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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Yoga Studio?

Yoga studio rental cost in the United States is around $45-$100 an hour with a one to two hour minimum. Some particularly large studios with specialty equipment or studios that accommodate corporate retreats can run within an upper limit of $450. Sometimes, you’ll find a deluxe space with extensive amenities that will also charge more, but these are delightful exceptions and not the rule.

There are varying types and styles of yoga studios, from completely functional to fantastically cosy so you may be spoiled for choice if you live or are planning an event in even a moderately sized city. Yoga studio room rentals tend to be full of light and some also are outfitted with a wall of mirrors so people can check their postures.

A yoga studio room rental may be ideal for you if you intend to run a class on a consistent basis but don’t want all of the costs associated with running your own studio. As a bonus, if you are a photographer, these wonderful and breathtaking out spaces usually have loads of natural light and minimal clutter so they tick the boxes for a great photo studio as well!

Have it in mind that one of the most obvious reasons to rent a studio space is its cost-effectiveness. Renting a yoga studio rental can be considerably lower than most of the other options. As a yoga or wellness teacher, catering to all of the overhead costs to run your own yoga studio can be avoidable. Renting a good commercial studio space does not make sense if you only want to teach a class or two or host a one-time workshop.

However, if you are teaching classes, the fee structures of some well designed studios can render your class non-profitable. It is more or less easier to rent out a space for the exact amount of time you will need it, on the days you will need it, rather than pay monthly rent for a space you aren’t using. In addition, since most yoga room rentals include the use of mats and bolsters, you are saving the cost of buying them on your own.

If you are hosting any kind of wellness event, a yoga studio room rental is an easy choice—the clean lines and open floor plans are designed to promote a feeling of calm and relaxation. Most also have equipment for use—aerial silks, bolsters, etc—that participants may need but that would be difficult or impossible to rent separately and very expensive to buy on your own

How to Rent a Yoga Studio in 3 Simple Steps

Yoga studios are indeed one of the most versatile and minimalist event spaces you can find. While some studios are decorated with eclectic décor, others are plain, empty spaces that can host events of all kinds, from musical performances to weddings. While it’s usually very straightforward to rent a studio space, you may need to keep a few things in mind.

  1. Rental time

First of all when going through all the details and narrowing down your choices, note any blackout times the host may have, as yoga studio room rentals often have regular classes booked in certain, unchangeable, blocks. If you are hosting a workshop or event and will need considerable time for set up or break down, also consider that into your rental time as most hosts charge time and half for overtime rentals, with no exceptions.

  1. Studio amenities

A good number of yoga studios available for rent, for the most part, tend to be elaborate in listing what amenities they include with their rentals but if you can’t find the answer easily, ask before booking for clarity’s sake. If you intend to host a class that requires specialized equipment, like aerial silks, it is necessary to find a place that has them included, or at least the ceiling hooks for that purpose, due to safety concerns. It is reasonable to assume that mats and blocks come included in your yoga room rental, but double check to prevent surprises.

  1. Studio rules

If you are renting a yoga studio as an event venue, also ask to ensure that your event is allowed per the host’s policy. Although some have sound systems, large, loud events may be frowned upon. Therefore, take a look around, find your dream space, read the fine print, check for added bonuses, and book!


Yoga is a relaxing, low-impact exercise that has become immensely popular in recent years. Yoga studio businesses range in size from small, independent studios run by a single instructor to large studios with several instructors. Yoga studios tend to be very affordable compared to similar event venues.

That is partly because the reduced set-up time makes it easy to rent a space for just an hour or two, without having to commit to a longer rental. They tend to range from small studios that can fit just over a dozen people, to venues with multiple rooms that can accommodate over 100. If you have any doubt about whether the space will be suitable for your event, you can always ask your host before booking it.