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10 Best GoPro Mount Rig Chest Strap for Skydiving

Do you want to start a skydiving business and you are considering what type of GoPro mount rig chest strap to buy? If YES, here are 10 best chest straps.

Using action cameras like a GoPro to capture content is a favourite among bikers, surfers, skiers and any other type of adventure – seekers. However, just like skydiving, most of these activities require the use of your hands at times, which can make it tough to hold and record with a GoPro.

GoPro Chest Mounts are applicable when you want to use a camera but your hands are engaged in another activity. For instance, if you are in freefall but still want to document everything, you can use this option. As the name suggests, they are designed to be used on the chest.

That makes it suitable for skydiving as well as other outdoor recreational activity. However, when looking to acquire a GoPro chest mount, you have to first make sure the chest mount is adjustable. If it doesn’t adjust, it certainly won’t fit well as body shapes tend to vary greatly.

It makes sense to make sure your chest mount is durable. It is reasonable to assume you will take some falls or jerks during your adventure, and you want to make sure your mount won’t break. It should be able to withstand some drops or being hit during use.

Though these mounts are usually worn for a couple of minutes, they can certainly be worn for a lot longer. If you are wearing the mount for a long time, you want to make it as comfortable as possible. If the mount is incredibly uncomfortable to wear, it will be tough to capture any kind of videos longer than a couple of minutes, especially during skydiving.

Chest mounts are quite simple to hook up and use, however, there are some very crucial things to consider. While filming content, it is pertinent to remember where the camera is at all times. You don’t want to accidentally cover up the camera with your hands, arms or an item during filming.

In addition, also be aware of how much your body is moving and the angle of your body when capturing content. It is easy to manoeuvre a camera when holding it, but not as easy when it is mounted to your chest. Always ensure to care for the chest mount as well.

Keep it clean and store it in a safe and secure place when not in use. GoPro chest mounts work so well to allow your GoPro to capture many amazing videos conveniently.

Best GoPro Mount Rig Chest Strap for Skydiving

  1. Luxebell Chest Mount Harness Strap

This GoPro chest mount is one of the most high – quality straps in the market. It is strong and durable and won’t let you down during Skydiving.

In addition, it is designed in a very lovely style including its benefit and easiness of the adjustable chest strap which gives a fit size while using. Also note that this GoPro chest mount is the same as the others if comparing to the ability of working with different kinds of GoPro.

  1. Sametop Chest Mount Harness

This chest mount and harness makes capturing the most immersive content as easy as possible. It boast of being sturdy, yet comfortable, as it can be adjusted on the waist, shoulder and the back. It also offers you a lot of freedom as mounting the camera upside is even possible, if you so choose.

Note that this mount also fits most of the popular GoPro cameras, so no matter the device you have, this mount should be capable of holding it. It features a quick – release buckle to make sure you can put on and take off the mount as rapidly as possible.

  1. AmazonBasics Chest Mount Harness

Once you strap on the Amazon AutoBasics GoPro chest mounts harness, then attach your GoPro camera all that is left is to jump and capture an amazing footage of the same. Other features may include;

  • Easy to adjust to a size you are okay with.
  • Offers an alternative of what helmets that are put relatively higher offers.
  • Compatible with all GoPro Cameras.
  • Best suitable when mountain biking, rafting, kayaking, skydiving and other several adrenaline requiring activities
  1. CamKix Chest Mount Harness

This chest mount is quite a popular option that is also affordable enough for most budgets. It is also incredibly adjustable. Note that this waist strap can go from 25 inches all the way to 67 inches, while the shoulder straps can go from 18 to 54 inches.

The J – hook mount makes it easy to position the camera and make sure that you can always keep the action in – frame. Also have it in mind that the angle of the camera can be changed to help you capture the ground or your feet, if that is what you want. The mount can fit a variety of the newest and most popular GoPros released, as well.

  1. Nordic Flash Chest Mount Harness Adjustable Body Strap Rig

Nordic Flash brand product has maintained its place among the best GoPro Chest Mounts. Its features are something to be considered;

  • Wide compatibility with all GoPro Cameras.
  • It is elastic as well as adjustable to not only attach firmly on your chest but also in a comfortable manner.
  • Its durable material of nylon and polycarbonate guarantees a long – lasting GoPro Chest Mount
  • Suitable for action sports such as motocross, skydiving, climbing, and mountain biking and water sports.
  1. Hapurs Shoulder Strap Mount Harness

Note that this GoPro chest mount is one of the best products among the others. The style is really nice and it has a pretty adjustable shoulder trap. It is comfort really easy to use. Aside that, this GoPro chest mount also has multi – use for diverse products such as GoPro Hero 3+, Hero4, 3, 2, and many more.

  1. AxPower Adjustable Go Pro Chest Strap Mount

This chest strap mount is from the AxPower brand. Since their products are only sold by authorised sellers only, chances of counterfeit are minimal. This is an item to give consideration. Its features include;

  • It can be used when carrying out various activities including mountain hiking, skydiving, snowboarding and other outdoor sports.
  • Depending on your size, you can easily adjust the strap to where you feel comfortable.
  • Comes with a J – hook to easily position camera according.
  • Wide compatibility with GoPro HD Hero 5 4 3+ 3.
  1. GoPro Chest Mount Harness

Most people prefer getting an accessory from the official GoPro Company and if that is you, this is the mount for you. It is well – built and sturdy, while also comfortable and adjustable enough for most adults, teens and children alike.

Note that during Skydiving or any other adrenaline surging sport, this mount and harness can keep up. It fits most GoPro cameras comfortably, and will keep them secure. The mount can also be flipped to give you more freedom in how you want to capture your content.

  1. Zoukfox Chest Belt Strap Harness Mount, Camera Headstrap Mount

This is a GoPro Chest Mount from Zoukfox for adequate video coverage despite your hands being tied by other activities. High quality of the product has been voted by many.

  • The strap is adjustable to ensure that you wear it comfortably.
  • It is a great choice when skydiving, bike riding, paddle sports, motocross just to mention a few.
  • Made of high – quality material and a texture that is good to feel.
  • One can even mount the camera upside down to enhance the view by placing the camera at a better angle.
  • It is a perfect fit for GoPro Hero Cameras such as Hero 4 Hero 3 Hero 3+ Hero 2.
  1. Nomadic Adjustable Chest Mount Harness for GoPro

This is yet another unique GoPro chest strap mount which is adjustable to fit the various sizes. It is designed to make you easily capture photos and videos when skiing or boating just to mention a few.

  • Compatible with all GoPro HERO Cameras.
  • Easy to adjust to fit all sizes as well as shapes.
  • It offers comfort to the wearer.
  • For kayaking, motocross, skiing, biking, horse riding among other action sports, this is an ultimate option.


Chest Mounts are presently preferred over the Helmet Mounts, especially by skydivers. This is because the position of the camera always affects the quality as well as a range of coverage. However, always think beyond the price and start considering wide compatibility, comfort as well as the suitability. At the end of the day, it is up to you to make a smart choice.