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10 Best Lease Purchase Trucking Companies

Are you thinking of the best lease purchase trucking companies with guaranteed weekly pay? If YES, here are the 10 best companies to consider.

Lease purchase programs notably are becoming a popular choice among truck drivers. A good number of the most successful trucking firms are now transforming into lease purchase trucking companies. The program combines elements of a traditional rental agreement but with the right to acquire the truck during the lease term.

Note that the combination of various leasing aspects makes this lease-purchase contract different from the usual lease. Unlike the regular lease, the concept or foundation for lease purchase trucking programs often comes in two parts. The first part is the lease term, while the second one contains the sale contract.

The prospects of acquiring a truck at the end of the lease make lease purchase programs attractive, more so to rookie truck drivers. Howbeit, it is common for a lease-purchase contract to come with a fee, along with a monthly payment.

Since the truck driver lease purchase program offers you the opportunity to buy the truck at lease end, with no option for returning the vehicle to the lessor, most contract terms are between two and four years. In addition, lease purchase trucking companies determine the vehicle’s residual value at the beginning of the lease.

Lease purchase programs are an ideal choice both for businesses looking for commercial vehicles and for truck drivers who want to buy an affordable truck.

It is necessary for those seeking to leverage these deals to make an educated decision about whom they are buying from the commercial lease. Note that making an informed choice can give you a head start when leasing the truck, including a contract with zero mileage restrictions, no wear and tear conditions, and high residual value.

Leasing a truck might be the biggest decision you make in your professional life, and with so many companies offering impressive programs, it can certainly be hard to pick one. If you are looking for an excellent lease purchase program, here are the best lease purchase trucking companies to help you achieve your dream of owning a truck.

Best Lease Purchase Trucking Companies

  1. Baylor Trucking

Note that you can obtain one of the best lease purchase programs in the market with Baylor trucking. Qualify for a lease purchase after 60 days of working with the company. Truckers should be in stable working condition with exceptional on-time service levels.

Start your lease with a $1,500 down payment. Baylor has excellent payment deductions, making it easier for you to save towards the down payment.

  1. Swift Transportation

The company that was founded in 1966 has gone through tons of ups and downs to reach here. Even though it started as a small company, Swift Transportation is now one of the biggest corporations in the state, with over 800 trucks.

It also generates a whopping $125 million each year. Another interesting fact to note is the recent merger between Swift and Knight Transportation, a move that strengthened the name and increased shared revenue generation. This merger is considered as the largest one in the history of truckload companies.

  1. Covenant Transport

Note that you can enjoy an array of conveniences at Covenant Transport, such as the option of an automatic or manual transmission truck.

The trucking is actively recruiting team drivers by offering a $40,000 sign-on bonus, while single drivers can undergo the company’s matching program for an appropriate partner. If you are searching for a nationally renowned lease purchase trucking company that looks after its drivers, Covenant is a great choice

  1. B. Hunt

With over 12,000 trucks, J.B. Hunt is indeed a force to be reckoned with. It is a transportation company that was established by Johnie Bryant Hunt in 1961. Over the years, the company has shown and exhibited amazing statistical growth and now stands at number 80th in all of the US.

J.B. Hunt operates large or semi-trailer trucks and provides transportation services in Mexico, Canada, and the US. Now, the company has more than 24,000 employees, and its fleet of containers and trailers stands at an impressive 100,000.

J.B. Hunt also uses a unique load optimization software system. This not only decreases empty miles for its drivers but also improves the overall route efficiency.

  1. Southern Refrigerated Transport (SRT)

With constant raises, Southern Refrigerated Transport is among the best-paying trucking companies in the industry. The lease purchase-trucking firm is known for its impressive Texarkana headquarters, brimming with a host of amenities its drivers

  1. Schneider

For companies to break shackles and emerge out of their bubbles victorious, they are expected to take a leap of faith. And that is exactly what Schneider did in 1935 when he sold his family’s car to invest in a truck. This was the decision that changed his life and that of his family.

Schneider was built on the principles of safety, excellence, and respect, and it has promised to always do right by its customers. This is why the company has invested in industry-leading technology that not only improves cargo security but also limits fuel consumption.

  1. CRST Expedited Trucking

The company has over 50 years in the trucking business with exceptional customer service. CRST is actively recruiting for its truck driver lease purchase program by offering an array of benefits, including excellent fuel discounts, no credit checks, a chance to hire a co-driver from its fleet, no money down, and guaranteed home time.

  1. PGT Trucking

PGT has been a well-known name for quite some time now, and it’s no surprise. The company has taken several calculated risks in its initial days to reach the position it has today. PGT is one of the only trucking corporations to have an equal national and international reputation.

Note that the countries presently benefiting from its services include Mexico, Canada, and the US. With its centralized service and dispatch system, PGT can transfer all your goods in no time.

In addition, the company is known for being very environmentally conscious. Most of its policies are hand in hand with international environmental protection laws. This, along with its homely environment, makes it a reliable brand in the US.

  1. USA Truck Capacity Solutions

Well equipped with over 30 years experience in the continental USA, Mexico, and Canada, USA Truck is renowned for its passion for its truckers. The highly modern fleet and the opportunity to make contact directly with the firm executives earn the USA Truck the top ten spots as an excellent lease purchase trucking choice.

  1. KSM Carrier Group

KSM carrier group completely revolutionized the trucking business since it entered the market. This asset-based company is owned by a small family, and the services cover all 48 states of the US. There are loads of warehouses and offices available in all states that you can access and get help from.

Also note that values like integrity and discipline are at the heart of KSM, making it one of the largest and most trustworthy corporations in all of America. KSM is also a popular supporter of a lot of green initiative programs. This gives the enterprise a good reputation and makes it a brand everyone wants to be associated with.

Truck lease purchase programs are an excellent way for company drivers to leap in their careers by becoming owner-operators.

However, truck drivers need to be careful with the deals some carriers are selling. The terms and inconsistent work can sink lease-purchase drivers, no matter how high the CPM for owner-operators might appear. Drivers should scrutinize each deal, to find realistic packages that result in a win-win situation for both parties.