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10 Best Golf Carts for Campground Use

Golf carts are essential tools or equipment needed in a campground. This is so because golf carts are used to provide convenient and efficient transportation within the campground.

Campers and visitors can use them to move around the campsite, especially if the campground is large and spread out. This is particularly helpful for people who have difficulty walking long distances or for transporting camping gear to and from campsites.

Apart from that, golf carts are also used to carry out routine maintenance tasks within the campground. Security personnel also use golf carts to patrol the premises of the campground, and campground offices or stores may also use golf carts for staff to run errands and provide services to campers, such as delivering firewood, ice, or camping equipment.

That being said, if you are planning to open a campground, you must make provision for golf carts. Interestingly, there are several options out there when it comes to your choice of golf carts. In case you don’t know what golf carts to go for, then you may want to continue reading this article.

Best Golf Carts for Campground Use

  1. EZGO Golf Cart

E‑Z‑GO vehicles are designed and manufactured by Textron Specialized Vehicles, a division of Textron Inc. that also manufactures commercial and industrial utility vehicles, recreational side-by-side UTVs, and ground support equipment for the aviation industry.

With a choice of a powerful 13.5-HP closed-loop EFI gas powertrain or a maintenance-free ELiTE lithium battery pack, the E‑Z‑GO Express L6 will elevate any outing.

One good thing about the EZGO Golf Cart is that you have the option of upgrading the motor to a high-performance option, which will provide more power and speed. Additionally, upgrading the controller and increasing the voltage of your battery pack can also increase your cart’s speed.

  1. Club Car Golf Cart

Club Car utility vehicles are built to withstand the most extreme conditions. With a rustproof aluminum frame, chassis, and cargo box, along with best-in-class ergonomics, the utility vehicles are rugged and versatile, making them the perfect solution for industrial and commercial jobs.

Club Car boasts a 60+ year history of industry-leading innovation and design, initially focused on golf cars and then expanding to commercial utility vehicles and personal-use transportation.

Club Car electric or gas golf carts and personal transportation vehicles offer top-notch quality and unparalleled versatility.

By fusing automotive-quality materials with dynamic power options and sleek designs, each PTV delivers the experience you’d expect from the best golf carts in the industry.

You have the option of exploring the lineup of club car golf cars with powertrain options including gas or electric with flooded lead acid or lithium-ion batteries.

  1. Yamaha Golf Cart

Yamaha is known to produce high-quality golf carts with various options for campgrounds. They offer both gas and electric models. With Yamaha, you can expect the most comfortable and luxurious ride, every time you are in a campground.

With industry-leading Drive2 features including the widest seats on the market, the largest occupancy space, and a stylish, automotive dash, you simply will not want to ride any other way.

With the industry-exclusive QuieTech EFI and PowerTech AC models, you are promised the power needed to get the job done, whether you opt for gas or electric.

Yamaha’s purpose-built, low-emission, overhead-valve 357cc engine serves up 11.4 hp of hill-pulling power. The redesigned brake pedal gives the driver a better overall brake feel.

One good feature that makes the Yamaha Golf Cart stand out is that it has electronic fuel injection with a maximum output of 8.5/11.4 horsepower and 25.5/2500 of torque.

  1. Cushman Golf Cart

The evolution of Cushman’s golf cars came over four decades, as they were first introduced in the 1930s. Cushman’s most technological innovations came in the late 1950s as company engineers innovated on designs and energy efficiency.

This led to great development and success for both gas and electric models. Cushman® has been trusted for decades to produce long-lasting, dependable vehicles, but that’s just the start.

Cushman is continually pushing forward—with the unmatched, energy-efficient performance of their ELiTE lithium powertrain, and better riding, better-looking, vehicles that can be customized to your needs. The average price of a Cushman golf cart is $4,746.

  1. Polaris Golf Cart

Polaris manufactures off-road vehicles, including utility vehicles and electric-powered golf carts, which can be well-suited for campgrounds with rugged terrain.

Interestingly, Gem Cars, also known as the Global Electric Motorcars, is part of the Polaris Industries group. These battery-electric vehicles can be seen across the U.S. thanks to the fact that they are legal to drive on the street in nearly every state across the country.

With the familiarity of a car and a top speed of 25 mph, this vehicle can be outfitted to drive on city streets (always check local regulations).

Polaris GEM vehicles are also eligible for alternative-fuel vehicle funding programs such as the San Joaquin Valley Air Grant. A Polaris Gem Car is an LSV/NEV and is legal on roads with speeds of 35mph and lower in most states.

  1. John Deere Golf Cart

While primarily known for agricultural equipment, John Deere also produces utility vehicles and golf carts that can be used in campgrounds.

John Deere Gator Turf Utility Vehicles are engineered for the long haul, with heavy-duty gas, diesel, and electric models, specially designed for Sports, Golf, and Turf applications.

The Gator™ TH 6X4 Utility Vehicle is powered by an 11.6-kW (15.5-hp), 675-cc (41.2-cu in.), air-cooled, V-twin, four-cycle gas engine. The engine horsepower information is provided by the engine manufacturer to be used for comparison purposes only.

  1. Tomberlin Golf Cart

Tomberlin specializes in electric-powered golf carts, including street-legal models, which may be suitable for campgrounds with specific regulations.

One feature that Tomberlin Golf Cart boasts of is that it comes with a 450-amp drivetrain. A powerful 450-amp drivetrain with an advanced instrument panel, responsive handling with effortless power steering, and an impressive 4-wheel hydraulic braking system give a level of performance not found in other vehicles.

With one of the industry’s largest standard lithium packs, you will travel up to 80 miles on a single charge using our 10.1 kWh system with your Tomberlin Golf Cart.

  1. Bad Boy Buggies Golf Cart

Bad Boy Buggies, which is a division of E-Z-GO, offers electric utility vehicles and off-road golf carts that can handle rugged terrain.

Whether you need the agile 2WD Instinct, the unrelenting fully electric 4WD power of the Recoil, the 4WD performance and smooth ride of the Recoil iS, or the ability to switch from gas to electric power on the fly with the groundbreaking Ambush 4×4 hybrid, Bad Boy Buggies has the right vehicle for dominating the trail ahead, with range, power, and performance unmatched by the competition.

With a powerful 13.5 hp, 401cc gas engine and seating for four, the Bad Boy Buggies LTO makes sure your crew gets the day’s chores done in a hurry.

  1. Star EV

Star Electric Vehicles manufactures a range of electric golf carts suitable for various applications, including campground use.

Star EV cars are street-legal-approved for low-speed travel in just about every state. Their LSV plug-in cars can legally drive on just about any road with a posted 35mph speed limit. These 48-volt cars go up to 60 miles on a full charge!

With good looks, timeless style, and lasting value, STAR EV’s CLASSIC upholds the best of authentic golf culture. Updated for the modern golf experience, the CAPELLA is roomy and affordable.

CLASSIC boasts traditional styling and reliable performance boosted by powerful 36v or 48v electric components. Star EV golf carts are assembled in Simpsonville, SC (USA) and distributed through a diverse global retail network.

  1. Columbia ParCar

Lastly, if you are looking for a suitable golf cart to use in your campground, you should consider Columbia ParCar. Columbia ParCar offers a selection of electric golf carts and utility vehicles designed for different purposes, including campground transportation.

Columbia ParCar is a member of the Nordic Group of Companies. They have been manufacturing vehicles since the 1980s after they acquired Harley Davidson golf carts from AMF Harley Davidson.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Golf Cart for Campground Use

  1. The Terrain of Your Campground

The fact that campgrounds are built in different terrains means that there are golf carts that are not suitable for some terrains.

For example, if your campground is located in a hilly or rugged terrain, you may need a cart with more power and better off-road capabilities.

But if your campground is located in a smooth terrain, any golf cart might be suitable for you including golf carts with minimal power.

  1. The Passenger Capacity

Some golf carts have capacity for just two passengers, some for four passengers, and others can accommodate over half a dozen passengers.

All you need to do is determine how many passengers the cart needs to accommodate per time and the rate at which people need golf carts when they are in your campground.

  1. The Power Source

The fact that golf carts are designed with different power sources means that the power source of a golf cart is a major factor that can influence your choice when shopping for a golf cart for your campground. Interestingly, you have the option of choosing between gas-powered and electric golf carts.

In recent times, most people have made use of electric carts because they want to go green, and typically electric carts are quieter and they have lower operating costs. Most people who settle for gas-powered carts do so because they offer more power and range.

  1. Accessories and Customization

Designers of golf carts usually consider unique accessories and customization options for their customers. In essence, one of the factors you should consider when looking for a golf cart for your campground is the accessories and customization options such as cargo beds, lifts, lights, or enclosures that come with the golf carts for a campground.

  1. Price

Price will always play a major role when it comes to the factors you should consider when buying anything including golf carts for your campground.

No matter how good a golf cart is, if is expensive, and you don’t have the money, it should not be on your list. Going for moderately priced golf carts might just be a good idea if you are just starting your campground business.