Do you want to start a profitable business in Greece as a foreigner? If Yes, here are 50 best small business ideas and investment opportunities in Greece.

Greece is an advanced and developed country that is located in the Southern part of Europe and its capital and seat of power is Athens. It has a population of about 11 million and it is positioned in such a way that it can easily be accessed through the sea from Africa and Asia. Although Greek is regarded as the official language in Greece, but English is also widely spoken in the country.

It is important to note that the climatic condition in Greece is typically Mediterranean- it is warm and dry during summer and it is mild during winter. The Economy of Greece is rated as the 42nd largest in the world and the 15th largest in the Euro zone. The chief contributor to the economy of Greece is the services sector which contributes about 85% of the country’s GDP with tourism and banking sector leading the chart.

Other major contributors to the GDP of Greece are the Agriculture sector (with fisheries leading the pack), exports, and telecommunication. Greece remains a major destination for tourists globally simply because of its ancient architectural sites, towering mountain ranges and it owns some of the finest beaches in the world. Greece is ranked among the top 20 tourists destination in the world.

Now let us go through some of the top 50 viable and profitable business opportunities available for investors in Greece:

50 Best Small Business Investment Opportunities in Greece

  1. Pharmacy Store

The Pharmaceutical Industry has been booming in Greece. If you are a pharmacist, then this is the perfect business for you because many people do not have the money to go to the hospital when they fall sick: they instead purchase some drugs and treat themselves.

Well, if you are not a pharmacist, you can still venture into this business, but you will need to collaborate with a pharmacist to establish your store. You will also need to obtain a license for you to operate successfully. For you to make more profit, it is best you choose to set up your store in an area where pharmacy stores are few.

  1. Tourist Guide

Tourism is unarguably one of Greece’s major economic contributor, that means being a tourist guide is a fantastic idea. Tourist guides pocket a significant sum of money in the country.

To get started, you will need to know the best tourist destinations, history of the country, and have sound knowledge of the Greek culture. Another critical asset for tourist guides is to learn more languages. Learning two or more languages will boost you higher, thus bringing more clients, which equals more money.

  1. Cold Room Business

Fish is a staple in Greece, and you can take full advantage of this by setting up a cold room that sells frozen fish. Apart from fish, you can as well sell frozen chicken and turkey too. This business does not require massive capital and its a gold mine in Greece.

If you invest wisely in this business, you can expand your service to prominent clients like hotels and restaurants in Athens, Patras, Rhodes, Volos, and other cities in Greece. Becoming a supplier to big clients does not happen overnight. You will need to be patient and have a passion for the business.

  1. Laundry/Dry Cleaning Business

Drycleaning is another small but profitable business in Greece. You are guaranteed to earn much money, primarily if you are located in an Urban city. Why? Most people living in urban cities are working class people.

The nature of their jobs make them spend more time in the office and less time in their homes, which make it difficult for them to have time for their laundry. You can set up a store where they would bring their dirty laundry or go to their house to help them do their laundry and get paid handsomely for your service.

  1. Fitness Coach

For the past decade, fitness has been a significant source of concern to many people around the world, and Greeks have also caught the fitness bug. This is because of the increased rate of hypertension, cancer, and obesity that continues to kill millions of people globally. If you are a health or fitness enthusiast, rather than sweating it out alone in the gym, you can as well gather people who wish to get fit and get paid while doing what you love.

You don’t necessarily need to set up your gym center, and you can start by buying a few pieces of equipment and work from your home. As your students increase in size, you can rent a space and gradually start building your gym center.

  1. Web designing

In this present time, it is rare to see a company or organization operating without a website. Banks, Fast-foods, Restaurants, Churches, and so on are ready to pay you a reasonable sum of money if you can build and design a website for them.

Although there are plenty of website designers in Greece, you can stand out if your service is excellent. Companies want a user-friendly and attractive website, so if you are proficient in it, your service will always be required. Website designing is no child’s play. Ensure you know the A-Z about it before venturing into it.

  1. Fruit Juice Business

The weather in Greece is sunny most times, so people are always in need of chilled fruit juice to quench their taste. However, this business is now saturated, and most people who are engaging in it sell chemically-controlled juice.

You can make your brand stand out by selling fruit juice that is extracted from natural fruit without any addition of artificial sweetness. Many Greeks are now very conscious of their health so they would instead buy your natural fruit juice even if it will cost them more, rather than buying overly sugary and acidic ones that can be detrimental to their health.

  1. Restaurant Business

In Greece, the restaurant business is a one kind of business that never goes out of fashion. Greece is a bustling country, and everybody seems to be on the rush. Moms barely have time to cook for their spouse or children before rushing to their offices or workplace.

So setting up a mini restaurant in an urban city will fetch you the right amount of money. Apart from cooking delicious Taramasalata or any cuisines, the secret to making it big in this business is for you and your restaurant to look neat. No one would want to buy food from an untidy person or eat in a messy place.

  1. Daycare service

In Greece, parents with demanding jobs always find themselves in a state of confusion on where to put their children when going to work. Even with a fence surrounding their apartment, many parents still want to ensure an adult is watching over their kids while at work.

It gives them peace of mind. So setting up a daycare center is a good idea. It is vital for your Daycare center to be appropriately ventilated, neat, colorful, spacious, and filled with toys for children to play with. Ticking those dots will make many busy parents patronize you.

  1. Painting service

When it comes to the most sought after professionals by homeowners in Greece, painters top the list. Applying paint to the walls on a home is one of the best ways to revamp its look, inside and out, especially when it is done by a professional. You can venture into this business and expand into a brand if you have the skills and tools to do a painting job that will make people say “wow.” From painting houses, you can move further into painting a big complex.

  1. Dog breeding

Greeks love pets, especially dogs. If you know about breeding dogs, then you can earn a good amount of money from it. Popular breeds Greeks seek after include Rottweiler, Alsatian, Beagle, Chihuahua, among others. Regardless of the kind of dogs you breed, there is always a ready buyer. Dog breeding requires a lot of planning and patience.

  1. Homemade soap

Soap making is yet another gold-mine in Greece. Making of soap is not rocket science; it is straightforward to learn. There are tons of YouTube tutorial videos on how to make homemade soap that is great for the skin. Of course, you won’t be able to compete with other big name soaps in the market, but you can sell to family members and friends before investing in a booth at a craft show or flea market.

  1. Janitorial service

You can start this business from a commercial location or the comfort of your home, starting with only a little investment. Your highest startup cost may be for things such as floor buffers and carpet cleaners. Learn how to clean quickly and efficiently. You can achieve this by perfecting your techniques by offering to clean family members’ or friends’ places for free.

  1. Pest Control

If you are thinking of running a business that can guarantee you a daily income, then one of your best options is to consider running a pest control business. This kind of business involves eradicating or getting rid of harmful insects, reptiles, rodents from homes, farms, and residential properties. Nowadays, more Greeks are getting conscious of getting rid of things that might bring sickness to them. So you will find that pest control is a very brilliant business to start.

  1. Furniture making

Furniture making is another business that you can start with small capital and make a good return. You can venture into making furniture for homes and offices without being a furniture maker. You can employ a seasoned furniture maker to make the furniture while you handle the marketing and sales of the business.

  1. Funeral Home Service

If you are in search of a business that will never go extinct, then you need to delve into this line of business. Funeral home service is a delicate kind of business and not suitable if you are very emotional. Nevertheless, this business can assure you a steady income.

  1. Souvlaki Cart Business

Souvlaki can make a very decent meal: it was one of the most popular fast food in Greece. There are Greeks who are addicted to it. They could eat it every day. This is why those who are into this business are always smiling because of the steady income.

Opening a Souvlaki cart might be one of the best things to do. This is hinged on the fact that there are many Greeks that consume this meal. Starting a Souvlaki cart business won’t cost a fortune. You can start with a little amount of cash and then expand it.

  1. Solar panel repair business

The solar panel repair business isn’t for everybody. This is because of the technical tasks which require patience and a lot of hard work. If you have a passion for technology, you can consider this business. If you have no passion, it is best you look elsewhere.

  1. Photography

Greeks love taking pictures and any photographer that is good in capturing beautiful moments is going to be highly sought after by people and organizations. If you don’t have the skills, you can acquire the skill through leaning. Photography is quite lucrative, and you can pocket a considerable amount of money if you are good at it.

  1. Clown Service

Do you enjoy making children laugh and smile? Yes? The clown service is what you need to be doing. Parents take their kids birthday seriously in Greece and mark it with a joyous celebration, so if you know your way with kids, this business is for you. Being a birthday clown, you will mostly be busy during the weekend so you can still hold onto to your regular job as you build your career as a clown.

  1. Tea Saloon/Coffee Bar

Yes, you can compete with the Blue Cup cafe and Coffeeology of Greece! However, these brands have raised their game, so your tea or coffee must not just taste good, but divine! Your service better be excellent too. Your location needs to be top notch as well. Also, it would help if you were patient. One way to stand out is to serve your world class beverages with some delicious Greece food.

  1. Garden Center

Gardening is massive and growing in Greece. Moreover, it is one kind of business that is hardly going to move online. You can get started with a supply center, expanding over time to compliment with some beautiful plants to sell, and then, expanding to a plant nursery. You could also choose to offer on-site services.

  1. Gardening Consultant

Gardening is making waves in Greece. Many Greeks enjoy doing their gardening, but they would always want some help. That’s where a gardening consultant comes in. You can specialize in Vegetable gardens or flower gardens, or something exotic. You will need good knowledge, but you will always find someone willing to pay for your service.

  1. Home Inspection Business

This is an excellent business to start in Greece. Everyone wants a house inspected before they purchase it. Get in touch with real estate agents. Become famous for being a thorough home inspector. Provide your clients with a detailed report.

  1. Home Cleaning

Home cleaning is one of the most popular small businesses in Greece because everybody wants a home cleaner: Home cleaning is a tiring chore. However, if you can arrive on time and make a house squeaky clean, you will be hot cake. Stand out from your competitors by dressing smart and using safe and eco-friendly materials.

  1. Pet Sitting

If you love animals, pet sitting is the ideal business for you. Take care of other people’s pet while they are busy and get paid for it. Greeks care for their pet, and they would always want someone to watch over them.

  1. Travel consultancy

Many travelers are always in search of the best ticket prices and a travel agent that can sort out their travel issues. This is where a travel consultant comes in. However, you will need to undergo some training to make you a certified travel agent before you can operate in Greece.

  1. Massage therapist

Greeks are going crazy over massage these days, and the market is skyrocketing. For you to be successful in this line of business, you will need to learn from a pro. However, if you already know the ropes about this business, you can start by advertising yourself on social media to get clients

  1. Voice over artist

If you are great at impressions or you have a distinct voice, Video and TV production will pay you well for your service.

  1. Tutoring

Tutoring is also one of the growing small businesses you can start in Greece. Gone are days when it was difficult to showcase your tutoring service; the internet has made it simple and easy. There are several websites you can sign up and tutor people on academic subjects to subjects like cooking, singing, chess, and scrabble.

  1. Taxi Service

Do you have a car at your disposal? Yes? Then you can set up a taxi service which is presently on the high rise. You can sign up with favorite apps like Uber, and you are good to go.

  1. Social Media Management

Businesses in Greece need someone to manage their social media accounts. In particular, they need to post on Facebook and tweet on Twitter to raise awareness of the company and promote its products. You may know how to use these and several other social media platforms, but if you don’t, you can gain more insight into being a social media manager. If you are good at it, reputable companies will be ready to hire you.

  1. Virtual Assistant

If you have a computer, smartphone, and good internet coverage, you can be a virtual assistant. This is one of the newest small businesses you can start in Greece with little investment. The task varies with each client but may include preparing reports, researching, editing, social media management, and many other services.

  1. Scrap Metal Recycling

In Greece, aluminum and copper are the most valuable of the common metals, and almost every town has a scrap metal buyer. Hire people to help you look for these metals or do it yourself. It is very demanding but highly profitable.

  1. E-Commerce

Have you ever heard of e-commerce? No? E-commerce is a method of identifying what buyers are demanding online and getting these products from the seller to them with your own added commission.

  1. Computer School

The world is in a computer age, and Greece has become so technologically minded to the extent that being computer literate is a must for everybody. You can take advantage of this by setting up a computer school where you will train the old and the young on how to use a computer.

  1. Building Contractor

You get a contract to build a structure and hire seasoned builders to complete the job under you. You get paid and you, in turn, pay the builders while you pocket the remaining amount.

  1. Online Adverting

Many Greeks don’t read the newspaper or listen to the radio anymore; they are all on the internet. Take a course on digital marketing and online advertising and start helping companies and individuals market their goods/ services on the internet.

  1. Computer/phone Repair

To start this kind of business, you would need to have the training, or a license, because you would need to know the types of hardware and also software components. A permit would make people entrust their phone/computer to you.

  1. Fashion/clothing line

If you have a knack for making clothes and wish to start it as a business, then you would need to know your significant customers and develop ways that will attract them to buy from you.

  1. Event Planning

Before venturing into this type of business, you must be organized and also a calm person, as this type of business requires someone who is quite level headed. You can begin this business by starting with small events before moving into big events

  1. Appliance Repair

Every household in Greece has one or more appliances; this means that venturing into this business will assure you a constant supply of customers. However, you may have to begin by working on the appliance of friends, and from there, your business will grow through recommendation.

  1. Hairstylist

This is a popular business in Greece, and it is very lucrative. However, if you want to go into this business, you would need to have a license or certificate. If the locals are pleased with the way you style their hair you are assured a steady flow of customers.

  1. Wedding Cloth rental

There are those who are of the school of thought that a wedding dress need not be bought since it can only be worn once. There are yet others who cannot afford a wedding dress and so would prefer renting. These are the kind of people that require your service.

  1. Wedding Planner

Becoming a wedding planner in Greece means you would need good knowledge about wedding dress styles, color trends, cake design and any other things that might be beneficial to your client. You would also need to have a connection to different reputable wedding vendors because you might be in charge of picking the venue, hiring a DJ, or hiring a caterer.

  1. Car Rental Business

Although most people own a car, not everybody that own it use it. To tap into this market, you would need to identify a niche that will let you have a steady flow of cash. For example, you might focus on incoming passengers from the airport.

  1. Mobile Dj

Greeks are friendly, and they love partying. An average Greek party is incomplete without music; this is why being a mobile Dj is a profitable business. However, you need to be very good in the act if you want to be successful. Being a Dj does not only entail selecting good music; you must possess quality equipment like speakers, headphones, microphones, mixers, and the rest.

  1. Football Agent

The Greece football league is growing in stature and popularity across Europe. So if you can scout for talents and help them get into a club in Greece or major leagues across Europe, you will earn 5 to 10% of the players’ contract.

  1. Golf Coach

Golfing is another sport that is gaining weight in Greece. So many Greeks love to play it but have poor skills. So if you know about the game and can teach people how to develop their swing, you have got yourself a decent business, You can charge them an hour per lesson or make them pay a monthly fee. Apart from having the skills, you will also need to have the proper equipment, commitment, passion, and leadership skills in order to be successful.

  1. Bakery Business

So many people across the globe love to eat anything that is baked. Greeks are one of them. From Baked Lamb to Baked eggplants, Greeks both young and old adore baked food.

However, before you enter into this business, it is essential you gather all the necessary information, recipes, and tools that you will need along the line. If you have no idea about baking, you can employ someone to do the baking while you handle the other aspect such as the distribution of the food and financing of the business.

More Small Business Investment Opportunities in Greece

51. Pharmaceutical Company

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most thriving industries in Greece. You don’t necessarily need to open your own pharmaceutical manufacturing company before you can participate in this industry. You can come into this industry as a retailer or wholesale distributor of pharmaceutical products.

It is important to state that you would require a license from the Greek government before you are allowed to do business in this sector. Business growth in this industry is not limited, you can start as a retailer and grow to become a manufacturer if you are hard working and you know how to invest.

52. Tourists Guide

Since Greece is among the top 20 destination for tourists globally, it means that the tourism sector is indeed vibrant. If you are conversant with key places and the culture of the Greek people, you can do well as a tourist guide and earn your cool bucks. If you intend to go into this type of business, you should try and learn two or more foreign languages so that you can be well positioned in the industry.

53. Cold Room Business

If you establish your own cold room where you engage in the sales of frozen fish, chicken and turkey, amongst others, you can be rest assured to make good money. Just ensure that you don’t only rely on retailing but also wholesale supplies to hotels, and restaurants. This is indeed a profitable business especially if you know how to woo big clients

54. Cruise Boat / Ship Company

Although this kind of business is capital intensive especially when it comes to acquiring and maintaining the boats or ships, but it remains a very profitable business in Greece. If you have the capital to purchase your own ship and to pay professionals to help you operate it, then you should consider starting your own Cruise Boat / Ship Company. Beyond servicing tourists, you can also service locals. There are loads of ancient archeological sites to visit via ship in Greece.

55. Laundry and Dry Cleaning Agency

There are many opportunities available to those who are into laundry and Dry Cleaning Business. If you own this kind of business in Greece, you can market your services to hotels. As a matter of fact, some hotels contract their laundry and dry cleaning services to vendors and if you are well equipped, you can handle this service for big hotels around you. It is indeed a lucrative business especially if you have more than one hotel to work for.

56. Fitness Club

Owning a fitness club is another thriving business that you can operate in any of the cities in Greece. The average Greeks are known to take their fitness lifestyle seriously. If you are looking for a business to start in Greece, then you should consider establishing a well equipped fitness club.

57. Marble Factory

Marble factory is another profitable business you can establish in Greece. It is simple to establish and you would not be required to acquire any license to operate this kind of business in Greece. What you need to do to make the best out of this business is to partner with real estate contractors so that you can be their marble supplier.

58. Online Gift Shop

Greece can boast of an advanced economy and the average citizen appreciates buying stuffs online. If you are looking for a simple and easy to run business to do in Greece, then you should consider establishing an online shop. If your online shop is well advertised, you would have loads of people patronizing your e-Shop.

59. Beach Front Restaurant and Bar

You can build a restaurant that targets tourists and locals alike. If you own a Beach front Restaurant and bar, you can be sure of making huge sales especially during winters when loads of people visit beaches in Greece. One thing you can do to ensure that people keeps coming to your restaurant is to serve both international and local cuisine.

60. Football Agency

Greece is vastly becoming the number one destination for footballers who intend to penetrate the European football leagues. What you need to do to serve as a scout for some of the football clubs in Greece is to get a license and accreditation from FIFA. If you have eyes for spotting great talents from a raw state, then you would do very well as a football scout. The truth is that you stand to make loads of cash from sign-on fees of any of the players you discover.

No doubt if you choose to invest in any of the businesses that are listed above, you stand the chance of making huge returns on your investment.