Are you an I.T professional, looking for a source of extra income in 2020? Then below are the top 20 small business ideas for information technology professionals.

There’s hardly any business out there that doesn’t need the help and support of IT professionals to thrive. As long as you have a business website, use a computer or even a mobile phone, you would need the help of an IT expert at some point either directly or indirectly.

The IT profession is a product of civilization and as long as civilization continues and the world continues to grow, there would always be a demand for IT professionals. The profession is so important that when experts in other professions where losing their jobs as a result of the economic meltdown, IT jobs were on the increase with a lot of companies laying off all their staff but leaving out the IT professionals.

As an IT expert, there are lots of job opportunities for you if you want to work for others but why work for others when you can use your skills to make money for yourself by setting up your own business? So what lucrative businesses can you start in the information technology industry?

Top 20 Small Business ideas for Information Technology Professionals in 2020

1. Computer repairs and maintenance-: Look around you, almost everyone has a computer or a gadget that works like a computer. People have laptops, tablets, mobile phones etc. This goes to show that starting a computer repairs and maintenance business is a very smart idea.

You could choose to serve individuals or work for corporate clients as a company computer repair consultant for as many companies as you can manage. You could also delve into remote computer repairs service, which involves helping people to repair their computers online.

2. Computer training school-: With the increase in demand for information technology professionals for employment, a lot of people have seen the need to be IT compliant. Companies also regularly train their staff to be able to cope with the changes in this fast paced industry. You could start a training business for people who want to earn IT certifications or people who just want to expand their knowledge.

3. Computer sales-: You can also think of selling computers and computer accessories. You could either opt for selling new computers or start a business of selling used computers instead. Both businesses are lucrative but it is important that you do a study of your market to determine which category has more demand.

4. Web designing-: New businesses are cropping up every day and businesses cannot really afford to be without a website in today’s business world.

5. Mobile phone development-: IT professionals are also responsible for designing and production of mobile phones. You could start designing and selling your own mobile phones. There are lots of companies in China that could help you produce your mobile phones at cost-effective prices.

6. Mobile network operator-: You can also become a Telecoms giant like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Vodafone to mention few. The good thing is that you could start small and gradually grow into a large business empire. You could also think of starting a VOIP phone company if you cannot afford to become a mobile network operator just yet or look for several other business-oriented IT professionals to partner with you on the business.

7. Social media consultancy-: More businesses are looking to tap into the power of social media and promote their businesses through social network. The good thing is, not so many people know their way around these; so they engage the services of social media consultants to help them achieve this.

8. Software development-: Software development is also a very lucrative business. There are lots of software’s you could develop. What you need is a carefully conducted research on gaps in the software market that you could fill and great marketing skills to be able to convert your ideas into money.

9. Cloud computing hosting services-: Cloud computing is relatively cheaper and it shouldn’t be a surprise that companies are embracing it. It allows companies to increase their capacity and efficiency without necessarily buying new gadgets or infrastructure and spending money on training staff to use them.

10. Mobile apps developer-: With the number of smart phone users on the increase, you could seize the opportunity to make money for yourself by developing mobile apps for sale in mobile phone apps marketing platforms like Google Play store, Nokia Store, Mobogenie and several other mobile phone Apps store.

11. Telephone call center-: A lot of companies prefer to outsource their customer care services to other companies, so that they can concentrate on the operational aspect of their businesses. As an IT expert, you have the skills and knowledge to be able to run and manage such a business profitably.

12. Car tracking services-: Car theft has been on the rise in the past few years, with car thieves getting more creative. This is why every car owner feels the need to install a tracking device in their vehicle to be able to prevent car thefts and recover their vehicles easily if such ever happens.

13. Games developer-: One of the things people look out for before purchasing a mobile phone, tablet or computer is the types of games that are on it. This is why mobile phone development companies spend millions of dollars to purchase good game applications to include in their devices.

14. Online recruitment testing services-: You could also start a recruitment testing service to help companies conduct tests and interviews for their clients on the internet. Recruitment process can be very tedious, with thousands of applications turning up for very few vacant positions. Companies need help with automation of the recruitment process so that the best applicants can be chosen out of the large pile of interested applicants.

15. Internet marketing-: Another business idea is to start an internet marketing business. You could sell your services on the internet; you could also sell IT related software and gadgets or non-IT gadgets. You could even build the next E-bay, Amazon or Aliexpress.

16. Technical writer-: Personally, before I purchase any new gadget, I like to read reviews from IT experts about the strong and weak points of the gadget I am about to purchase from technical blogs and websites and considering the number of hits and comments on these blogs, I want to believe that there are several others like me out there. You too can start a similar business of writing reviews on the latest mobile phones, tablets, computers and even household gadgets through your blog.

17. Refurbishing-: You could also start refurbishing and repackaging used and discarded gadgets for resale.

18. Computer Assembling-: You could purchase computer parts and assemble them for sale.

19. Network engineering-: Network engineers help to install and manage computer networks within an organization to ensure that networks run smoothly and disruptions are avoided.

20. Desktop Publishing-: Desktop publishing is another smart business idea for IT professionals. You could use your knowledge and skills to help publish books, magazines and several other materials.

Ajaero Tony Martins