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5 Best Sound System and Bluetooth Speakers for Dance Studio

Bluetooth Speaker for Dance Studio

Are you wondering what type of sound system is best for a dance studio? If YES, here are 5 best bluetooth speakers for dance studio.

The success of your dancers depends in part on whether they can practice and perform to music with a high sound quality. However, a lot of new studio owners tend to be intimidated by the technical jargon associated with sound systems and may not be using the best one for their studios.

Studio sound systems are meant to include a music player, speakers and at least one amplifier. The music will have to travel from the player and is amplified through the speakers to effectively fill the room. When possible, a studio owner or manager is expected to choose equipment that is specially designed to work with the unique characteristics of a dance studio.

Note that the size of your space will have an impact on the dance studio equipment you choose. For instance, a small studio may not need an amplifier or heavy – duty speakers to fill the room with sound. Also, a small Bluetooth speaker won’t be sufficient for a large studio with high ceilings. Nonetheless, here are top 5 choices to pick from:

Best Sound System and Speaker for Dance Studio

1. Peachtree Audio Deepblue Speakers

Note that this is a 3 way speaker system that has a 6.5 subwoofers that create deep and impact bass. It also comes with a 2 3 inch mid – range drivers and two 1 inch tweeters that flank the tweeters and help create a wide, natural sound that fills the room with ease.

It is built with its own custom developed 440 Watts amplifier that delivers crisp clear sound when used without any issues. Note that with this speaker, you hear everything – from the delicacy of a violin solo to the pulsing baseline of a mad rock track.

It posses high quality wireless audio streaming and allows you to pair up to 5 Bluetooth devices with a range of 75 meters. It also boasts of an easily adjustable sound control with its unique Smart volume helps deliver full clear sound anywhere and anytime.

It comes with a digital and analogue inputs which for basically any music source. This means you can easily plug and play and hook up any music on the go. This is the ideal choice for anyone who wants true Hi – Fi stereo quality in a convenient all in one package

2. Harman Kardon Onyx Studio Speakers

This is one set of speakers that can be referred to as the best music system for dance classes. This sound system enables wireless streaming for delivering that unique room filling sound and has a speakerphone function that lets you take hands free calls.

It also comes with its own rechargeable battery that gives you 8 hours of play time before it needs to be charged. It delivers at least 50W of audio power and 50Hz – 20 KHz frequency for crisp and clear sounds. It also comes with ports that let you easily connect up to 2 smart devices at the same time while switching audio easily.

Also note that you can easily and wireless connect up to 5 other Harman Kardon speakers (which are sold separately) for an increased audio experience. It boost of a unique round silhouette and premium fabric cover which gives it a pleasing appearance and feel. This is one portable and highly durable dance studio speakers that will serve you for a very long time.

3. Bose S1 Pro System Speakers

Note that this is indeed one of the best Bose speakers for dance studio. It is known by experts as a very rugged and portable speaker that produces big and clear sound everywhere. Have it in mind that this particular pair of bad boys is a complete sound speaker with awesome sounds for dance studios and also for outdoor gatherings.

It has wireless Bluetooth pairing and inputs for a microphone or any musical instrument such as a keyboard or a midi controller.

Note that this especially makes it very easy for people that have dance studios or even yoga classes. It also comes well equipped with built in sensors and multiple aiming positions that helps deliver optimal sound in every position and location of your studio.

With its rechargeable, lithium ion battery, you can be certain of getting at least 10 hours of play time before you need to charge it.

It has its own set of auto EQ buttons that automatically adjusts the speaker’s tone in any placement so you always get the best sound quality every time. It has a wireless range of up to 30 feet (9 metres) which makes it ideal for easy hook – up to your phones and tablets.

4. QSC K8.2 Active Speakers

This set of speakers has a 2000 Watts class D amplifier module which delivers room filling, crisp clear sound in any room.

It comes equipped with factory presets and saveable/recallable scenes for commonly used applications. It also has a multi function digital display which helps in the control and selection of loudspeaker functions and it helps you easily select and pick out any song and EQ settings you need for your dance class.

Note that it also has its own unique intrinsic correction which is ideal for tuning and loudspeaker management. It comes with a global 6 year warranty with product registrations and ensures that you are covered by your purchase and have nothing to be scared of.

5. JBL EON612 2 Way Speakers

Have it in mind that this is a purposeful product designed speakers optimized for ideal acoustic resonance. It is made possible by taking advantage of its unique injection moulding techniques and mechanical shaping of the enclosures. This system also makes use of its unique JBL waveguide technology for superior and clear sound quality.

Owing to its Bluetooth integration, you can easily hook up all your Bluetooth enabled devices to it and play songs easily. It also helps you easily control the master volume, adjust the 5 way EQ settings, and saving and recalling user presets. It is a very portable speaker with ergonomic designs which ensures that what you get is a world class music system for dance class that lasts for a very long time. It is great sounding and user friendly.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Sound System for your Dance Studio

Note that dance studios tend to have tricky acoustics because of their many hard surfaces, so general sound equipment may not be effective. The number of speakers and amplifiers a dance studio requires will depend on its square footage and ceiling height and on the class size, since the presence of people also affects how sound travels.

As a dance studio owner, you are faced with several options when it comes to acquiring your dance studio sound system. There are many online wholesalers who offer great deals, especially for businesses like dance studios and gyms.

However, when you go this route, always consider buying each piece individually according to your budget. That way, you can add on additional components (or replace them) over time. In addition, if you are looking for flexibility in terms of returns and exchanges, consider a big box electronics store.

These businesses more or less sell this type of audio equipment with understandable return policies. Once you realize the system you’ve chosen isn’t a good fit, you may have the opportunity to exchange it for something else. Have it in mind that the safety of your teachers and students are in your hands, and good professional installation is always advisable.

Nonetheless, if you decide to go it alone, there are some important things to keep in mind. First, ensure to mount your speakers with weight in mind. These speakers should be safely fastened to the wall or you may choose to install sturdy corner shelves that are built to withstand the weight.

This won’t just help your sound quality but can prevent dangerous accidents. Also, avoid running wires and cables where they could cause someone to trip.

If wiring through the wall is not ideal for your studio, they should be securely fastened against the baseboards. Make sure your speakers are mounted roughly eight feet off the ground and a few feet away from side walls. Your music player can be placed on a shelf or rack that is much lower.


Even though you might likely come across “integrated sound systems” in your search – music players, amplifiers and speakers that are sold together as a package – it is more cost effective to acquire those components individually. This way, you can get each piece of equipment and any add-ons over time, according to your budget, and can easily update or expand your dance studio sound system as your studio size or resources grow.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. What Is The Best Portable Speaker For Dance Studios, The Gymnasium, Or Even Fitness Classes?

Here are top options to consider,

  • Bose S1 Pro Bluetooth Speaker System
  • Altec Lansing ALP-XP800 Xpedition
  • JBL PartyBox 300
  • Bang & Olufsen Beolit 17 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
  • DS18 ZL12M Zumba Loud
  1. Should I Consider a PA system For a Dance Studio?

Yes, you should consider a PA system especially if you take large dance classes in different studios. In addition, a portable PA system would also meet your needs efficiently if you always need a microphone to speak through.

  1. What Portable Speaker Should I Buy As A Dance Teacher?

The best portable speaker to buy as a dance teacher is a portable speaker that suits the environment you are going to be working in and whether or not you want to be heard over the music.

  1. What to Look For In Party Speakers?
  • Compatibility
  • Portability
  • Connectivity
  • Power
  • Durability
  1. How to Pick the Right Speakers for You?

The right speakers for a dance studio should be able to fill up the room with high-quality sound. Note that it should also be durable enough to withstand daily use. Here are factors to consider when choosing dance studio speakers.

  • Price
  • Connectivity
  • Sound Quality
  • Portability
  • Durability
  1. How Do You Charge The Batteries On A Bluetooth Speaker?
  • Ensure that the speaker is turned off.
  • Connect the USB AC adaptor (supplied) to the micro-USB cable (supplied).
  • Connect the micro-USB cable to the DC IN 5V jack.
  • Plug the USB AC adaptor to an AC outlet.
  1. How Does Bluetooth Work With A Speaker?

Bluetooth tends to transmit digital information using short-range radio frequencies in the frequency band between 2.400 to 2.485 GHz. When it comes to speakers, it is the digital audio signal from a paired device. Bluetooth are known to use 79 distinct frequencies within the 2.400 to 2.485 GHz to transmit information.

  1. What Should I Look For When Buying A Bluetooth Speaker?

There are several points to consider when buying a Bluetooth speaker:

  • Battery life
  • Speakerphone capability
  • Size
  • Style
  • Wired inputs
  • NFC
  • Connecting multiple speakers
  • Waterproof
  • Audio power
  • Audio quality
  • Connecting multiple speakers
  • Bluetooth version
  1. What Do You Need To Consider When Buying A Portable Bluetooth Pa Speaker?

Here are factors you need to consider before buying your PA system.

  • Compatibility of an Extension speaker
  • Accessories & optional extras
  • Wireless microphone compatibility
  • The size of your audience & Location
  • Portability
  1. What’s The Best Bluetooth Speaker?
  • The New SOUNDBOKS.
  • Aiwa Exos-9.
  • Bose S1 Pro Speaker System.
  • Soundcore Trance.
  • Turtlebox
  • DBSOARS Bluetooth Speaker.
  • JBL Xtreme 2.
  • JBL Flip 5.
  • Tribit Stormbox Micro.
  • Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 (2nd Gen)
  • JBL Go 3.
  • JBL Charge 4.
  • Linn Series 3.
  • Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2.