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5 Best Shopify Apps for Catering

When starting and running a catering service business, you could be interested in adding certain extra functions to your company or website. Fortunately, there are innumerable Shopify food service apps available for installation on your site. Such apps can perform a wide range of critical activities for your company.

Utilizing Shopify food service business apps can help your food service company with a variety of essential tasks. You might, for example, have a reservation-laying app that enables clients to place purchases as well as implement modifications to menu options. This reduces the burden on your personnel and enables you to accept bookings 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The precise configurations of the apps you’re seeking for will be determined by the necessities of your business. For instance, you may be searching for an app that will assist you in keeping track of the expiry dates of perishable products. Or perhaps you’re looking for an application that lets you provide speedy delivery.

Top Shopify Apps for Catering

  1. Product Expiration Dates

Every vendor who sells perishable goods understands how time-consuming it is to maintain track of expiry dates for every good in their possession.

Product Expiration Dates simplify this operation by assigning an expiry date to every item and receiving alerts days prior to your products’ expiration date. Regular monitoring of your goods’ expiry dates allows you to put specific things on sale before they expire, reducing waste.

  1. Foodee

Foodee ranks among the ideal Shopify food and beverage apps. It lets you begin handling online purchases and therefore is perfect for food service businesses, cafes, and businesses that are trying to set up a web-based shop. Foodee might very well guarantee that your business is configured correctly to satisfy all customer requests, regardless of whether they choose delivery or in-store pickup. The following are some of its highlights:

  • View the actual contents of each order.
  • View new orders as they arrive and handle open orders using a simple interface.
  • Open and close your business quickly to keep clients from placing an order outside your business hours.
  1. Foodify

Foodify is a fantastic app for anybody who wants to create an internet-based food menu. It enables your clients to visualize and request the food products they desire. You could indeed make multiple food menus (for example, one for beverages, one for appetizers, and so on) to help your clients discover what it is they’re seeking.

Foodify is indeed the best Shopify menu app since it enables users to conveniently compress a lengthy menu into an easy-to-view format. If you’re creating an e-store for your café while offering a large selection of drinks, Foodify tends to make it simpler for clients to view their choices as well as make a decision.

  1. PickyStory

PickyStory is simple to integrate into any cooking or refreshments outlet on Shopify and has an instant effect. If you serve alcohol, tell your clients that you stock champagne flutes as well as bottle openers.

If you sell pre-cooked meals, entice your clients with an appetizer or dessert. You could also make the offer more appealing by giving discounts to customers who purchase a product package or merchandise kit. The following are some of the highlights:

  • In one app, you can sell bundles, and equipment, as well as Shop the Look packs.
  • Works immediately (and with any theme)
  • Inventory – tracking specific product SKUs Frequently Purchased Together (automated bundles)
  • The mix-and-match feature allows your customers to design their own packages based on your preferences.
  1. Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts is an app that displays the nutritional data of all your ingredients. This not just assists clients in making educated choices, but also adds competence to your online store. Labels could be added to any website page, not just product pages, which makes them perfect for advertising fresh goods.

According to new research, almost 90% of US consumers peruse nutrition facts, and when you offer these details, clients might feel more inclined to procure your offerings. The Nutrition Facts app tends to make it simple to incorporate nutritional breakups, an ingredient list, food allergies, as well as nutritional information.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Shopify Apps for Catering

  1. Community

The community that encircles a Shopify enterprise constitutes one of the platform’s best features. Several of the best applications have also developed their own base of users, as well as associates who collaborate to discuss ideas as well as solve problems.

When looking for help with a commodity or studying novel methods for expanding your business, a thriving community may prove to be a precious asset.

  1. Reviews and ratings

Shopify does an excellent job of making sure that App Store assessments are beneficial and dependable. Reviews could indeed provide you with valuable information regarding a product’s features and also notify you of the experience users had conversing with the individuals behind the app.

Nevertheless, a lower rating shouldn’t immediately disqualify you from contemplating an app for your store; nevertheless, if you notice a bad rating, take your time to dig into the comments to evaluate the problems that others encountered as well as if they’ve been settled.

  1. The trial period and the free plan

The Shopify App Store tends to make it simple to determine whether apps provide free plans or a trial version experience. When assessing new apps, the free journey is essential since it enables you to view certain outcomes prior to making a purchase.

  1. Level of Assistance

Once you download an app that helps you run or increase your sales, consider making sure the team behind the app is really as dedicated to your progress as you are. Kinds of Stuff to keep a keen eye out for include:

  • Once you have an issue, how easily could you anticipate a reply?
  • Is there a help segment or another location on the webpage where you’re able to discover the responses to your inquiries about the app?
  • Is there any counseling available?
  • Are there app feedbacks that showcase favorable or unfavorable customer service experiences?
  1. Shopify Compatibility

Shopify has been doing an excellent job of validating the effectiveness of apps on their platform, so you can be confident that all applications can provide several degrees of interoperability with Shopify. However, how profoundly apps consolidate varies, as such it’s essential that you comprehend your use cases as well as analyze the features of the Shopify connectivity.


Operating a food service company is extremely difficult. You can utilize some of the above Shopify food service business apps to assist you in handling and expanding your company. Anything from web-based menu options to employee management is simple to manage via your Shopify store.

As such you do not have to waste time and money on a remedy that isn’t a good fit for your company. And you can concentrate on what really makes a difference: expanding your business.