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How to Join a Network Marketing Company and Reach the Top

A network marketing company, also known as a direct sales company or a multi level marketing company; is a company that pays you to sale or market their products and also recruit other sales people to join the company under you as a network.

These networking companies manufacture various products especially health related products and pay their workers to be sales persons for them and also to earn money to get other people to join the network. Most network marketing companies pay you a percentage of the total amount you make, so it is a pay as you earn kind of job.

There are a lot people who are into network marketing as a full time business and some of who are making hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars per annum.

This is one of the few businesses where you have the potentiality to earn massively without a college degree and certification of any kind. In a network marketing business, the person that invited you to join the company is an up line, while people that you invited to join the company and register under you are your down lines.

I will look into various sub topics in this article relating to network marketing business in this article including; advantages of joining a network marketing company and how to join a network marketing company and succeed.

3 Advantages of Joining a Network Marketing Company

  • Networking with People-: When you join a network marketing company, you get to meet and network with other people in the company, some of who may be professionals in their different fields. So one advantage this kind of job gives you is to meet new people and network with them.
  • Opportunity to Make Money-: Networking marketing companies pays you to sell their products and also pay you a certain amount per people that you get to join the network. So you see that it gives you the opportunity to make money from sales or from inviting your friends, relatives, colleagues or anybody to join the company through you.
  • Unlimited Earning Potentials-: In as much as I have mentioned that joining network marketing companies gives you the opportunity to make money, but it is worth mentioning that the since you earn a percentage per sales you make, the potentials of making money is unlimited when compared to a fixed salary job.

It time to get into the main issue of this article, how to join a network marketing company and succeed.

How to Join a MLM Company and Rise to the Top in 1 Year

1. Pick a Company That Matches Your Interest

There are over a hundred network marketing companies round the world today, but what I meant by picking one that matches your interest is that you should choose a networking marketing that offers a product you are interested in.

For instance, if you are more of a coffee than a tea person, you should choose a networking company that deals on coffee related products. It is much easier to talk to people about products you have interest in and in turn you make more sales.

2. Have Mentors

Your upline that is the person that introduced you to the business should automatically become your mentor; that does not mean that you are limited to him or her only. There are many successful people that you get make your mentor in the industry.

You can get mentorship by reading books from top people in the networking business, listening to tapes and attending seminars. It will be much better if you have a one on one relationship with your mentor.

3. Make A Plan And Work Your Plan

At this stage, you have chosen the networking marketing company to join, registered with the company under your up line and chosen your mentors. It is time to draw a plan of how you wish to make sales and get more down lines to your chain.

Your plan can look like this; I will invite 5 people to join under my chain and also make sales of over fifty products before the month runs out.

Then you proceed to draw a plan of how you intend to make that happen. It can be by taking two or three of your friends for coffee twice a week and introduce them to this new company that you find interest which they can also join to make money.

After you draw your plan, make it a point of duty to discipline yourself to achieve your plan; always make sure that your goals are realistic enough to motivate you to achieve it, and avoid procrastination at all cost.

4. Motivate Nurture And Mentor People Under You

I mentioned earlier that there are two major ways to earn money from a network marketing company; first is by selling the company’s products, the second way is by getting people to join the company under your networking line.

When people start registering under you, take out time to motivate, nurture and mentor these people because in so doing, you are tripling your earning potentials. Imagine if the networking company you join pays you 15% of your down-line’s earnings, and 10% of what their own down line makes, you see that you can earn much more.

Nurture them to learn the hooks of the business, motivate them to know the unlimited potentials they have to make money in the business and mentor them to know that you did it so can they too.

You can conduct regular seminars and business meetings for your down lines; get sales professionals they respect to come speak to them in the meeting.

In conclusion, I have mentioned the advantages of joining network marketing groups in this article, I have also discussed how you can join the business and steps to take to succeed in the business, and as I mentioned before network marketing companies gives you unlimited potentiality to earn much in the business from both selling the company’s products and getting down lines.

Finally, it is advisable that you join just a company for starters and maximum of 2 or 3 if you go up the line, don’t try to join every network marketing company that invites you to join their network. Stick to one and make it work.