Do you want to know how much money aromatherapists make yearly? If YES, here are 6 factors that determine the income & profit margin for aromatherapists. In order to have an idea of the amount an Aromatherapist is expected to make daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, you should clearly define the service offerings of an Aromatherapist.

According to the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA), aromatherapists do not treat medical conditions or offer diagnoses. Instead, their main job is to customize blends of oils to accommodate individual clients for aesthetic purposes or relaxation therapy. Aromatherapists usually work in a medical clinic or spa.

So, with that in mind, we can estimate what an Aromatherapist that offers the services listed above is expected to make but statistics available show that the average Aromatherapist salary is $45,880 for massage therapists (aromatherapy may be part of service provided). $36,350 for skincare specialists (aromatherapy may be part of service provided).

It is important to point that there is no one-mold-fits-all when it comes to how much a Aromatherapist is expected to make. There are some factors that we are going to look into before giving an estimate of how much an average Aromatherapist can make yearly and these factors are;

6 Factors That Determine the Income Aromatherapists Make Yearly

1. The Capacity of the Aromatherapist 

One cannot conveniently state the amount an Aromatherapist is expected to make yearly if you do not know the capacity of the Aromatherapist. As a matter of fact, you can not equate the amount an Aromatherapist that is just starting out in business with an experienced Aromatherapist that offers robust consulting and advisory services.

2. The Location the Aromatherapist is Covering

We must not rule out the fact that the location is a major factor that will determine the amount an aromatherapist is expected to earn monthly. The truth is that you will struggle to make good money as an Aromatherapist if you locate the business in an area filled with low income earners or in a ghetto. If you locate your Aromatherapist business close to a highbrow area or an area with loads of elderly people and retirees and medical facilities, you are likely going to make good returns from the business.

3. The Management Style of the Business

Another key factor that will determine the amount an Aromatherapist is expected to make yearly is the management style of the business. Trust me, the results you will get when you are good manager will be far different from an Aromatherapist business with a poor manager. The idea is that a good Aromatherapist will not just retain their old customers, they will also keep getting new customers especially through recommendations.

4. The Business Approach of the Aromatherapist Business

There are different business approaches that an Aromatherapist business can choose from and no doubt it will greatly influence the amount they make monthly and yearly. Of course, we know that Aromatherapist may decide that they want to work alone and do their marketing alone or they may decide to partner with other businesses that will recommend clients to them.

It is easier to find Aromatherapy businesses that offer robust services partnering with spas, hospitals, clinics and other key players in the alternative medicine industry. In essence, a well – organized Aromatherapist who works with others will surely make more money than a solo Aromatherapist.

5. The Advertising and Marketing Strategies Adopted by the Business

Another key factor that will determine the amount an Aromatherapist can make yearly is the advertising and marketing strategies adopted by the management of the business. Trust me, there are several advertising and marketing strategies that can help a business increase their earnings, but you may be expected to spend more.

But the results you will make will far outweigh the amount you spent on advertising and marketing. Of course, you don’t expect an Aromatherapy business that is engaging in aggressive advertising and marketing to make same amount yearly with one that is passive with its advertising and marketing.

6. The Number of Years the Aromatherapist is in Business

In business, the number of years you are in existence will go a long way to determine the amount you will make especially if the business is well-managed. Over the years, you would have been able to gain the trust of your customers and it will be easier for you to always have them coming back and also recommending clients to you.

For example, in your first fiscal year (FY1) you might make two hundred and twenty thousand dollars ($220,000), in your second fiscal year (FY2) you might make two hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($250,000) and in your third fiscal year (FY3) you might make three hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($350,000).

Estimated Profit Margin for an Aromatherapist  

Please note that data specific to what aromatherapists make a year is difficult to track, as many aromatherapists are self-employed. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics does, however, provide information for both massage therapists and skincare specialists, both of whom may use aromatherapy as part of their repertoire.

Massage therapists earned an average of $45,880 a year in May 2018, per the BLS, and skincare specialists averaged $36,350 annually the same year. Employment in either field is projected by the BLS to grow faster than the average rate estimated for all occupations from 2018-2028, with 22 percent growth for massage therapists and 11 percent growth for skincare specialists.

Having said that, it is easier for an Aromatherapist to mark-up his or her services to as high as 50 percent after deducting all the expenses and deductibles associated with carrying out the service.