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What Does a Group Home RN Do? [Duties and Responsibilities]

What a group home RN do will often depend on the sort of group home they work in and the patients they work with. However, these professionals are tasked with caring for patients and facilitating their speedy recovery.

They are also responsible for educating them as well as their families on disease prevention and healthy habits. Note that the appropriate candidate will be an accountable and properly-trained professional capable of delivering the best care with little supervision.

To carry out the job of an RN effectively, you will need to be compassionate and cool-tempered. You should also have the ability to comply with health and safety regulations consistently.

The objective is to help enhance patients’ well-being by making available top-class nursing care. Registered nurses normally go through three education paths: a bachelor’s degree in nursing, an associate’s degree in nursing, or a diploma from an eligible nursing program.

They are also expected to be licensed. There are also physical demands that come with being an RN in a group home especially if you are looking to successfully carry out the essential duties of this job.

You will need to have the agility and willingness to deal with the stress of working in a group home. While carrying out the duties of this job, you will be expected to stand, walk, sit, make use of your hands and fingers, handle or feel objects; reach with hands and arms; move upstairs; balance; stoop, kneel, crouch; talk and hear.

As a group home RN, your job is to observe behaviors, settle issues, if necessary, and in most circumstances carry out drug testing. It also falls on you to guarantee there is clear communication between residents and law enforcement groups, families, and the community.

Aside from that, the RN will need to help residents build up the skills they require to live independently. This goes from things such as basic hygiene to work-related skills. In addition, it means you would also have to help with their transportation to appointments or job sites.

Duties and Responsibilities of Group Home RN

Just as was noted above, what group home RN do will often depend on the sort of group home they work in and the patients they work with. While other duties may be required or assigned, here are the basic duties of a group home RN;

  1. Always be available to monitor residents, evaluate records, communicate with staff
  2. Analyze illnesses and injuries, respond to requests for evaluation, and put up nursing care plans
  3. Harmonize appointments, follow up on doctor’s recommendations, ensure the information reaches the house, and complete all required paperwork
  4. Evaluate medications, order as required, and as well guarantee the proper handling of medications and paperwork by staff
  5. Make sure medical policies are followed, such as medication administration and record keeping
  6. Draw up annual summaries and quarterly reports for residents along with other individual documentation
  7. Reach out to and align regularly with fellow nurses, psychiatrists, house managers, and administrators
  8. Serve as a liaison between medical providers, staff, and families
  9. Carry out in-service training, medication certification training activities, and individual training sessions as required
  10. Expected to be accessible to provide direction during off hours
  11. Offer guidance abs and oversight to LPN
  12. Report to supervising nurse

Types of Group Home RN

There are different types of RN that work within group home settings. Below are the most vital examples;

  1. Addiction nurses are tasked with caring for patients who require help to stop or conquer addictions to alcohol, drugs, and other substances.
  2. Cardiovascular nurses are RN that works with patients who are dealing with heart disease or heart conditions and individuals who have had heart surgery.
  3. Genetics nurses are known to provide screening, counseling, and treatment for patients with genetic disorders
  4. Nephrology nurses are responsible for looking after patients who possess kidney-related health issues stemming from diabetes, high blood pressure, substance abuse, or other causes.
  5. Public health nurses work to promote public health and they do so by educating people on warning signs and symptoms of disease or managing severe health conditions. These RNs may also be tasked with running health screenings, immunization clinics, blood drives, or other community outreach programs.
  6. Rehabilitation nurses are tasked with caring for patients who possess temporary or permanent disabilities or have chronic illnesses.

Important Qualities Needed by a Group Home RN

Becoming or working as a group home RN is never an easy task. There are certain qualities you will be expected to have to thrive in this field. They include;

  • Critical-thinking skills

This is one of the most important qualities an RN needs to possess as they will be tasked with assessing changes in the health status of residents, which would include realizing when to take corrective action.

  • Communication skills

Registered nurses should also have the ability to communicate vividly with patients to ensure they get comprehensive information regarding their concerns and analyze their health conditions. Nurses are expected to, in clear terms, explain instructions. They are also expected to work in teams with other group home workers.

  • RNs in a group home will need to be caring and empathetic when working with patients.
  • Detail oriented. This is another important quality especially since they must guarantee that patients obtain the appropriate treatments and medicines at the right time.
  • Emotional stability. Registered nurses require emotional resilience and the capacity to deal with human suffering, emergencies, and other stressors.
  • Organizational skills

Group homes tend to contain at least 12 residents and RNs in these homes have to cater to these residents who are bound to have a wide range of health needs. An RN should have the ability to harmonize varying treatment plans and records to ensure that every resident gets the appropriate care.

  • Physical stamina

There are also physical demands that come with being an RN in a group home especially if you want to successfully carry out the essential duties of this job. You will need to have the agility and strength to deal with the stress of working in a group home.


Irrespective of the particular setting, your primary goal will be to supervise residents as well as mediate between them and law enforcement, medical agencies, community organizations, or family members. Have in mind that working as an RN in a group home can be very lucrative but emotionally draining. The care and skills you need to show your patients will have massive impacts on them as well as their survival.