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Is Lease Purchase Trucking a Good idea? [Pros and Cons]

Yes. Lease purchase is a smart option for truckers. Note that such arrangements help drivers with buying their own trucks without needing to immediately invest a large sum of money upfront, all while enjoying the advantages of operating for a reputable carrier.

If you’re a truck driver considering such possibilities, ensure that you comprehend whatever you’re getting into and ensure that the program provides whatever you are seeking. Lease purchase trucking basically allows truckers to acquire a truck by making payments on it whilst working for the business from which they are purchasing the truck.

If a driver intends to become an owner-operator but cannot afford to purchase a truck, they can locate a company that offers a lease-purchase trucking program. The driver would make a deposit on the vehicle and then pay monthly bills till the expiry of the agreement.

After this, they will own the truck. The company will frequently service and maintain the truck, and acquire any required permits or tags. Once the agreement expires and the truck is paid off, the driver becomes an owner-operator and is free to operate independently.

You must inquire about the duration of the lease program to make sure that you will be able to meet your installments while still owning an effective truck at the end of it. 2 years (four at the most) is a decent period of time for a lease-purchase agreement.

Pros and Cons of Lease Purchase Trucking

If you’re a truck driver or considering getting into the sector, you may aspire to be an owner-operator. Lease programs can assist you in getting started; however, there are numerous factors to take into account. When compared to other possibilities, including being a company driver or a full owner-operator, lease purchase trucking has distinct benefits and drawbacks.


  • Extra perks. Certain leases involve money-saving benefits such as maintenance work, driver education, reporting systems, and other extras. They are sometimes a part of the lease, or you’ll have to pay some money to get the perks you want.
  • All new hardware. Most lease purchase agreements are for new vehicles, and you get to select the one you want. If you can’t afford to purchase a brand-new truck, this could be an excellent method of avoiding issues with used hardware.
  • Administrative advantages. Organizing a lease purchase via a carrier may include administrative duties as well. You’ll be operating under the authority of the carrier, and as such you will not be confronted with the complications of establishing your authority. The provider may even assist you with load management as well as monitoring your hours of service (HOS).
  • Permits, license plates, as well as many other necessities. In numerous instances, the provider will be responsible for obtaining license plates, and permits, as well as other time and money-consuming housekeeping tasks.


  • Buyers should exercise caution. The majority of carriers that offer lease purchase programs are open and forthcoming. But don’t take that for granted. Check to see if they can keep their promises. Always get commitments in written form as well as think about having a counsel review the service agreement prior to actually signing it.
  • Lack of liberty. Regardless of how good the provider is, whoever appears to hold your lease has authority over your employment conditions. Even if things are slow, you may not be allowed to collect loads from other carriers. Alternatively, you may be liable for certain unforeseen expenses.
  • Managing your company. Depending on the business acumen, this could be a disadvantage for all owner-operators. As a lease purchase driver, you work for the provider as an independent contractor. That implies you’re in control of the overall business aspect of your activities. However, if you would like to concentrate on driving, becoming a company driver may be a better option.

Top Trucking Companies For Lease Purchase

Although you should conduct comprehensive studies to determine which lease-purchase trucking programs are excellent for you, here are a few well-known ones to get you started.

  • Swift Transportation: Swift, one of the largest trucking companies in the United States, does indeed have a huge fleet of top-of-the-line trucks as well as provides highly valued perks to lease purchase drivers.
  • CRST Expedited: CRST not only has lease purchase potential; it aggressively hires lease purchase drivers by offering a slew of perks including fuel discounts, guaranteed home time, as well as no money down.
  • B. Hunt: Staff members of J.B. Hunt, one of the most recognizable trucking companies, frequently discuss the group’s focus on work-life balance. Furthermore, the company offers a wide range of lease purchase programs, enabling drivers to select the option that best meets their needs.


Lease purchase truckers earn far beyond company drivers but significantly less than individual owner-operators. The most significant benefit is that you will be able to earn big bucks whilst also working to acquire your equipment. Because each carrier is unique, you should take the time to read the lease-purchase agreement before signing it.

Before you sign your name on the agreement for a lease purchase program, check with other truck drivers to be certain that you’re not missing anything. Additionally, study the provider and their lease purchase program. The more information you have, the more effectively you will determine whether a particular agreement is proper for you.