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15 Best Types of Lighting for Dance Studio in 2023

Are you wondering what type of lighting is best for dance studio? If YES, here are 15 best types of lighting for dance studio. If you are considering setting up a dance studio, then part of what will make the studio complete is a suitable lighting system for a dance studio and the lights could be removable or permanently fixed in your dance studio.

The truth is that as an entrepreneur who is looking towards opening a dance studio, it is very important to find the perfect light combination that meets both the performance needs of the dancers as well as conforms to safety requirements.

Trust me, if you make a wrong decision with the choice of lights you use in your dance studio, it may not only result in disgruntled customers but also damage the reputation of your dance studio. Getting a reliable and effective lighting system for a dance studio will go a long way to help you effectively illuminate your dance studio and of course you will have value for your money.

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Having said that, considering the number of options on the market, shopping for the best lighting system for a dance studio can be challenging and time – consuming. In no particular order, here are some of the best lighting for a dance studio that you can get today.

Best Lighting for Dance Studio

  1. POCOCO Party Disco Lights

POCOCO Party Disco Lights is one of the best lights for a dance studio you can get in the market today. POCOCO party disco lights are perfect for indoor and outdoor decor, dance studio, bedroom decoration, public plaza, skating rink, birthday party supplies, family gathering, disco, bar, banquet, wedding, dance, hotel, Karaoke, concerts, and other entertainment venues.

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There are several time-setting options (1h, 3h, 6h, 8h) that you can choose to run the light. The lightweight and compact RGB Projector is convenient for you to carry it everywhere. We provide a lifetime warranty,

POCOCO 2022 Upgraded version Party laser Lights, is capable of producing 60 combinations of images, 6 color backgrounds (red, green, blue, red & green, red & blue, blue & green) and 3 beam combinations (green, red, green & red), creating a more wonderful stage atmosphere with multi-effect and high-definition projection quality combination.

POCOCO Party Disco Lights adopts high quality aluminum alloy housing, equipped with mounting accessories, can be placed on the table or the ground, even be mounted on the ceiling or just put on the ground. The instruction sheet clearly explains the remote-control options and the setting of various, it is very easy to set up this DJ light in under 2 minutes.

  1. SAHAUHY DJ Lights

Another quality lighting you can use for your dance studio is SAHAUHY DJ Lights. SAHAUHY DJ Lights combines RGB stage lights and Patterns Light, sound-activated Party Lights allows the color changing according to the music.

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SAHAUHY DJ Lights comes with more than 150 patterns designed and 300 effects hence it can easily be used to create a beautiful stage effect. Trust me, this is a great stage lighting for dance studios and for all parties. This stage lighting gives off bright and colorful Patterns to create a corresponding atmosphere.

SAHAUHY DJ Lights is easy to use, and all you need to do is just plug it and play it. The knob is fixed on top of the handle and the light body link, the handle can be adjustable, and removed. It features a high power light source, high brightness, and low power consumption, with a cooling fan design, efficient heat dissipation to the extended lifespan of the stage lighting.

  1. Litake Party Lights

Litake Party Lights is no doubt amongst the best lights for dance studio that you can get. The light comes with 3 sound-activated modes + 7 lighting modes + flash + rotating speed control + flash speed control. The light also comes with a powerful voice-activated sensor and it is perfect for dance studios and other parties et al.

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It is also important to mention that Litake Party Lights comes with 2 remote controllers, you can use it to turn on/off the lights, change sound activated/lighting modes and control the rotating/flash speed. All functions on the remote, very easy to use. With its flexible tripod, the light can be placed directly on a table or desk, or it can be fixed on wall and roof.

  1. Plasma Ball, YUNNI 6″ Inch Plasma Globe Lamp

YUNNI plasma lamp with touch sensitive and sound reactive mode is one of the most suitable lights for dance studio. You can touch the glass ball to control the plasma streams with your fingers. And the plasma globe also responds to sounds over 80 dB. Sparks will undulate in sync with the sound.

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The lightning ball diameter of Plasma Ball, YUNNI 6″ Inch Plasma Globe Lamp is 6 inch. It can generate colorful streams of electricity dance across the surface of whole globe like atmosphere, perfectly demonstrating physics science. The nebula plasma ball comes with a 6 ft plug in cord, so you do not need any battery, it is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

This plasma ball lamp is great for decoration in a dance studio. Interestingly, you can put Plasma Ball, YUNNI 6″ Inch Plasma Globe Lamp in your room, dorms, office, or anywhere to create a super cool science like atmosphere. It can be easily placed anywhere for a modern science-like effect.

  1. GOOLIGHT DJ Disco Lights

GOOLIGHT DJ Disco Lights comes with innovative design hence it is highly suitable for a dance studio. This light combines with the two mainstream home party lights to make one product shows two effects, including the dazzling effect of the stage lights and the colorful atmosphere of the disco ball, which makes your party a dazzling moment.

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Using the remote control, you can control the opening and closing of the disco ball and stage lights, also can work with two lights.

When it’s working, the pattern is clear and beautiful, adding more fun to your party. The metal shell of the party lights is very durable and not easy to age, and has a long service life, save every penny for you. The best choice for Gift-giving and Entertainment!

GOOLIGHT DJ Disco Lights can be placed on the table or the ground or can be hung on the ceiling. Suitable not just for dance studios, but also for discos, ballrooms, hotels, skating rink, public square, family gatherings, bar, KTV, party concert combo, and other places of entertainment.

  1. LaluceNatz DJ Lights

LaluceNatz DJ Lights is yet another best light you can install in your dance studio. Made of premium Aluminum alloy casing body and bracket, and 48 hard lens, compact and portable, the portable DJ lights are durable and easy to adjust on both sides with screws or hang to a wall, T-bar with hole, or just stay on the floor. The inner fans make great performance for heat dissipation and extends the lifespan of the DJ light.

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LaluceNatz 30W stage lights with remote is perfect for dance studio, party, wedding, events, church, theater, or other occasions. It’s also perfect for DJ gigs, birthday party, anniversary, bar, stadium, pub, musical live show, festivals, and any event.

  1. COIDEA Party Lights

COIDEA Party Lights is another excellent light for a dance studio. COIDEA MINI LED STAGE MAGIC LIGHT, Perfect Strobe effect lights will dance to the rhythm of the music. When music up, The light will dance/flash to it which is SO COOL. It comes with Solid Colors Or A Mix (red, green, blue, red/green, red/blue, green/blue, or all the colors together).

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Depending on the size of your dance studio, COIDEA Party Lights is enough to cover a 30’x30′ dance studio or room. With a clear pattern, it will light up all your room and give more visually spectacular. It is very small, but produces a lot of light.

The music option works well enough when you are close to the light and being able to change the settings/lighting was fun! -by customer

Aside from dance studio, COIDEA Party Lights suits any scenes, like home, room, club, pub, pool, school, parties, kids’ birthday, wedding Halloween, Christmas celebrations The mini-sized party light can be placed directly on table or desk, or it can hang on wall or roof.

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It can create a gorgeous and visual illumination effect, not only for parties’ celebrations and home decorations but also for kids’ gifts.

  1. JLPOW Super Bright 27W Dimmable Sound Activated Black Lights

JLPOW 27W Remote Control Black Light is Solid built and creative, with 5 lighting modes, sound-activated /auto/strobe/fade/DMX, control everything through the remote, it can create exciting atmospheres at gigs or parties, works great with UV body paint & fluorescent.

JLPOW 27W Remote Control Black Light is much brighter than a traditional fluorescent black light bulb, Safe for the human eye or skin. 120-degree beam angle easily lights up 14x14ft area, create a stunning black light effect.

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JLPOW 27W Remote Control Black Light is a must-have not just for a dance studio but for glow party, DJ event, UV poster/ body paint / art illumination, stage effect lighting, Halloween decoration etc. You can also use it to detect pet urine, bank note counterfeits, etc.

  1. DragonX 4 Bar DJ Lights

Another best light for dance studio that you can get is DragonX 4 Bar DJ Lights. This portable stage light kit is suited not just for dance studios but for stage presentation, gig band lighting systems, concerts stage lighting, theaters, wedding ceremonies, or large parties. It can be floor mounted for additional up lighting effects to showcase the right emotion to portray.

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DragonX 4 Bar DJ Lights comes with 4 LED Par Cans, Tripod Lighting Stand to maneuver, Foot-Switch Controller for better control, Power Cord, and Stand Bag for protection and portability. Good enough, you will be able to control from 1-4 colors per light using the 4 channels.

Extended Power and Foot Switch Cables. It has 4Bar Tri Color with a strobe rate of 0 – 20Hz for better accuracy. Compatible with other brand’s Lighting System DMX control profile, sound-activated control mode ready, and with 4 X 3 X Tri-9W RGB LED Diodes.

  1. OPPSK 36LEDs 36W RGBWA/UV Par Light

OPPSK 36LEDs 36W RGBWA/UV Par Light produces wide washes with smooth color mixing from built-in color macros utilizing 6xUV / 6xWhite / 6xAmber / 6xRed / 6xGreen / 6xBlue. 6 LEDs ONE color at a time. Advanced optics provide exceptional color mixing and high efficiency. And double-bracketed yoke doubles as floor stand and also easy install at lighting truss.

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Professional features – include 7 DMX Channel mode, 6 operational modes, flicker free operation, and a 4-Button DMX menu with digital display. Daisy-chain up to Max 8 units (110V) or 4 units (240V) together via the fixtures built-in power In/Out power connectors.

The 36LEDs Par Cans is compatible with IR remote control easy-to-use wireless. Alternatively, the fixture may be operated via a DMX controller or the units’ built-in programs. Not only is this par lights great for lighting dance studios and stages, but with its intelligently designed, power and DMX connectors, it is great for uplighting for a dance studio.

  1. WGSS Party Laser Lights

WGSS Party Laser Lights is yet another best light for a dance studio you can get in the market. Equipped with a disco ball for various stunning lighting effects in combination with a powerful red and green laser. It creates space-filling moving colorful ocean waves and an underwater vibe powered by 4 LEDs in the colors red, green, blue and white.

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The two lasers create dozens of laser patterns in red and green. Ideal for use at various parties, small bands and DJ gigs facade booth, DIY wedding venue. WGSS Party Laser Lights is light weight, easy to carry around thanks to the handle. Can be hung on the truss or stand as DJ lighting, the compact size is great for moving around as well.

The sound mode makes it can sync to the beat of the music at various parties like rave parties, disco parties, Halloween cosplay parties, Thanksgiving Day parties, Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve, Wedding parties, DJ gigs, etc., add visual flair and excitement to the lighting shows.

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Lastly, WGSS Party Laser Lights has 2 control modes, Manual button mode (press the back button can set auto-run or sound); Remote mode (the remote is straightforward and offer so many different options such as autorun, lighting colors choose, flashing, static, rotating, sound, auto, etc.).

  1. U`King Moving Head Stage Light

U`King Moving Head Stage Light is yet another reliable and effective light for a dance studio. Producing brilliant, lively colors, the super bright U`King moving head is your ideal multi-purpose tool with a rich variety of effects. It is equipped with a powerful and ultra-bright LED.

It has a rugged ABS and aluminum alloy housing with a low-noise fan. The setting is easy and intuitive via the bright 4-button display.

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The U`King is a moving head with 540° pan and 270° tilt that is powered by a single LED. It sports 4 colors with red, green, blue, white. This moving head offers flexible control options via DMX 512, Sound Activated, Master-slave, auto. It has 11 & 13 DMX channels and RGBW changing colors, AC 110-220V / 50-60HZ.

Good enough, U`King Moving Head Stage Light compact size and lightweight makes it ideal for mobile entertainers, small clubs and bars, venues with low ceilings, roller rinks, bowling centers, or any mobile production.

  1. CO-Z LED Stage Lights DMX

Another good light you should consider for your dance studio is CO-Z LED Stage Lights DMX. The 192 DMX512 Controller with LED Par Lights is ideal for dance studios, DJs, bands, bars, discos, raves, pubs, clubs, event services, and more.

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The lights use the latest technology with 18 LEDs (6 red + 6 green + 6 blue). Connecting to DMX-512 signal controllers, it produces various colors and stroboscopic effects. With 18 RGB up lighting LEDs, this stage light set makes any color you want and provides extremely bright lighting – perfect for dance studios, DJ sets, parties, dances, stage performances, clubs, discos, music venues, etc.

Lastly, with DMX 512 and remote control, this stage light offers endless possibilities: adjustable brightness, speed, flashing effects, sound mode, color-changing, and strobing effects with one or more colors. With so many lighting mode configurations to choose from, you can change the tone of the party at the push of a button.

  1. Sumger 9-Lens Professional Indoor RGB DMX Stage Light

Sumger 9-Lens is another effective and reliable light for a dance studio. The unique 9-eye design of Sumger 9-Lens can cover a wide area, the combination of red, green laser, and RGB color background, which create a more wonderful atmosphere and amazing DJ lighting effects.

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Optional control modes such as DMX 512, remote, sound-activated, automatic and master/slave mode for choosing. With the remote, you can easily control the led stage lights without the complex DMX controller programs, more convenient, more interesting.

Sumger 9-Lens come with the adjustable brackets and screws, the DJ disco lights can be installed on the t-truss, ceiling, stage bar, or just put the party lights on the ground. Built-in cooling fan makes it heat dissipation effectively, long lifespan and good quality guarantee.

  1. IKSACE Mini Stage Laser Lights

This mini portable stage light is highly suitable for a small dance studio. IKSACE Mini Stage Laser Lights is easy to use, small and exquisite in appearance, convenient in installation. The palm-sized stage light can be placed directly on a table or desk, or it can be fixed on a dance studio wall and ceiling.