Do you want to show appreciation to your yoga instructor without breaking the bank? If YES, here are 41 best affordable gift ideas for yoga teachers. Running a business can be stressful, even if it is something as soothing as yoga. One thing that is clear in this business is that the yoga studio will not run itself so that yogis can spend the rest of their time teaching asanas.

So, if yoga teachers spend their time, energy and finances to see the studio running smoothly, it is only fair that they get some appreciation after a year of hard work. Well, it’s just a little way for the yogis to know they are doing an awesome job.

41 Best Affordable Gift ideas for Yoga Teachers

If you are in a bind as to what gift to get your yoga instructor this holiday season, then the list below can be of tremendous help to you. We are going to arrange the gifts based on their affordability.

Gift ideas for People With Limited Finances

  1. Cleaning Spray and Cloth for Yoga Mats

Yoga studios usually have their own mats, and one good gift you can give to a yoga teacher is a good cleaning spray and cloth for the yoga mats. The workout that yoga mats go through on a regular basis makes them need frequent cleaning, so help your yogi out with a new spray that even comes with a microfiber towel designed to pick up dirt and leave nothing behind. This is an inexpensive gift that can be easily gotten by someone on a budget.

  1. Open-toe Grip Socks

Some yoga floors can be slippery, especially midway into the workout thus making an open toe grip socks necessary. Again, most studios also have a strict no-shoes policy in a flooplace, that’s why yoga teachers love grip socks that let them wear something lighter than a shoe and something that will not be as bothersome as a slipper that they would have to take off and put back on between teaching. The more pairs they have to choose from, the better.

  1. Yoga Exercise Poster

A laminated poster of the most popular yoga poses looks quite fetching on the wall of a yoga studio, or even a yoga office. This is why exercise posters are a great gift for yoga teachers who own studios. An illustrated guide can help them with introducing proper form and basic steps to students who need a little extra help learning how to nail each pose. This gift will not cost you a bundle too and you can get very beautiful one if you take the pains to look around.

  1. Yoga Girl Planner Stickers

Yoga girl planner pose stickers make a cute holiday gift. It’s quite easy to slip a few packs inside of a holiday card, which means no wrapping involved. Choose different complexion and hair color options to mix it up between a few packs so your yogi has plenty of variety. Just remember that you can only choose this gift if your yoga teacher is a woman and has an airy personality.

  1. Yoga and meditation sounds album

Yoga and meditation go hand in glove, and what better gift to present to a yoga teacher than a an album of sounds that will aid in meditation. You can’t really have yoga without a few short meditation sessions in between the more challenging practice times. Meditation and yoga go together in the same practice wonderfully. Some yoga teachers may appreciate sounds that would help them build the mood both for themselves and their students.

If you’re looking for a yoga gift on a budget, why not buy a nice meditation sounds album? It will help them clear their mind and in time they will associate many moments of inner peace with the album you bought for them. If you want to buy them a second gift along the same lines, you could pair up the album with a reliable pair of wireless headphones to produce a win win situation.

  1. Yoga Poses Pen Holder

Yoga teachers don’t live permanently in the world of meditation, they also exist in this world and may often need to take down notes. This is why you should think of getting them pen holders. Customize a ceramic pen holder for your favorite yoga teacher’s front desk or home office.

This trendy gift shows off all the most common yoga poses and includes the names of each one under every pose. Choosing a pen holder made of earthy ceramic material is a good fit for a wellness guru. Pair it with a matching tray where they can stick a pad of paper for quick note-taking.

  1. Yoga Journal Magazine Subscription

A lot of yoga teachers keep up to tabs with happenings in the yoga world through the yoga journal. Ordering a year’s subscription to a popular industry magazine, such as Yoga Journal, is a great way to give your yoga teacher a gift that lasts.

Not only can they stay up to date on topical resources for their business, but they can also explore new and interesting things in the field throughout the year. It also makes a helpful addition to the front desk area of a studio for students to read up on those same topics between sessions.

  1. A yoga food cookbook

Getting all the energy you need for yoga practice while still making sure you adhere to the yoga principles can be challenging, especially since most pre-made meals are not exactly the healthiest out there. Most people who are passionate about yoga are also interested in healthy, wholesome food, and that means they sometimes dabble in cooking.

Why not make the yogi in your life happier by providing them with an essential cookbook for yoga practitioners? When buying, you should choose one that has been issued by an actual yoga center with plenty of experience in the yoga lifestyle and the best diet practices for yogis.

  1. Beaded Lotus Chime

Beaded lotus chime is another low cost gift you can get your yoga teacher. A handcrafted lotus chime with traditional bells from artisans in india is a lovely addition to any yoga teacher’s home or studio. They can hang them on the door to herald each student’s entrance or at home for a musical reminder they’re entering their sacred space.

  1. Sun and Moon Visualization Meditation Tapestry Kit

Yogis who delve into the spirituality when practicing yoga can appreciate a tapestry kit meant to aide them in meditation and visualization. This large fabric tapestry merges mystical images of the sun and moon to evoke otherworldly senses. It comes with a citrine stone for focus and an affirmation magnet. A yoga teacher who is highly spiritual will appreciate this gift

  1. Yearly Yoga Journal and Planner

Journals are thoughtful and meaningful gift ideas for yoga teachers. This option combines traditional notes and reflections with active daily planning for a year’s worth of use. Because its design doesn’t include dates, it’s a great present to give at any time for your yoga teacher to plan their days and months. They can track progress, explore their inner thoughts and plan for the future all in one convenient book.

  1. Om Yoga accessory and Wall Decal

The Om symbol is the most recognizable Hindu symbol that relates to yoga. What better gift to give your Yogi teacher than a bracelet with an Om symbol charm on it. It’s a perfect accessory for yogis. The charm is tied to a black cord made of wax, while the charm is Tibetan silver made of zinc metal alloy.

As a symbol and sound, the om is an integral part of the meditative component in yoga. Large wall decals with this symbol are another related gift. They are easy to apply and remove, so your yoga teacher can pick a favorite spot in their studio to place this and use it as part of their class to help center everyone’s focus.

  1. Hand of Buddha Jewelry Stand

Traditional yogis know that certain hand positions are symbols of spiritual serenity and these deeply rooted practices in ancient philosophy are an integral part of their practice. A hand-carved gyan mudra, a gesture that can be seen when in the lotus pose, is a beautiful gift for the yoga teacher who loves jewelry and needs a holder to place it on between sessions. When buying this gift, ensure that your yoga teacher is a jewelry lover.

  1. Ayurvedic Copper Water Bottle

Ayurvedic medicine and the yoga tradition often intertwine given their shared roots and similar goals towards whole-body wellness. Another useful gift you can get your yoga teacher is an Ayurvedic copper water bottle. Not only does this hammered copper water bottle look beautiful, but it borrows from Ayurvedic wisdom in promoting purification and reducing waste. Your teacher can keep this gift by his or her side to use in refreshing during lessons.

Great Gift ideas That Need a Little More Budget

  1. Inspirational Canvas Art

Visualization and affirmation are important tools for the yoga teacher in the studio, so gifts that evoke imagery to remind them of their purpose and their goals are wonderful ideas. Consider a canvas print in a large or extra large size so that they can hang it in their studio or at home. This may cost you a bit, but it is well worth it.

  1. Natural Wood Aromatherapy Diffuser

While so many diffusers are made of plastic exteriors and lend an artificial presence to the space, a wooden type uses natural oak wood and an ultrasonic vapor release for an appealing look and gentle mist. Yoga teachers can appreciate the auto-off function and a choice between two light settings depending on their session’s needs. Which yoga teacher will say no to aromatherapy?

  1. Buddha Book Fold Art

The art of folding books into a paper sculpture is impressive on its own, but one in the likeness of the Buddha sitting in lotus pose will delight any yoga teacher with its creativity and skill. The meditative, mindful practice of creating art like this also promotes the same lessons on focus and control they teach. If your yoga teacher is creatively minded, then this is a great holiday gift.

  1. Yoga Wheel With Mandala Design

Giving gifts meant for the studio are wonderful for the yoga teacher who may just be getting started with their path as an instructor. A yoga wheel can be used to help their students increase flexibility while they’re still learning or help them teach students with physical needs that can prevent them from achieving certain positions without help. This is one gift that can be put into constant use and thus will continue reminding the teacher of your kind gesture.

  1. A piece of yoga jewelry

An even more personal gift that will get the female yoga teachers in your life excited is yoga-inspired jewelry. There are plenty of pieces of jewelry that encompass the spirit of yoga in various ways. From the main symbol showcased to the materials from which it’s made of, a piece of jewelry for yogis is remarkable right away. Such a gift will allow yogis to proudly display their passion while enhancing their charm, too.

A good jewelry to pick out can be a lotus pendant necklace. It symbolizes the beauty and peace brought on by yoga, and it’s made from precious metal so it won’t rust too soon. Also, if you don’t know the yogi’s preferences when it comes to jewelry, a simple necklace such as this one is a safer bet than earrings or rings.

  1. Ethically sourced Indian incense

Incense is another thing that an authentic yogi can never get too much of since it’s such a perfect companion to yoga and meditation sessions. But the problem with incense is that a lot of merchandise from the market is not ethically sourced, or are simply not very good. How about bringing some joy into your yoga teacher’s life with a huge assortment of incense sticks? It’s guaranteed to bring them pure joy.

  1. Magnetic Chalkboard Calendar

Help your favorite yoga guru keep their class schedule and bookings organized and easy to read with a framed magnetic chalkboard calendar. That dual-purpose functionality will give your yoga teacher the flexibility they need for shifting their one-on-one sessions around class dates and studio events. This can be a great help for yoga teachers who usually have their days full.

  1. Large Round Yoga Mat

Yoga teachers need to stand out from the class in order to lead students by example, so the traditional rectangular yoga mat can be a hinder their need to show positions from different sides. A large, circular style mat can allow them to really show off their poses from every angle while they teach without losing the protection and padding they need.

Cork is usually your best bet when it comes to lasting quality. It’s true that finding something which is completely neutral in its impact on the environment is hard nowadays. But some voices criticize the cork industry, saying that cork takes too long to grow and it’s discarded too soon. The wine industry, especially, is guilty of this environmental sin. But if you choose cork products that will be used for a long time, this is actually a very planet-friendly decision.

A cork yoga mat has numerous advantages. It’s solid and will last you a long time, while still being flexible and yielding just enough to make your practice more comfortable for your joints. It will also make you sweat less while practicing yoga, and will absorb and neutralize odors. Considering that there are a lot of wonderful designs for cork yoga mats out there, if you want to buy such a gift for the yogi in your life, you can look out for one that has yoga designs.

  1. High-end yoga clothes

Yogis can never have enough practice leggings and tops, especially where females are involved. The truth is that there’s something quite special about yoga leggings and yoga clothes in general. It’s not just the flattering and slimming fit that enhances the body’s natural beauty and makes it easy on the eyes, it’s also the supreme comfort of a good fit.

While straining to challenge and push your body into taking on more and more complicated asanas, having reliable yoga clothes can help tremendously. They allow your body all the reach and stretch it is capable of. Furthermore, they exert a light compression on your body, minimizing discomfort after practice and reducing sore muscles. Moisture during your yoga workout is also under control with high-end yoga clothes.

Pricier Yoga Inspired Gifts That Will Wow your Instructor

  1. Meditation Timer

Timers in a yoga class can be helpful tools when transitioning between different phases of positions, but so many alarm tones are jarring and can break the focus a student or teacher needs to maintain inner calm and outer control. You can get a meditation timer that has three sound profiles that mimic a gong and can be programmed with 50 set intervals.

  1. Sacred Tibetan Singing Bowl

Traditional Tibetan singing bowls are simple, effective instruments that help with meditative focus and stress reduction. Their full, smooth tones are popular replacements for gongs that are popular for use at the beginning and end of classes. Yoga teachers can incorporate the soothing sound of a singing bowl into their sessions easily and enjoyable. This gift will indeed be highly appreciated.

  1. Yoga Bean Bag Chair

Your favorite yoga teacher could probably use a quick and easy alternative to sitting on a mat or in an uncomfortable chair between their sessions. A durable, plush and comfortable modern take on a bean bag is a great way to give them an easily accessible option between the two. This gift is a great to keep in the studio.

  1. Selenite Castle Lamp

Moroccan selenite crystals give off a cosmic glow all on their own that’s said to chase away negative energy and purify the space they’re in. They naturally form in mountain-like shapes that look like castles, so when they’re used as lamps and lit gently from within, they’re a breathtaking addition to any yoga guru’s favorite space. It is easy to source and get these crystals, and it won’t cost you a bundle.

  1. Meditating Buddha Fountain

The zen-inspiring sounds of an indoor fountain help create a calm, peaceful environment for meditation and exercise. A gift idea for a yoga teacher that incorporates natural elements for a meaningful purpose blends the traditional philosophies and practices perfectly. Fountains like this are usually light enough to sit on a tabletop and can be used indoor or outdoor to aid in relaxation.

  1. Six Month Box Service Subscription

Yoga teachers spend so much of their time looking after the care and wellness of their students that they probably don’t leave enough time in their life to tend to their own important self-care routines. Help them reinforce their focus and dedication to wellness with a subscription to a gift box service. A six month subscription will help your favorite yogi care for themselves over and over again.

  1. A yoga teacher training abroad

All of the other gifts on our list are cute and bound to make your yogi teacher smile. But if you want to see your teacher experience pure and unadulterated bliss, you should go the extra mile and send your friend to a yoga teacher training course abroad. Maybe a more comprehensive 500-hour course will help to deepen his/her practice, or a retreat to learn a different style like Bikram, Kundalini or Yin Yoga will add an extra dimension to their classes.

This way they’ll be able to improve their teaching while also visiting the vacation destination of their dreams. Nothing, and no gift can compete with that.

More Yoga Themed Gift ideas

  1. Yoga Knee Pads

Sometimes, the yoga mat does not provide enough cushion for the knees. And as any physical activity, you need to protect your knees from injury at all times. That is why yoga knee pads are very important to yoga teachers. It also helps prevent pain in elbows and wrist when you need to do poses that involve these joints. You can use it as mat extender, and they are made of eco-friendly foam that is lightweight and can be rolled together with your mat for easy storage.

  1. Wearable Aromatherapy

One of the best gifts for yoga lovers and teachers it is Aromatherapy that they can wear, which means you can get the benefits of aromatherapy anytime, anywhere. Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that is used to enhance psychological and physical well-being. It is also used to help alleviate pain, improve mood and increase cognitive function.

The container is a necklace set that is composed of a chain with a beautiful locket, where you can insert the colored diffusers, which contains the essential oils. So whether you are at work, traveling or doing your daily chores, it’s aromatherapy all the time.

  1. Yoga Poses Figurines

If you talk about the perfect gift for yogis, this is it. These figurines will go perfectly in that yoga corner. These figurines are usually made from fine pewter and are handcrafted. You can by different types with different yoga. These figurines are usually very nice.

  1. Yoga Cookie Cutters

If you have a yoga teacher that loves cooking as well, then the perfect gift to give him or her is yoga cookie cutters. You may have to pick a set that contain his or her favorite poses. Aside from the fact that it can create pleasing looking cookies, it can also be used to cut fruits, sandwiches, cheeses, fondant, bread, and many others that will surely give a crowd of yogi the “wow-effect”.

  1. A funny yoga message mug

Not sure about their T-shirt size or you simply know that it wouldn’t be a good idea for the yogi you are shopping gifts for? How about a mug with a funny or inspiring yoga message instead? If you go for this gift idea, you can be sure that each morning while enjoying coffee or tea, your yoga practitioner friend will think of you.

The mug will help them start the day in a better mood, chuckle or simply feel inspired. A few favorites are the following: ‘In my head, I’m doing yoga’ for a sarcastic smile, a minimalist yoga mug with various asanas for the yogi who takes their practice seriously, or a beautiful mug with the 7th chakra painted on it, if you want the message to be inspiring.

  1. Boho Scarf

A large boho-inspired, hand-painted scarf will be perfect for anyone who is into yoga, meditation and yoga. The scarf is usually made of super soft cotton with the Om design painted on it using vegetable dye, and it is very lightweight. And you could wear it to keep yourself warm after practice.

  1. Zen Bunny

If you are looking for fun and unique yoga gifts, then this is a great option. A sculpted, hand-painted bunny looks so serene while doing his meditation. This will be perfect for gardens and even in a yoga corner at home. Your teacher will surely love to hang this somewhere where he or she can see it while doing the routines.

  1. Ayurveda Inspired Chocolate

When stress brings us to our melting point, a piece of chocolate can be just the thing to keep us together. As a former Wall Street trader, Alak Vasa found out about the sweet’s superpowers first hand and could count on the treat to lift her spirits on stressful days. Around the same time in her life, she was introduced to Ayurveda, a sister science of yoga that focuses on inner and outer well-being. Blending these two dimensions of comfort, the bars feature luxurious chocolate infused with superfoods that are said to balance the five elements of the body.

  1. Chakra Bath Salts

A Sanskrit term meaning “wheel” or “circle,” chakras represent the seven specific energy centers found in the body. From the crown chakra that assures a calm peace of mind to the root, offering a grounding in positive energy, addressing each point is thought to provide balance and inner peace. You can decide to indulge their own chakras with this alluring gift.

  1. Lotus Incense Holder

A lovely handmade incense holder is a great gift for a yoga teacher who loves yoga or meditation (or both). The lotus flower design symbolizes purity of the body, speech, and mind as while rooted in the mud, its flowers blossom on long stalks as if floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desire. It is also symbolic of detachment as drops of water easily slide off its petals. The holders are first bisque fired and then glaze fired.

  1. Yoga Pose Fridge Magnets

Yoga Glass Cabochon Fridge Magnets are a fun gift for Yogis. A set consists of 4 yoga-themed magnets, perfect for gift giving, stocking stuffers, party bag fillers, giveaways or gift for your yoga teacher. You can choose a color set or mix and match.