Are you interested in starting a business in Denmark? If Yes, here are the top 10 best small business ideas & investment opportunities in Denmark.

The northern European part of the world is made up of several countries and one of such states is Denmark. It is known as a Nordic country and is situated southwest of Sweden and south of Norway. It is surrounded by the south by Germany. The Kingdom of Denmark is made up of Denmark and two autonomous constituent countries in the North Atlantic Ocean- the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

This northern European country has an area of approximately 43,094 square kilometres (16,639 sq mi), and a population of around 5.65 million occupants. The country is comprised of a peninsula, Jutland, and the Danish archipelago of 443 named islands. Out of the 443 islands there are about 70 which are inhabited. The islands are distinguished by arable land, flat, as well as sandy coasts, a temperate climate and lowland.

This nation has some strong cultural and notable attachments with neighboring countries like Norway and Sweden. One other thing worthy of note is that they have a similar and closely related national language- Danish, with the Swedish and Norwegian folks. It has a modern and flourishing mixed economy. It was once a predominantly agricultural country because of its vast and arable landscapes.

Food businesses, energy, amongst many more investment opportunities, are what are available to new investors in Denmark. However, as the years go by the economy of Denmark has become one economy that is based on human resources. Therefore, if you are looking for some business opportunities to embark on, then here is a list of 10.

Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Denmark

1. Automotive and Car Business

Here is one great deal of business opportunity you may decide to venture into in the state of Denmark. It is a very successful industry which has yearly overall annual revenue of £20 billion. This is one high earning business that must be invested in because of its large earning possibility.

However, care must be taken to draw up a great research study that is capable of guiding your new venture when you eventually kick off. Under this category, you may consider car rentals and sales, car auto repairs, as well as car wash services.

2. Accountancy and Franchise Business

This is yet another huge money spinner kind of business. However, this has to be something you have a penchant for. This is because your expertise would also be needed to drive the policies of the company. This multi billion industry in Denmark offers accountancy and financial business franchise.

3. Hotel Cleaning and Restoration Business

The cleaning business is such that is taken expediently all over the world. This is in no way an exception in Denmark. One very nice way to make good money is by setting up a hotel cleaning and restoration business. This is one venture you may want to dabble into if you have got the passion for it.

4. Tourism

This is one sector that can guarantee a foreigner huge profit. This is because of the huge amount of foreigners who go in and out of Denmark annually. Therefore, you may consider a good resort business to start as well as set up a business where you can guide foreigners on the best tourist centres they may want to be in.

5. IT and Telecommunication Business

This is one viable and lucrative business known all over the world. Just as it is in other countries, you too may position your business in Denmark to meet the need of the people. You may consider dabbling into dealing in IT and telecommunication equipment, as well as services. You would be amazed at the huge target market in Denmark.

6. Food Business

The market for foods business in Denmark is a very vast one. Therefore you can tap into this by looking towards dealing in processed foods as well as fresh vegetables. This is one business that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to start out. However, you must have a steady supply of fresh vegetables as well as processed foods. You may also consider looking into the exportation of these goods to consumers outside of Denmark as it sure yields great dividend.

7. Pharmaceutical products

The advancement that has been recorded in the medical history of the world has made it such that the pharmaceutical industry has become an indispensable one. In Denmark, the case is the same as there is always the need for pharmaceutical products from time to time.

You may consider going into this business to as to help solve the problems of various sicknesses and diseases. Whilst in Denmark you may also consider going into the exportation of pharmaceutical products.

8. Pet Foods Business

This is one large market you do not want to miss when you are in Denmark. This is because there are an avalanche of people who rear pets and so you must also be able to position yourself to solve the problem of pet foods. Be sure you are conversant with this kind of business before embarking on the journey of starting one. You may also want to get yourself acquainted with this type of business by getting trained on the various pet foods as well as the market for it.

9. Renewable Energy Business

In Denmark the renewable energy business is one of the greatest contributors of the economy because of the rate at which profit is yielded. Hence, you too can position yourself for this type of profit when you step in. Be sure to first carry out an exhaustive market survey as well as draw up a business plan to help you.

10. Management Consulting Business

The service sector in Denmark is yet another big industry that is playing an increasing developmental role in the economy. With the right skills and the right information you garner you too can invest in this type of business for the sake of having huge returns on your investment.

There you are! Those are just some of the many business opportunities that abound in Denmark. Be reminded that Denmark is one good place to start off your investment plan and be sure to get good returns.