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Can You Go Axe Throwing While Pregnant?

The appropriate answer to the above question is that it is not medically advisable for pregnant women to go axe-throwing.

This is because this sport has a certain level of risk, and the extra weight and strain on the body during pregnancy can increase the likelihood of such an injury occurring. Aside from that, there can be risks that come with flying axes if extensive safety measures are not established.

In addition, note that the stressful physical activity that comes with axe throwing will definitely cause fatigue or overwork in the pregnant woman, and this can lead to complications with pregnancy or labor. Owing to that, it is recommended that pregnant women avoid axe throwing no matter how fun or exciting it could prove to be.

Axe throwing is without doubt one of the most viable ways to blow off steam, but it’s also an exhausting, high-impact physical activity that encompasses lifting and throwing heavy objects. Workouts could be ideal for pregnant women, however, it is recommended that they stay away from things that put the body under excessive strain. 

Reasons Why Throwing Axes While Pregnant is Risky?

  1. Physical Strain

When a woman is pregnant, the physical toll of axe throwing can really impact the body adversely. Even when you have all the strategies to prevent accidents, this activity can tire you out quickly.

Pregnancy brings a whole lot of changes in a woman’s body, altering one’s weight, metabolism, hormone production, and even body proportions. This also modifies a mother’s balance and coordination and genuinely makes axe throwing even riskier for pregnant women.

A good number of axe-throwing events are known to mandate people to sign legal waivers prior to letting them take part – some won’t even allow pregnant women to join.

Even if the axe range grants you permission to take part, it is recommended that you avoid throwing axes while pregnant. A while lot of things could go wrong – and only one thing needs to go wrong to negatively affect the pregnancy.

  1. Accidents

This particular sport has proven to be exciting and most often safe, but this can be largely attributed to the many precautions organizers are known to put in place beforehand.

You have to realize that a good number of properly managed axe-throwing facilities restrict women who are pregnant from handling axes, talk more of throwing them, especially if the pregnancy is past the 20-week mark.

The 20-week mark is regarded as the point where pregnant women start to deal with issues such as back pain, exhaustion, and inhibited body coordination.

Precautions to Take If You Choose to Go Axe Throwing While Pregnant

If against media advice you choose to go axe throwing, below are valid precautions to keep in mind. While they do not guarantee your safety, they will help ensure both mother and child survive the strenuous ordeal.

1. Pick a Safe Axe-Throwing Venue

If you choose to go axe-throwing when pregnant, then it is pertinent you choose an axe-throwing venue that puts safety first. You should not visit any venue that doesn’t have adequate staff present or provide proper training and safety procedures.

2. Check with Your Doctor

Prior to visiting an axe-throwing facility while pregnant, it is necessary you consult with your doctor to make sure this activity is ideal for you and your baby.

3. Wear Proper Safety Gear

It is also important you are well-fitted with closed-toed shoes, long pants, and a long-sleeved shirt when taking part in axe-throwing activities during pregnancy. Aside from that, you should also put on protective eyewear as long as the venue allows or provides it because it prevents injury from flying pieces of wood.

4. Work with Your Body

Before and all through the axe throwing session, it is necessary you pay heed to your body before taking part in activities that make you feel uncomfortable at this period of the journey!


Pregnant women are not advised to throw axes, and it is entirely restricted once the pregnancy has gone past the 20-week mark because the activity can put the pregnancy at risk due to a lot of factors. There are many other activities to consider instead of throwing axes to kill time while pregnant.