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15 Best Mirrors for Dance Studio

Are you wondering what type of mirror is best for a dance studio business? If YES, here are 15 best mirror for dance studio.

If you are looking towards setting up a dance studio, one of the gadgets or perhaps equipment that must not be found missing in the dance studio is a mirror or mirrors specifically designed for a dance studio. Mirrors help to lighten up dim areas in the studio and also make a small space look larger.

The fact that your customers are going to be dancing in your studio means that it will be appropriate for them to get a full-length view of themselves and everyone behind them.

The mirrors you choose can make or break the space, so do as much research as you can before deciding on the type of dance studio mirror to settle for. As a matter of fact, you can’t effectively run a dance studio without having reliable mirrors at strategic places in the dance studio.

Having said that, considering the number of options on the market, shopping for the best mirrors for your dance studio can be challenging and time-consuming. In no particular order, here are 15 of the best dance mirrors for a dance studio that you can get today;

Best Types of Mirror for Dance Studio

  1. Mirrorons Full Length Mirror

One of the best dance studio mirrors you can get for your dance studio is Mirrorons Full Length Mirror. The mirror tiles are made of copper free mirrors, so it’s brighter and clear than the ordinary mirrows. Also, the inner special coating of this glass mirror can effectively prevent mirror rust, which makes wall-mounted mirrors have a longer service life.

One good thing that makes Mirrorons Full Length Mirror suitable for a dance studio is that the mirror tiles are handcrafted with attention to detail and modern design.

Classic frosted edge, multiple combinations as you wish, could embellish any home decor elegantly, making it an ideal vanity mirror for wall decor. The edge of our frameless mirror is processed through multiple polishing. It’s smooth and will not hurt your hands.

Interestingly, you can combine the mirrors into different shapes in the way you want, perfect for decorating the living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc. Made of 4mm copper-free mirror, 3 protective coatings, the rectangle mirrors have HD reflection and longer service life.

  1. Hamilton Hills Beveled Wall Mirror

Hamilton Hills simple large rectangle beveled mirror is perfect for hundreds of styles and locations including a dance studio. Whether you are looking for a dance studio, bathroom or powder room mirror, or something in your dining or living room, the rectangular beveled plate glass mirror is the perfect solution.

Hamilton Hills beveled mirror comes secured to a solid wood backing to add stability and prevent distortion or warping. The wood backing includes a pre-installed slimline 1/4 inch hanging hardware hooks for hanging your mirror in both a horizontal or vertical fashion.

One quality that makes Hamilton Hills beveled mirror is that the large rectangular portion is surrounded by a simple 1 inch beveled portion to add some flair. The backing is offset an eighth of an inch from the edge to give that floating, clean look while still offering security and support.

  1. Fab Glass and Mirror Activity Kit 

Another highly suitable mirror for a dance studio is Fab Glass and Mirror. Fab Glass and Mirror offers the best price and the highest quality glass and mirror products nationwide. Fab Glass and Mirror is a HD Tempered Wall Mirror that has more uses outside the closet in the modern world than before.

Outside the home, these reflective glasses find use in gyms, dancing studios, spas, art studios among others. Over the years, issues such as safety, installation, and delaminating have been primary concerns on the use of mirrors. You can avoid these problems by opting for frameless wall mirrors with safety backings.

  1. EDGEWOOD Parkwood Wall Mirrors

EDGEWOOD Parkwood Wall Mirrors is one of the best dance studio mirrors for the money. Parkwood – is the most comprehensive line in the Edgewood collection. This all-around crowd pleaser doesn’t leave anything out. Timeless in its clean lines, Parkwood is a neutral, yet ultra-hip and modern choice for your dance studio needs.

The standard slim profile of these frames makes them the most versatile for all decor styles and by far our most popular collection.

These sets can be arranged in multiple ways to give a fresh take on checking your appearance and looking your best. Frameless square mirror set adds dimension and sophistication to any dance studio or room. EDGEWOOD Parkwood Wall Mirrors come with a thin beveled edge and double-sided tape for wall placement.

  1. NeuType Full Length Mirror Floor Mirror

Another suitable mirror for a dance studio is NeuType Full Length Mirror Floor Mirror. This NeuType floor mirror standing mirror uses a simple right angle rectangle design. Very thin aluminum alloy frame, the front frame width is only around 0.16″.

Retractable and detachable one-piece stand, it can be folded up attaching to the back of the mirror integrated with the mirror as one. The mirror uses shatterproof glass which is safer and more reassuring; with special treatment.

This NeuType full body mirror wall-mounted mirror is suitable not just for dance studio but also for bathroom, bedroom, living room, locker room, behind the door, corridor, clothing shop, or anywhere else a mirror might be needed.

Simple lines create a modern feeling. The design will be the most eye-catching in your room. It’s not only a full-length dressing mirror but also an ornament. The frame of the NeuType full length mirror is made of durable anti-rust aluminum alloy.

  1. ONXO Full Length Mirror

ONXO Full Length Mirror is no doubt a good decoration for home and studio, including bathroom and fitting room. It makes sure that you have a good impression when you have an important moment. ONXO full length mirror is a good choice for home decoration.

One good thing about ONXO Full Length Mirror is that this mirror has an adjustable standing bracket to support free floor standing and it also can be leaned against the wall almost anywhere. The bracket can also be removed and you can affix it on the wall to save space.

  1. Beauty4U Full Length Mirror

Beauty4U Full Length Mirror is yet another highly suitable mirror for a dance studio. Beauty 4U mirror was made of high quality float glass which can provide super HD imaging, beautiful, natural, and no distortion. The mirror clips are convenient to install. Providing you a safe installation experience

One good feature that makes Beauty4U Full Length Mirror stand out is that the mirror frame is made from aluminum alloy material, which is corrosion-resistant, and the frame will not break because the corners of the frame are fixed by sturdy metal screws, so you don’t have to worry about the stability of the frame.

  1. TMGY – Gold Round Mirror

TMGY – Gold Round Mirror is another best mirror suitable for a dance studio. This product is simply composed of a large round mirror and gold metal frame.

Whether it is natural light or human light, it can provide enough light to the dance studio, making your dance studio look more spacious. The glass is safely inlaid and protected by the surrounding metal gold frame construction. It is easy to install and hang.

  1. MCS 21.5×27.5 Inch Rectangular Wall Mirror

This bright wall mirror brings modern style to any space in your dance studio. The sleek and simple design brings eye catching decor to your wall.

A perfect addition to your dance studio, bedroom, living room, or bathroom. The back of the mirror is a kraft paper back and has 4 attached D – rings for easy hanging. The mirror can hang either vertically or horizontally. Frame Molding is made from polystyrene material and the mirror is glass.

  1. Collins 6672 Lox Wall – Mounted Mirror w/LED Lights

If you want a mirror that will make your clients (students) and your dance instructors feeling like stars, look no further than the Collins Lox Wall – Mounted Mirror w/ LED Lights!

These modern, full – length dance studio mirrors are made 100 percent in the USA with top – of the – line materials and are made with some of the best craftsmanship in the industry. The Lox is available in over 40 unique laminate colors (with accent colors also available!), allowing you to create the perfect style for your dance studio.

The Lox Wall – Mounted Mirror w/ LED Lights is also available with a ledge or as a station, and is part of the Collins Lox Line, so you can create complete design continuity throughout your entire dance studio.

  1. Acrylic Wall Mirror Rectangular Tiles, 6″x9″

Another dance studio mirror that you should consider buying is Acrylic Wall Mirror. The mirror sheets of Acrylic Wall Mirror are made from acrylic material and are not intended to have the same reflection quality as a standard glass mirror. Very easy to install or remove, compatible with any clean, leveled surface. Just peel and stick!

Acrylic Wall Mirror is durable – flexible mirror tiles can be used to decorate bedrooms, baby rooms, bathrooms or can be a great addition to your crafts DIY projects. Each mirror sheet has a blue protective film to prevent scratches; the film should be peeled off before use.

Decorative mirror tiles have an endless array of cute and creative uses. Put them in your dance studio for added light and texture, add them to your dance for fun discovery and sensory play time. Acrylic Wall Mirror is nontoxic and always safe for children, our stickable panels can be mounted anywhere in your home or office.

  1. Gatco 1802 Flush Mount Frameless Rectangle Mirror

Move toward a designer interior by incorporating Gatco’s flush mount mirror into your next remodel or dance studio. Composed of the finest handcrafted float glass, this mirror makes no compromises when it comes to contemporary aesthetics.

Features an elegant beveled edge and smooth rounded border. Complements any room, no matter how large or small. An excellent addition to your bathroom, shower room, bedroom, living room, guest room, entryway, hallway, or wherever a mirror may be convenient.

Gatco 1802 Flush Mount Frameless Rectangle Mirror is available in a variety of sizes with both oval and rectangle variations. Guaranteed to last a lifetime and backed by Gatco’s 100-year warranty. Gatco 1802 Flush Mount Frameless Rectangle Mirror includes the patented Hang-It Heavy Duty wall mounting system with built in level, for effortless installation in less than 10 minutes.

  1. Flyoung Round Mirror

Another highly suitable mirror for a dance studio is Flyoung Round Mirror. This wall mirror adds a sleek classical finish to a dance studio and of course any room. The frame is made of stainless steel, which is not easy to deform and rust. The 4mm silver mirror offers the ultimate protection against corrosion caused by humidity and household chemicals.

The mirror is easily wall mounted with an eyelet hook on the back for hanging. An EVA sticker on the back makes it more stable on the wall. Make a small dance studio room look bigger by reflecting the home decor and light with this silver mirror.

  1. LVSOMT Full Length Mirror, 47″x14″ Wall Mirror

LVSOMT Full Length Mirror is yet another suitable mirror for a dance studio. LVSOMT Full Length Mirror has a strong and durable Aluminum Alloy thickened frame with a delicate border and careful polishing. Available for multiple colors from Gold / Black / Silver, the simple and elegant style will match nicely with your furniture.

The mirror surface is clear and bright, giving distinct, lifelike images and well-lit reflections, more convenient for a dance studio. It adopts explosion-proof silver glass, when the glass is accidentally hit the protective film will prevent slashing and avoid your students and dance instructors from being harmed, safer for home use.

LVSOMT Full Length Mirror comes with HD Silver glass mirrors with Green and environmentally spraying technology to create more clear and real images. Perfect for all spaces, like a dance studio, dressing room, bathroom, bedroom, living room dining room, and entryway.

  1. KAASUNES Oval Wall Mirror with Coating Steel Frame

KAASUNES Stylish Oval Mirror is Handmade with Care and Attention. It’s made of Rusty-Free Brushed Steel Framed and Copper-Free Silver Mirror. Ideal for Washroom, Bedroom, Entryway, and Dining Room, the Light, and Visual Depth are Doubled in an Instant, Making the Space Appear Bigger.

All Mirrors Have an Explosion-Proof Film on the back, Even If It is accidentally damaged, There Won’t be any Splashing Debris. High Transparent Glass provides HD image and clear reflection without distortion.