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10 Best Colors to Paint a Home Dance Studio

Are you wondering what type of color is best for a home dance studio? If YES, here are 10 best colors for home dance studio.

For those with a basement or free spaces around the house, there is so much you can do and achieve when designing a dance studio in your home. Note that turning your basement into a dance studio or dancing space is a wonderful idea, but the right question is where do you start with a project like that and what are some of the best features you should inculcate into your project?

Basements are essentially large spaces under a house and they are ideal for a home dance studio. However, most basements do not have access to natural light and others are far too big to house not only a dance studio but maybe a dance section.

To choose the right fitness colour palette, you will have to take into account the number, age and gender of the people using the home studio.

Note that when you decorate your dance studio with the right colours, you will feel inspired to dance and stretch and it will help create a personal space to unwind after a long day or to relax during the weekend. The right dance studio colour scheme will also give the right emotional impact. Nonetheless, here are some of the best colour combinations for home dance studios.

Best Color to Paint a Home Dance Studio

  1. Red

Indeed, the perfect place to start decorating your home dance studio is by considering paint schemes. For a home dance studio, it is imperative you go for a colour that will keep you motivated whether it’s early Saturday morning or right after a long workday.

Notably, red is a perfect choice especially since it is known to be a motivating colour, linked with strength and resilience.

If painting all your walls red feels too bold, then you can consider inculcating just one as an accent wall. Nonetheless, a warm red is a great option since it easily matches with the silvers and blacks that tend to be prominent in most studio equipment.

  1. Chic Lime

According to experts, colours in the yellow-green category conjure energy and excitement, much like a bright red or orange. This more relaxed yellow-green tone circumvents the boundary of energy and calm. It’s ideal if you intend to mix up your dance studio days with some days devoted to work out, then switching gears to yoga or Pilates.

This colour expressly enhances natural wood trim or hardwood flooring and accents in gray, beige, or white. You can easily turn up the energy in this hue by brightly lighting up the room.

  1. Green

For a home dance studio, you will need some calming colours. Greens and whites are wonderful options for relaxing energy. Note that to keep the space feeling unique and filled with energy, it is advisable you go for lighter tones like sage green and creamy whites.

Encouraged by nature, green brings your in-depth feelings back to earth and adds a grounding energy for your daily practice. However, to top it up or add a little depth to your space, consider adding some tall mirrors. Aside from the mirrors making the room feel larger, it will also offer you the platform to check on your form.

  1. Brushed Aluminium

Dancing is far more than just a physical activity; it is also a mental and psychological one. Therefore, to ensure you put yourself in a serious and relaxed frame of mind, opt for greige colours like Benjamin Moore’s Brushed Aluminium for your walls.

Note that this hue and other greiges paint colours are weighty neutrals with a “let’s get down to business” appeal. This Moore’s Brushed Aluminium aligns well with white trim and cool colour accents to keep the room balanced. Also, note that this colour works as a perfect choice for a dancing space that also doubles as a home office.

  1. Neon

If your plan is to update your space to influence your dancing, then there is no superior alternative to a neon colour scheme. Although it might sound unusual, but there was a reason that the early dancing culture focused primarily around bright blues, pinks, and greens.

Neon colours are invigorating and give you a boost of energy you need when dancing to ease out stress. Also, consider an accent wall with a burst of bright blue – you will definitely see and witness the energy bursting through the roof.

  1. Silver Mist

For individuals who want to dance without any distractions, a rich gray paint colour like Silver Mist could be the ideal colour for a home dance studio. Have it in mind that a simple cool gray with a hint of blue helps you focus on your dancing while still being an inviting and attractive alternative to white.

Silver Mist also exhibits a certain a beach-inspired vibe that is impeccable for a dance studio or a yoga studio space outfitted with a massage table.

  1. Orange

Orange is a great option because it combines the power of red and the calming elements of white and yellow. It will keep you feeling positive and warm, all the way into next year’s New Year’s resolution! Orange is definitely a more spirited colour choice.

It can add energy to the room, without overpowering you. However, ensure to be careful of using a whole room of orange. A great colour, it can make your room feel youthful and playful, rather than a room with a serious goal in mind.

  1. Nautilus Shell

For a dancer partial to ballet, barre works, or other styles, choosing a cordial, attractive colour that’s not too overwhelming is the key. Note that a rich pink-peach paint colour like Nautilus Shell brings energy to the room with its warm reddish undertone while still sustaining a dream-like softness.

If your dance style is more energetic, for instance, Latin ballroom, hip-hop, or Zumba, then consider adding hot accent colours for pops of high energy

  1. Classic

If your plans is to design a more minimalist space, consider going for warm white walls with a black chalkboard wall. Note that these walls are a perfect choice for a home dance studio especially since they give you the opportunity to write your schedule, instructions and motivational phrases on the wall while also leaving room to change things up.

Also, note that white walls leave room for you to add different accents in the space like hardwood floors or a wooden barre.

  1. Harbor Haze

Indeed, dancing can get you heated up pretty quickly, more especially if your home ranging studio receives a lot of natural light streaming in. Therefore, leveraging cool colours like Benjamin Moore’s Harbor Haze can help establish a relaxed and fresh vibe easily.

Endeavour to pick colours for your dancing room that are relaxing but not sleepy. By picking attractive schemes, you will feel more eager to spend time in your home dance room. Note that you can paint the walls in any colour you prefer.

However, consider earth colours that are connecting instead of pink and lavender which can be physically empowering. You can also hang pictures of lakes, mountains or places you want to visit, on the walls to offer you the good feeling.