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How Much Money Do Glass Blowers Make Per Hour / Monthly

Do glass blowers make good money? How much income glass blowers make per hour? If YES, here are 6 factors that determine the profit margin of glass blowers. In order to have an idea of the amount glass blowers, molders and finishers make per monthly or yearly, you should clearly define the job description of an established glass blower.

A well – established glass blower creates designs ranging from simple to complex, using molten glass. Glass jars and vases, jewelry, art work, and figurines all may emerge from the end of a narrow tube, the skill and tools of the glass blower determining the final shape of the glass.

It is important to point out that there is no one-mold-fits-all when it comes to how much a Glass Blower is expected to make. There are some factors that we are going to look into before giving an estimate of how much an average glass blower, molder and finisher makes and these factors are;

6 Factors That Determine the Income Glass Blowers Make Per Hour / Monthly

1. The Size of the Business

One cannot conveniently state the amount a glass blower is expected to make if you do not know the size of the business. As a matter of fact, you cannot equate a glass blower that is just starting out in business with a well – established glass blower that offers robust services and complimentary services.

One the average, the approximate money a glass blower will make will range from between $17 per hour and $35 per hour and also between $4,443.58 and $4,938.75 monthly depending on the number of customers they have.

2. The Location of the Business

We must not rule out the fact that the location of the business is a major factor that will determine the amount he or she is expected to earn per hour, monthly and yearly. The truth is that you will struggle to make good money as a glass blower if you locate the business in an area filled with low income earners or in a ghetto. If you locate the business close to a highbrow area or an area with loads people that appreciate designs made from glasses, you are likely going to make good returns from the business.

3. The Management Style of the Business

Another key factor that will determine the amount a glass blower, molder and finisher is expected to make monthly and yearly is the management style of the business. Trust me, the results you will get when you are good manager will definitely differ from a glass blower with poor business management skills. The idea is that a good glass blower will not just retain their old customers, they will also keep getting new customers especially through recommendations.

4. The Business Approach of the Glass Blower

There are different business approaches that a glass blower can choose from and it will greatly influence the amount they are expected to make per hour, monthly and yearly. Of course we know that a glass blower may decide that they want to work alone and do their marketing alone and they can also decide to partner with other businesses that will recommend clients to them.

It is easier to find glass blowers that offer robust services partnering with interior designers, construction companies and government contractors who can give them contracts. In essence, a well – organized glass blower who works with others will surely make more money than a solo glass blower.

5. The Advertising and Marketing Strategies Adopted by the Business

Another key factor that will determine the amount a glass blower, molder and finisher can make monthly and yearly is the advertising and marketing strategies adopted by the business. Trust me, there are several advertising and marketing strategies that can help a business increase their earnings, but you may be expected to spend more.

But the results you will make will far outweigh the amount you spent on advertising and marketing. Of course, you don’t expect a glass blower that engages in aggressive advertising and marketing to make same amount yearly with a glass blower that is passive with its advertising and marketing.

6. The Number of Years the Glass Blower is in Business

In business, the number of years you are in existence will go a long way to determine the amount you will make. For example, in your first fiscal year (FY1) you might make one thirty thousand dollars ($30,000), in your second fiscal year (FY2) you might make forty five thousand dollars ($45,000) and in your third fiscal year (FY3) you might make fifty thousand dollars ($50,000).

Any entrepreneur who intends starting his or her own glass blower business to make huge profits from it must be very creative and must be ready to go the extra mile to convince clients that he or she can deliver an excellent job and he or she must prove beyond every reasonable doubt that they are competent.

In Conclusion;

A Glass Blower, Molder, Bender, or Finisher gets a compensation on a scale from 24,000 to 36,000 based on education and experience. Glass Blowers will most likely receive an average salary of Thirty Thousand Two Hundred dollars every year.

The Salary Range is Stated Below;

Level                          Hourly    Yearly

Highest (Top 10%)       $25       $51010

Senior (Top 25%)         $20       $41090

Middle (Mid 50%)       $16       $33340

Junior (Bottom 25%)  $13       $27000

No experience (Bottom 10%) $11       $22910

Here are the Highest Paying states

State    Hourly Annual

NE         $ 26      $ 55,090

VT         $ 22      $ 46,110

NJ          $ 22      $ 45,180

RI           $ 20      $ 42,220

SC          $ 20      $ 40,650

WV       $ 19      $ 40,370

WA       $ 19      $ 40,030

HI          $ 19      $ 39,800

IL           $ 19      $ 39,230

KS          $ 18      $ 37,780