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How Old Do You Have to Be to Go to Axe Throwing?

In the United States, especially when it comes to axe throwing, note that the legal age requirements will vary from one state to another.

However, an individual who passes the age of 18 in the United States is duly considered an adult and as such can take part in axe throwing at most venues. Howbeit, certain states might require people under 21 years old to provide parental permission or accompaniment before they can participate.

Axe throwing is without doubt one of the most popular activities for groups and individuals in our world today. Be it bachelorette parties or corporate team-building events, axe throwing has proven to be an exciting activity to spend an afternoon or evening with friends and family.

There is no generally accepted answer as to what age is ideal for axe throwing, but if it comes to safety, axe throwing when done appropriately is safe.

Is There an Age Limit?

No. There are no stipulated or strict age limits; however, axe-throwing ranges tend to consider a whole lot of factors before they grant entry. Axe throwing is a physical activity that necessitates a vast array of motion and a sturdy hand. In the United States, 16 to 116 is the recommended age range.

Axe Throwing Rules for First Timers

Axe throwing is an exciting and entirely safe sport, but same as with other less cool activities, it comes with certain safety rules you have to take note of if you intend to take part. The essence of these rules is to guarantee a safe environment. They include;

  1. Wear Closed Toe Shoes

Although axe throwing is considered a very safe sport, the equipment you use are real sharp axes! Closed-toe shoes will provide your feet with an extra layer of protection just in case. Accidents cannot be ruled out, as such it is pertinent you are always prepared and well-dressed.

  1. Listen Up

In most axe ranges, before the action begins, an employee will come forward to walk you through the process. Please note that this is very vital information and you would want to listen.

Be respectful of their time, as well as pay attention to their advice because your safety depends on it. Even if you are experienced from visiting the same or previous spots, note that changes are possible and a piece of simple advice could be your saving grace.

 3. Be Conscious of Your Surroundings

Prior to throwing, be sure to double-check your surroundings. You shouldn’t throw if you are not sure or have yet to confirm that there is no one between you and the target or behind you.

Even if you are not the one throwing, still keep an eye out. Also, ensure that everyone around is within a good distance and safe before the axes fly guaranteeing a safe experience.

  1. Enjoy The Experience

If this is indeed your first time trying out this sport, note that you are really in for a treat! There is nothing quite like it. Ensure to have fun and relish every moment of this intriguing sport and compete with your group in the games.

Axe Throwing Tips for Beginners

Axe throwing is an intriguing sport, but becomes more enjoyable once you master it! Nevertheless, below are the top tips for beginners.

  1. Get The Perfect Grip

Although you might feel otherwise, but loosen your grip on the axe. All you need is a relaxed grip because it makes releasing the axe easier at just the appropriate moment.

Throwing an axe is an art, as such, it is recommended that you don’t hold on to the axe too tightly, but you shouldn’t let it slip away either. Just attribute it to holding and swinging a golf club. Give the axe handle a little room to breathe.

  1. Release The Axe at Eye Level

It is one thing to see the target, and it is another thing to retain your eyes on the target when making the swing. However, it is recommended you release the axe as it gets to eye level. You’ll hit the target (or at least get some inches closer) every time.

  1. Consider Trying Other Techniques

A good number of axe-throwing beginners will throw using two hands overhead. This is a valid technique when it comes to starting this sport. Nevertheless, as you become more experienced with the two-hand overhand throw, try using one hand. You might surprise yourself and win the game.

What to Wear When Axe Throwing

Most ranges will suggest you come dressed in a way that makes you feel comfortable. The art of axe throwing necessitates twisting and bending. As such, it is recommended you consider coming in clothing that wouldn’t get in any way.

Experts also suggest you try out an overhand throw wearing the shirt you are considering. If it restricts your motion, then it is the wrong one. You will want a full range of motion.

It is also necessary you wear closed-toe shoes. One thing you have to understand is that axes are sharp, owing to that it is very important you keep your toes protected by wearing shoes that cover your toes. If you find a shoe that covers your toes, ensure to evaluate its comfort and balance. Consider flat boots or athletic shoes.


Axe throwing is a well-known and exciting sport that entails throwing an axe at a target. It has proven to be super ideal for corporate events, birthday parties, or just enjoying the day with your whole family! However, prior to heading in, it’s necessary to check to see if you meet the minimum age requirement.

Although everybody is welcome in most ranges to take part in axe throwing, if you are under 18 years old, you will have to be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will sign a waiver.