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10 Best Places to Build and Open a Dance Studio in 2023

Are you wondering what location is best to build and open a dance studio? If YES, here are 10 best places to open a dance studio.

Starting and managing a dance studio is indeed a lifelong dream for many dancers. However, with a concrete business plan and achievable expectations, you can genuinely turn your dream into reality. Dance studios are known to offer a variety of classes, primarily across various styles of dance, with the purpose of teaching dancers, preparing dancers for competitions or careers, or simply as a form of entertainment and enjoyment.

If you are eager to start your own dance studio, one of the most important factors is choosing a suitable location for your studio. Have it in mind that your location and dance studio size is very crucial, if not more than the name and logo of your business, the classes you teach, and your pricing strategy put together.

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Have it in mind that if you open your dance studio in a building that has a good inflow of traffic, you are more or less ahead of the game in terms of boosting your business brand. Indeed, the more people who pass by your business, the better. But don’t forget that too much traffic in an area could cause other business problems too.

Note that a studio owner can have the most interesting space and most alluring choreography in the whole world, yet find it hard to attract students due to bad location. Therefore, when opening a dance studio, the location matters as much as the classes and dance styles you will be teaching.

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Best Place to Build and Open a Dance Studio

Based on research procured from employment records by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the best places to open and build a dance studio in the US are;

  1. New York City

New York City is well renowned as one of the best cities in the United States for dancers, especially owing to their income per capita. This city is well known in the dancing business due to the massive demand for dancers and dance classes.

Howbeit, starting a dance studio in New York City will ensure you have a steady inflow of students and profits, despite the exuberant rent costs.

  1. San Francisco

According to history and statistics, San Francisco boasts of having one of the most extensive creative scenes in the country and attracts everyone from hippies to techies. Have it in mind that everything concerning arts thrives in San Francisco, with studio types ranging from yoga studios to dance studios. Note that dance studios in San Francisco will indeed attract attention, despite similar rent costs to NYC.

  1. Honolulu

Honolulu Hawaii’s capital boasts of having one of the most enormous demands for dancers in the country outside of Las Vegas, Nevada

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Note that dance is a huge business in the Hawaiian capital, and there are almost 3x as many dancers per capita in Honolulu as there are in NYC. According to reports, the average hourly wage for dancers in Honolulu is $16.99/hour.

  1. Las Vegas

Last Vegas, the entertainment & gambling capital of the world, is also one of the best places to start and build a dance studio in the United States. Have it in mind that almost every form of dance has an audience in this city, and the steady request for dance lessons is exciting.

Note that starting a dance studio in Las Vegas will ensure you attract attention from residents and new transplants that come with a dream of becoming dancers in the city.

  1. Denver

According to reports, the Denver metropolitan area in Colorado boasts of one of the most stable job markets and incomes that provide families with a willingness to sign up their children for dance classes. This city trumps cities such as NYC and L.A. for dance classes per capita, making it an ideal location to start a dance studio.

  1. Chicago

Chicago, over the years, has always attracted dancers owing to its pivotal location and history in the arts. Although it may not have as many dancers as the top-ranking cities, Chicago is still renowned for higher employment rates for dancers than entertainment centers like Los Angeles.

  1. Los Angeles

Without argument, Los Angeles is the base point of entertainment in the United States. Dance classes are very massive in the City of Angels and it remains one of the best cities in terms of employment for dancers and hourly income only compares to cities like New York and Las Vegas.

  1. Worcester

Note that this is a prosperous small town in Massachusetts that can offer you everything to make your dance studio a success.

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According to reports, it trumps other cities in terms of dancer employment per capita, and it is identical to Las Vegas and Honolulu in this regard. Have it in mind that this relative popularity and a stable economy make it a perfect place to open a dance studio.

  1. Philadelphia

First, you have to understand that this city has always remained dominant in the dance scene. The City of Brotherly Love is home to numerous dance studios and with more affordable rents than neighboring cities such as Washington D.C.

In addition, it is a wonderful location to start a dance studio as the number of active dancers in the city is on par with cities such as New York per capita.

  1. Minneapolis

Although a small city that is cloistered in the Midwestern state of Minnesota, this city will shock you with the massive demand for dancers and dance studios. According to reports, Minneapolis is home to some of the biggest dance studios in the country and is still open to more creative and innovative studios. Notably, the average hourly wage for dancers in Minneapolis is $14.51/hour.

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Always have it in mind that the location of your dance studio will play a massive role in the eventual success you achieve. Agreeably, you may not entirely choose or control the city or country where you start your dance studio, but you can seek direction and improve your chances of success by leveraging the list above.