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6 Best Insurance for Yoga Studio Business [Cost Included]

Do you want to know how much it cost to insure your yoga studio with an insurance company? If YES, here are 6 best insurance policies for yoga studios.

Yoga studios are in the health and wellness sector, and this is a niche where clients are more or less likely to sue. Their health is on the line, after all. You might not actually be at fault, but the cost and expensive nature of a lawsuit can easily crumble your studio. This makes liability coverage easily the most important part of your yoga studio insurance.

Does a Yoga Studio Business Need Insurance Cover?

The answer is YES! As a yoga studio owner, you require adequate insurance for a plethora of reasons: It helps you rebuild after a natural disaster, it helps to replace stolen equipment and décor, it helps you cover employee medical expenses if they are hurt on the job, and much more.

Even though yoga studio insurance is not legally mandatory in the United States, but it is a practical necessity to keep your studio safe and afloat in the long term. Lenders and investors won’t fund you without adequate coverage, potential customers and partners won’t trust you without it, and top – notch employees won’t take you seriously without it.

In this modern era, yoga studios are uniquely rewarding businesses or nonprofits to run, but they also bring along their own share of unique risks. But with the right insurance portfolio in place, you can protect your business against accidents and risks that come with running your own yoga studio.

Basically, yoga studio insurance is just a type of business insurance where certain coverage may be put together to fit the specific needs of your studio. Do not forget that insurance also applies to nonprofits, if your studio is run as a non – profit.

Note that your yoga studio insurance doesn’t have to include all of that coverage if you don’t need it, but it should definitely include liability insurance at a minimum and preferably commercial property insurance as well. Nonetheless when you work with your insurance agent you can extensively discuss your situation and together you and your agent can identify the right blend of coverage to help keep you protected.

Insurance Policies for a Yoga Studio

Insurance companies offer several types of insurance coverage for businesses. Some may be offered in a standard package, while others may be available as optional coverage in the form of a policy addendum or rider. However, it is very pertinent to carefully review your policy before acceptance, making sure that the coverage offered meets your specific yoga studio insurance needs. Nonetheless, a typical yoga studio insurance policy should include:

1. Bodily injury liability coverage

Note that this insurance coverage protects you from loss when a student or a non – employee becomes injured. If you’re believed to be responsible for the injury, and the studio is sued for medical costs, punitive damages, and lost wages, this yoga studio insurance policy can be a life savior, especially since it compensates the plaintiff on your behalf.

2. Premises liability coverage

Note that for injuries to people or for property damage sustained by someone attending yoga classes at your facility, or for delivery men, vendors, or others, this type of coverage pays for losses incurred. This insurance coverage can also include the areas outside your business, too, such as the parking lot or staircase.

3. Participant liability insurance

Staff, students, and others injured in classes that you hold away from your business location are covered under participant liability insurance. Note that this might include yoga retreats or classes taught in another facility or venue.

4. Professional liability insurance coverage

Note that this coverage is specifically for people who teach yoga. If a student claims that you pushed them too hard in class, causing them to become injured, this priceless insurance helps to pay the damages that result.

5. Worker’s compensation insurance

This is extremely important if you have people working for you. In the United States, you are expected to add worker’s compensation as one of their benefits. Workers comp. protects employees who are injured or become ill at work due to a job – related issue.

6. Commercial Property Insurance

Indeed, the property and equipment in your yoga studio is an asset your business can’t afford to lose. But have it in mind that it requires several types of yoga insurance, which may be bought as individual policies or a comprehensive policy with multiple policies rolled into one.

It typically includes coverage for equipment and the contents of your business, such as sound systems and computers. It also covers the business’ physical space against perils such as fire, weather damage, and vandalism.

Steps on How to Get an Insurance Cover for your Yoga Studio

According to reports in the United States, over 36 million people practice yoga in the country. Note that it means great business and target audience for your yoga business, but it is also entails a huge pool of potential litigations. This is the more reason why getting the right insurance keeps your business protected and growing. The best way to acquire yoga insurance includes:

i. Know Your Information

Right before you start looking or applying for yoga insurance, it is advisable to provide the insurance agent with some information about your business. Note that this information helps your insurer analyse how much of a risk your business is so it can set your premium.

The more accurate your information is, the more precise your insurer is with your quote. The information to have ready include:

  • Address and contact information
  • Equipment you will be using with clients
  • Products you sell or provide to your clients
  • Claims history (at least the past three years)
  • If you require clients to sign a waiver
  • Criminal history, if applicable
  • Certifications you hold

ii. Work With a Broker

When looking for yoga studio insurance, ensure to obtain quotes from various insurance companies. Note that this step can be a lot quicker if you use a broker who can shop different policies for you and find the best coverage at a price that works for you. An insurance broker can also help you choose policies and apply.

iii. Share All Your Business Operations

Have it in mind that you will have to let your agent know how you run your business so they can analyse the insurance you need. Most of those details are common to all businesses, like security measures and contracts. Others, nonetheless, are unique to yoga teachers. Ensure your agent knows about your certifications and classes too.

iv. Ask for Your Certificate of Insurance

Another crucial part of choosing the best insurance coverage for your studio is the ability to print a copy of your certificate of insurance (COI), a document given to you by the insurance company that confirms your coverage. COIs are typically required before you can begin teaching at a studio or similar facility.

Cost to Insure a Yoga Studio Business

In the United States, yoga studio insurance costs range between $150 and $400 per year, depending on coverage, limits, and other key variables. For instance, yoga studio insurance costs can be higher because of equipment. Yoga liability insurance costs increase if you own or lease a studio. Add employees, and you will need additional coverage, increasing your overall costs.

General Liability Insurance

  • Annual Combined Premium: $130 –  $200
  • Common Deductible: $0 –  $500
  • Coverage Limit: $100,000

Professional Liability

  • Annual Combined Premium: $100 –  $180
  • Common Deductible: $500 –  $1,000
  • Coverage Limit: $1 million

Business Owner’s Policy

  • Annual Combined Premium: $100 –  $290
  • Common Deductible: $500 –  $100
  • Coverage Limit: $300,000 liability/$10,000 property

5 Best Companies/Provider That Offer Affordable Insurance Policies for Yoga Studios

Companies and providers of yoga studio insurance in the United States tend to look at the exact fitness services offered, the amount of equipment maintained, and the size of the operation to determine pricing. Below are top five insurance companies for yoga studios:

a. CoverWallet

CoverWallet is better known as an online insurance broker perfect for a holistic yoga or yoga instructor who works with clients on the physical activities and provides nutritional advice.

Note that the addition of nutritional advice increases risk and is outside the scope of most yoga studio insurance policies, but CoverWallet’s many partners means it can find an insurer for your practice. In addition, the application process with CoverWallet is simple and uses language that business owners can understand.

It takes just a few minutes to complete, and yoga studio owners can usually get general liability insurance with professional liability coverage the same day they apply.

b. Hiscox

Hiscox is a wonderful option for independent yoga teachers who work with studios that require proof of insurance. The Hiscox platform strives to make the process of obtaining affordable insurance with certificates of insurance simple.

Notably, the carrier makes it easy for yoga studios and teachers to acquire separate general liability and professional liability policies through an online application. Yoga studio owners can also obtain quotes for a business owner’s policy (BOP) with Hiscox.

This policy combines general liability with commercial property. BOPs from Hiscox start at about $42 and can be customized to include coverage for electronic data loss, hired and non – owned vehicle liability, and employee dishonesty.

c. Alternative Balance

This company is renowned as a professional group that works with a network of top-rated carriers that are ideal for an alternative yoga studio that teaches water, paddle board, or aerial classes, as these classes are often excluded in liability policies. The cyber endorsement is also a good option for online classes.

Alternative Balance provides affordable coverage for over 500 professions in the health and wellness industry. Yoga teachers can put together their professional and general liability coverage and add endorsements for cyber liability and sexual misconduct coverage.

d. The Hartford

This is a wonderful choice for yoga studio owners who own the building where their studios are located. Note that this company provides comprehensive business property policies that encompass coverage for signs and business interruption.

For owners with employees, The Hartford has pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation, so your premium is based on your actual monthly payroll rather than a yearly estimate.

Boasting of over 30 years’ experience with small business, this insurance company is a renowned and financially stable insurer. Its high marks from credit rating companies indicate that yoga studio owners can expect quality coverage and fair claim settlements from The Hartford.

e. Fitness & Wellness Insurance

This is a great choice for yoga studio owners looking to lead retreats and workshops around the world. The company’s coverage automatically extends to all 50 states as well as short international business trips. This makes it ideal for yoga teachers who often teach yoga retreats and corporate wellness programs or for those who want to go overseas for additional training.

With being a member of Philadelphia Insurance Companies, Fitness and Wellness Insurance makes it easy to apply online and get immediate general and professional liability insurance. Studio owners take a bit longer, but can still get affordable coverage.


In summary, it is advisable you discuss your unique yoga studio insurance business needs with a seasoned agent who is adept at writing policies for yoga businesses. Yoga business insurance can be quite affordable, and your agent can help you craft the right level of protection for your business’ individual needs.