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How to Get Trucking Contracts With UPS Successfully

For anyone with a strong and well-maintained truck, it is recommended you consider driving for The United Parcel Service as a UPS independent contractor or a full-time employee.

While working full-time for this company comes with its own advantages, you might very well relish the flexibility that comes with working as an independent contractor because it offers you the platform to make your schedule or work for other delivery services simultaneously.

UPS is, without doubt, a very big corporation, and they are well known for their ability to send packages to “more than 210 countries and territories worldwide.”

With competition like FedEx Ground and USPS, the management at UPS genuinely understands the need to offer high pay and benefits to their workforce.

Note that UPS recruits part-time and full-time staff and contractors to ensure they can deliver over 20 million daily packages and documents.

Pros and Cons of Becoming a UPS Independent Contractor


  • Flexible Schedule

This is one of the well-known benefits that comes with working as an independent delivery driver for UPS. Truth be told, the dream of every trucker is to own and run their own show. As such, as an independent contractor with UPS, you get the opportunity to run your own show.

Although you might not always dictate your own work hours, note that you will get more flexibility with time. You also get the opportunity to work fewer hours or take time off as long as you meet the required hours and be available when needed.

  • Good Pay

When you work with UPS as an independent driver, note that you get perks such as high hourly pay in addition to mileage reimbursement. Also, note that you are allowed to bank almost as many hours in busy seasons as you want.


  • Irregular Income

This is one of the most obvious disadvantages that comes with contracting with this company. Although you have the potential and opportunity to make more than you will probably make from a salaried position, note that the pay isn’t always stable.

Keep in mind that both your work hours as well as your income can change from week to week and this can make it quite challenging for you to plan a budget.

  • Lack of Benefits

When you work with UPS as an independent driver, you shouldn’t expect some benefits meant for full-time employees. This company is known to offer benefits such as health insurance and legal protection to full-time employees, but not to independent contractors. Aside from that, there isn’t a set contract or job stability, and you’re not guaranteed hours.

  • Tax Responsibilities

This is another well-known disadvantage that comes with working with UPS. Once you get your paycheck, it won’t have taxes withheld. When you file your federal taxes, you will then be expected to pay out-of-pocket for your wages.

How to Apply for UPS Trucking Contracts

The first thing to note is that UPS doesn’t have job openings for contractors all year round. As such, if you are looking to land a trucking or delivery contract with the company, you need to sign up for job alerts.

Once you have sent in your resume and application, you won’t have to search the site for new listings. Even if you don’t land the initial contract or any of the delivery jobs immediately, they’ll send a “Now Hiring” notification to your phone or email once new opportunities come up.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that UPS always has needs for a package delivery driver, and you have a modest opportunity as long as you are qualified.

There have also been cases where the company only wants a driver helper or someone for day delivery, although it is still a good opportunity to make some decent money. Aside from that, you can consider attending any of the company’s hiring events.