Is your poultry farm under bird mite attack and it’s reducing your yield? If YES, here are 7 natural ways to get rid of bird mites on humans and chickens. Dealing with Bird mites can be a very tough and frustrating thing. This is because eliminating bird mites does not come easy, as it can be tough to really deal with. However, this is not to say that they cannot be eliminated.

The first challenge with bird mites is that it can quickly breed into a huge population that is capable of infesting and taking your house on rampage. The good fact however, is that they cannot survive on people, but on the other hand, they will bite you leaving red itching bumps on your skin. In addition to this, it is needful to state that these insects like to bite people at night when they sleep and as such feed on the blood of these humans.

If you have encountered how frustrating eradication bird mite can often be, then you may want to relate with this article. Before delving further, it is needful to really know what makes a bird mite tick. Bird mites are small, very mobile and hard to see insects. Some of their features include; they are oval in shape and semi-transparent in color.

Usually these horrible biting mites are found in hot regions, as well as in places where birds and their nests are positioned. They also feed on the following animals; Pigeons, sparrows, Starlings, as well as other poultry related animals. There are basically 3 species of tiny bird mites that can feed on humans. They include; the northern fowl mite (known as Ornithonyssus sylviarum); the chicken mite that is also known as the red poultry mite (Dermanyssus gallinae); as well as the tropical fowl mite (O. bursa).

Consequently, the most challenging mite is the D. Gallinae. Do note that it is really tricky to eradicate these mites as they are more opposed to to miticide chemical and can survive for an extended period without blood food. If you have been saddled with this trouble, or know someone who has, then you may want to consider the tips that you can leverage on to naturally get rid of bird mites for good.

7 Guaranteed Ways to Get Rid of Bird Mites Naturally on Humans & Chickens

1. Use Insecticides

One of the ways to get rid of bird mites is by using insecticides. This is a very efficient way to pull things off as the liquids concentrate is sure to prevent mites’ invasion in your house. There are several products over the counter that can take care of this. Some of these insecticides can be used for both outdoor and indoor. Using this means that bird mites’ population is prohibited and will be completely done away with.

2. Use Repellent

The repellants repels the bird mites, and it does kill mites and other kinds of insects too. Do ensure that diethyl meta-toluamide (DEET) or 3-methyl-n-diethylbenzamide is a component. You can as well apply it to your clothing. Whilst some repellents have odor, yet some others do no emit odor. It is important that you follow the directions on the package label so that you do not leave any instruction out.

3. Remove Bed Nest

It is important that you remove the bed nest. It is worthy to note that the best approach for controlling an invasion is to position and remove bird nests. When removing nests, it is required that you use a mask and gloves, so that it can be worn to prevent the transfer of mites, and bacterial infections. Some of the places where you can find bird mite nests, it includes; in roof holes, on the walls, on window edges, amongst other things.

4. Repair Broken Tiles

One other way through which you can get rid of bird mites, is to repair broken tiles. Why is this important? This is particularly important because if broken tiles aren’t fixed, then bird mites may find their way there and then begin to breed.

5. Block Openings

It is also pertinent that you block all holes and openings on the walls, on the roof as well as the floor. If you are able to block all these openings, then it means that you are doing a great job in making sure that they do not increase in size.

6. Hire a Pest Controller

If the areas involved are such that cannot be controlled by the measures that have been stated so far, then you may consider hiring a pest controller. This is so that a more potent chemical may be used to get things sorted.

7. Apply Cream

One other way through which you can get rid of bird mites on humans or on animals is by applying an anti-itch cream or lotion to help reduce irritation associated with bites. These creams to a large extent also serve as repellents. However, they are in a milder form.

Would this really help in getting rid of bird mites? You are sure that these steps would put a total stop to the challenge of bird mites that you may have been faced with. However, if the situation you have at hand cannot respond to these measures, then you may consider getting the environmental authority in your country in the know.