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How to Get Walmart Box Truck Contracts Successfully

Walmart Box Truck Contract

Getting a contract as a delivery driver with Walmart can prove to be a very viable opportunity, particularly for a business owner who is eager to find a consistent delivery job with ongoing requirements and decent compensation.

When it comes to contracting with Walmart, you will relish the fact that it offers you the platform to do the job either on a full-time or part-time basis, depending on your availability and needs.

Working with Walmart as an independent delivery driver comes with a good percentage of flexibility. You get the opportunity to create your work schedule at your convenience.

Aside from that, you can deliver packages with your car. However, note that the process of getting this contract can be really daunting. Walmart sometimes collaborates with third-party delivery companies such as Postmates or DoorDash to make deliveries.

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Requirements to Get Walmart Box Truck Contracts

If you intend to work for Walmart independently as a box truck driver, then you have to fulfill the following eligibility requirements:

  1. 18 years or older
  2. Valid driver’s license
  3. Good standing with all state and federal guidelines
  4. Proof of auto insurance
  5. Have a reliable vehicle
  6. An iOS or Android smartphone with GPS and a flash.

Steps to Get Walmart Box Truck Contracts Successfully

Just as it was noted above, the process of getting this contract can be really daunting especially owing to its competitive nature. However, if you are genuinely interested, below are steps to take:

  1. Business Setup

You should first start by ensuring that your business is appropriately set up in your jurisdiction. Aside from making sure that it is registered and insured, you also need to obtain the necessary licenses and permits.

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There are more than 150,000 filing jurisdictions across the country, all with independent requirements. Depending on how you intend to structure your business as well as where you operate, any number of licenses and permits may apply to your business.

  1. Fleet and Equipment

Note that having the right equipment can make the difference between success and failure. Most often, the equipment you purchase will depend on the routes you intend to drive, the cargo you will haul for Walmart, as well as whether you require refrigeration.

Nevertheless, in all you do, take your time to find out Walmart’s specifications and ensure you go for the box trucks that align with those specifications, such as size, safety features, and branding requirements.

  1. Safety and Compliance

Safety and compliance are indeed very crucial, especially from a business perspective. Making sure that your business or drivers are in line with quality, behavioral, and safety policies is very important to your business’ success.

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Although a good number of business owners might be unwilling to invest crucial resources in training, note that this will help to engender loyalty and make your drivers or even your clients less likely to jump ship, ultimately avoiding wasted costs.

  1. Register on Supplier Portals

Walmart tends to leverage supplier portals or websites to manage vendor relationships. As such, it is recommended you register your business on Walmart’s supplier portal and conform with all their specific requirements for transportation contracts.

Walmart Spark Driver is a delivery program or platform that makes it possible for independent drivers to earn money by delivering goods and groceries to customers. It is available in 600 cities across the World.

  1. Network

One of the most important skills and strategies you need to survive or attain success in the trucking industry is networking.

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For a good number of professionals in this industry, “networking” simply entails “making friends within the industry,” keeping in contact with people you already know, and meeting precisely to cultivate professional connections that help you both succeed in your field of endeavor.

However, when it comes to working for or with Walmart, you will want to create solid relationships with Walmart’s transportation and logistics personnel. As such, always make time to be at industry events and trade shows to make connections and buttress your services and expertise.

  1. RFPs and Bids

A request for proposal (RFP) is the formal call for a carrier or logistics provider to come up with a viable solution to a shipper’s business needs once the shipper has selected a select group to consider.

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As such, if you intend to get a Walmart box truck contract, you should keep an eye out for Requests for Proposals (RFPs) or bids related to transportation services from Walmart.

  1. Negotiate and Contract

Once Walmart is interested in your services, they will want to negotiate contract terms, pricing, and service level agreements.

However, it is important to note that the retail giant leverages a Chabot developed by Mountain View, California-based Pactum AI Inc., whose software works to ensure that big companies can efficiently automate vendor negotiations.

Walmart only lets the software know its budgets and needs. Afterward, the AI, rather than a buying team, reaches out to the human supplier to close each deal. Nevertheless, always be willing to align with specific requirements and expectations.

  1. Compliance and Reporting

Once you have a contract, it is important you invest the right time and resources to ensure you are in strict compliance with Walmart’s requirements as well as provide regular reporting as requested.

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It is one thing to get the contract, it is another thing to maintain the relationship and obtain more contracts. In addition, don’t forget to work on continuous improvement and efficiency to ensure that you can sustain a viable and positive relationship with Walmart and more or less expand your contract.