Barbershops are known to provide men and boys with grooming services, such as haircuts and shaves. They are small shops that focus on cutting men’s hair and shaving the neck and face. Right from ancient Rome, approximately 296 BC, the barbershop has been a renowned place to socialize in the neighbourhood. It is a place for men to network and connect with others in the community.

This business is ideal for individuals who are dedicated to working hard and delivering outstanding customer service because that is what you need to be successful in this industry. However, before getting started, you need to attend a barber school and obtain the necessary certifications. Additionally, many states require barbers to log a certain number of training hours, ranging anywhere from 800-2,000 hours.

Note that this is a highly social profession, so you are expected to be able to connect with clients from all backgrounds. The ability to listen is just as important as conversing. As the owner, strong business acumen would also be a necessity. If you fall short in this area, consider taking a basic business course or hiring a consultant.

Have it in mind that your customers will primarily be adult males, but from time to time you will have a younger customer in need of a haircut. Your client base will be made up of individuals who appreciate the artistry of a quality barber and enjoy the camaraderie and social atmosphere that a barbershop offers.

Deeply entrenched in history, barbershops are seen as one of the most profitable enterprises in the world. Entrepreneurs who are willing to invest time and resources have the potential to expand their venture well beyond their primary location. However, you have to introduce yourself to the neighborhood, maybe by considering a grand opening for the event.

You can also drop off flyers at businesses and homes in the surrounding area. Community newspapers, local TV and radio stations are also a great marketing resource. Advertise the event well in advance and offer specials for those who mention your flier. Note that a basic website and a social media presence should be part of your marketing strategy. Also research blogs your clientele might read and advertise on those websites to reach them easily.

However, note that in the service industry, word of mouth remains the strongest marketing tool. Always strive to deliver exceptional customer service to each client. Encourage patrons to refer their friends by offering a referral discount. Many barbershops have also successfully retained customers by offering a membership or discount days for regulars.

10 Smart Ways Barber Shops Make Money

A barber shop primarily makes money by charging a fee for service provided. Nonetheless, here are the basic ways these shops make money;

  1. Commissions

Once you become a Barber you can work based on commission in the well known barber shop. Most new barbers in the industry tend to have a deal with the owner of the barbershop on the shared percentage per client. Generally, well positioned shops attract a good number of clients on weekends, and this generally require skilled Barber’s to work in the shop. You can work with them on commission basis and earn good money from it.

  1. Booth Rental

Renting out a Booth at the well-known shop, hotels, spa, and malls are one of the best ways barber shops make money. Note that some 5-star hotels, malls, and shops offer additional service to their client. They try to provide a complete package to their clients to make them feel like home. Professional barber contacts these hotels and spa to allow them to set up a Booth in the area. In this way, the Barber is paid by the client.

  1. Mobile Service

Another way barber shops make money in this modern age is by providing mobile service. Some barbers offer personalized service to their clients at their own location. They provide the mobile service to them and charge a good amount per visit. Most celebrities prefer having their own Barber who can visit their home and provide the service.

These celebrities hire professionals for the job. Note that once you get a hang on your barbing skill, you will start seeing the ripple effect of the recommendation through your clients. Your client will recommend you to others and you will become famous in the city.

  1. Selling Products

A good number of cosmetic and body care companies tie-up with well-known barber shops to sell their products directly to the client. They showcase their products in the Barber shops allowing users to purchase them. In return, Barber gets a percentage from the product sale. Next time you see any product in your Barber shop which says, “it is good for your hair and skin”, remember this point. They are placed there to take your money from you.

  1. Up-Selling Additional Hair Enhancement Services

Have it in mind that people spend good money to take care of their hair. The fashionable hairstyle is a trend in the industry. Some barber shops make money from selling additional hair enhancement services to their clients at a high price. They can learn the new trending hairstyle, facial or skin care technique and offer that to the client at a premium price.

  1. Teaching and Tutoring

Teaching industries never face recession. There are always people who want to learn a new skill. Some barber shops make money by teaching others the skill. The Barber can charge a good amount per student for the classes. He can provide free advice, consultation and even ask the student to join the shop for learning through practice. This way, you get students to do your job for free. This is another smart way of saving money.

  1. Sponsorship

Big brands such as Wahl’s, Andis, Oster, and Babyliss provide sponsorship to popular barber shops for using their products in their shop. Once you become famous in the industry, you will start receiving offers from big brands in the industry that sell products. Barbers get paid a good amount from sponsorship. You need to focus on your skill to attract these sponsors. Keep upgrading your skill to become a famous personality in the city.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the most famous marketing technique brands uses in the local market. The brand asks the popular barber shop to recommend their product to their client and convince them to purchase it. The Barber gets an affiliate commission on each product sale through the reference. By selling few products to the client, you can earn extra money from your profession.

  1. Consulting

Some barber shops also make money by working as private consultants to struggling barbershop in the industry. The barber can become a private consultant for barbing schools, colleges or shops and share his knowledge with the people. Most celebrities also offer good money to barbers to become their personal consultant.


Indeed there are many ways barber shops make money. Once the barber becomes an expert in the skill, he/she can use his skill to elevate his career. There are many opportunities available to the professional barber. The average salary of the barber is completely dependent on how much service he is able to provide. If your clients are happy with you, then they will pay you whatever you charge them for the service.