Are you an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur? Do you have good customer service skills? Does your staff have good customer service skills? Are your employees competent enough to represent your business to the customer? Do you know that bad customer service skills and mis-representation can ruin your business?

Do you have a strong desire to develop your customer service skills? Do you want to learn how to improve the customer service skills of your employees? Do you desire to see an improvement in the service level of the customer care section of your business? Do you know that you can develop or improve your customer service skills in 17 days or less? If you want to find out how, then read on.

In this article, I am going to reveal 17 smart ways to develop good customer service skills in 17 days or less. Call it high speed learning and you won’t be wrong. Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, employee or customer care agent; you are going to find this write up useful.

So if you are prepared for this high speed learning, then read on as I share with you 17 smart ways to develop or improve your customer service skills in 17 days or less.

17 Ways to Improve your Customer Service Skills in 17 Days or Less

1. Have a strong desire to develop good customer service skills; desire to become a good business representative. If you don’t have a strong desire to develop the necessary customer service skills, then you will not be motivated to do what it takes to achieve the feat in 17 days.

2. Read books that will help you improve your customer service skills.

3. Attend a customer service skills acquisition training course or seminar.

4. Listen to audio tapes or CDs on customer service skills development.

5. Look for friends with the same goal and orientation; and work together with them towards developing good customer service skills.

6. Sign up for a customer service training course online.

7. Volunteer to handle customer service tasks and projects that others avoid.

8. Conduct a survey asking customers where you need improvement in the customer services section of your business.

9. Look for someone who displays a high level of customer service experience and seek mentorship from him or her. Propose to be his or her protégé in return for working for free.

10. Ask family and friends to critics your customer service skills and performance.

11. Develop the mindset required to being a good customer service representative. Remember, customer service skills development must begin with a change of mindset or else; you will only be pouring water on a rock.

12. Join an interactive forum online and meet other top level customer service representatives.

13. Seek internship in a big corporation where customer service management is of high standard.

14. Visit blogs, forums and websites that share customer service skills development tips and spend some time there.

15. Look for a paid customer service relationship coaching service and sign up. This is all about getting a personal customer service skills development coach to guide you along the way.

16. Occasionally pick the brains of members of your company’s marketing team. The marketing department is always in constant research to find the psychological button that the triggers customer’s buying power and such information will enhance your dealings with customers.

17. After reading books, attending seminars or trying out other techniques; you must remember to work on yourself. Learning how to be a good customer service representative without putting what you learned into active practice is simply a waste of time and energy.

Working on yourself entails changing your perception towards rejection and criticism, working on your appearance and acquiring the necessary skills needed to become a customer service representative. I am talking about customer service skills such as communication skill, sales skill, persuasion skill, negotiation skill, people skill and a good sense of humor.

As a final note, I want to state that anyone can become a great customer service representative; all you need is a strong desire and unyielding resolve to achieve your desire. I wish you the best of luck.