balsamic vinegar, are used to flavor this dish. And the final outcome is totally delectable.

  1. Green Beans and Grilled Salmon

Because you’re not on a shoestring expenditure, this BBQ Salmon dish with green beans is the perfect fish course to offer at a large gathering. Just several portion sizes of this dish take only 15 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to cook. And the flavor mixture of Dijon mustard, soy sauce, as well as brown sugar is one your customers will cherish for a long time.

  1. Mexican Bean Soup

It’s often important to consider adding a soup to the menu, particularly if you’re looking for catering meal ideas for big crowds. Soup is simple to make in large quantities and is frequently able to be kept in the fridge or frozen if made ahead of time.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Type of Food for Large Group Catering

  1. Take into account the Event’s Style

Determine whether your diners would be standing or seating at the party. This should assist you in selecting meals appropriate for the event.

If you’re planning a formal dinner party, sandwiches, and party pizzas can be the best choice. Would it be an open-air picnic for a large group, and could a boxed lunch be served? Consider not just the meals, but additionally the number of plates, sets, and tables.

  1. Guests’ dietary preferences

Note that some of your diners will almost certainly have restricted diets and interests. It’s even preferable if you’ve got precise details.

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Alternatively, you’ll have to rely on educated guesswork. Meat and carbohydrates are the most prevalent types of food that attendees usually avoid. Make the assumption that you’ll have at least certain vegetarian or gluten-free alternatives at your event.

  1. Timing

What time would attendees be eating, as well as how long would the event last? Some buffet choices appear and taste fantastic even hours after they’ve been placed on the table, while others must be consumed almost instantly.

If your event is going last many hours and people will be eating according to their own tempo, ask other more experienced caterers for suggestions of meals that will be tasty and fresh regardless of whether they are not ingested right away. Experienced caterers understand the terrain and will provide you with accurate answers.

  1. Considerations for the Season

When creating a menu for your catered event, consider the period, particularly if the event will be held outside. Heavy or cream-based cuisines and hot soups, for instance, are reserved solely for chilly weather. Salads as well as ice-cold drinks are a nice complement to your primary course selection during the warmer months.

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Anybody in the catering industry can tell you that obtaining orders for a large number of people can be strenuous. Catering for big crowds necessitates a lot more than the creation of significant amounts of food, but also the determination to accomplish this without surpassing your budget. That entails giving careful consideration to portion sizes, preparation durations, as well as the recipes to use.