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10 Best 12V Cooler for Trucking [Features Included]

Are you wondering what type of 12v cooler is best to buy for trucking? If YES, here are the 15 best 12v coolers for trucking (features included). If you are looking towards starting a trucking and logistics business, one of the major work tools that can’t be found missing in your truck is a 12V cooler for trucking.

The truth is that portable 12-Volt coolers can typically hold an inside temperature of about 40° below the ambient (surrounding) temperature. They can cool to a low of around 40° inside. 12-volt coolers are generally not thermostat controlled; they’re either on or off. In these cases, thermoelectric coolers can last several years.

Getting a reliable 12V cooler will go a long way to make sure that your truck drivers have what to chill their drinks and preserve their food. Considering the number of options in the market, shopping for the best 12V cooler can be challenging and time-consuming. In no particular order, here are 15 of the Best 12V Cooler for Trucking that you can get on the market.

What are the Best 12V Coolers for Trucking?

  1. Koolatron Fun Kool Thermoelectric Iceless 12V Electric Cooler

The Koolatron® Fun Kool thermoelectric cooler outperforms leading name-brand competitors in ice-retention tests, keeping ice frozen for 3 days when used as an unpowered ice chest. Just imagine how much cooling power it has when you plug it in!

Advanced thermoelectric technology keeps contents cool to 40°F (22°C) below room temperature using less power than your vehicle’s tail light. Packing for day trips is easy with the Koolatron® Fun Kool With its 24L capacity and compact footprint, the Koolatron® Fun Kool is the perfect cooler for day trippers, picnickers, and festival-goers.

Designed for portability, it features a durable handle that locks into place to secure the lid and a convenient built-in cord storage compartment. You can easily keep your favorite drinks cold or safely transport perishable items like yogurt, cheese, milk, and meats, and with the optional AC adaptor (sold separately) you can seamlessly transition to indoors.

  1. Wagan EL6206 – 6 Quart 12V Portable Electric Cooler/Warmer

Wagan Tech’s 6 Quart personal fridge/warmer is a great way to keep food and drinks cool while on the road. The compact size of this cooler allows storage for your road trip necessities while only taking up a small footprint in your vehicle.

With a built-in carry strap, you to carry the 6 Quart personal fridge/warmer to and from your destination without being awkward. It has no CFCs or refrigerant inside of the unit; there is nothing to leak out or deplete the ozone. The cooler/warmer uses thermo-electric cooling which is a simple transfer of electrical current.

  1. Igloo 28 Quart Iceless Beverage Cooler

Igloo 28 Quart is molded-in side handles for two-handed carrying or lifting. Capacity-32 12-oz cans; 26 quarts (24 liters). 8′ long power cord plugs into any 12V DC receptacle (e.g. cigarette lighter) for portable use – good universal fit in a 12V outlet

Igloo Iceless cooler is the perfect addition to any camping trip or road trip when you don’t want to deal with ice. Simply plug in the 12V DC receptacle, perfect to plug into your car for portable use. Igloo’s Iceless cooler features a quiet brushless motor and convection cooling. Without the ice, you are able to maximize the space and fill it to the brim with all of your favorite snacks, sandwiches, drinks, and treats. Simply pack, plug, and go!

  1. K-Box Electric Cooler and Warmer for Car and Home

The K-box Cooler/Warmer is the perfect accessory for you and your family the whole year round. It boasts a massive 34-quart interior chamber that keeps your cold food cold and your hot food hot. The interior of the cooler measures 13.5″ L x 9.5″ W x 14″ D and the exterior measurements are 17″ L x 11″ W x 17.5″ D.

That’s tall enough for a 2-liter of soda with enough room left over for multiple food containers. Plenty of space to pack everyone’s favorite foods. The K-box Cooler/Warmer is built for traveling and has some cool, convenient features to prove it.

The 12V DC car adapter cable is kept safely tucked away in a chamber built into the lid. Simply spin the cover in either direction to access the cable. There’s even a groove cut in so you can power the cooler while the cover is closed. The cooler also has a built-in AC adapter, so it can be used indoors as well as outside.

It also has an easy locking mechanism that keeps the lid tightly sealed, maintaining the internal temperature while protecting food from accidental spills. Simply swing the carry handle forward to open or back to lock. It even locks halfway, so your food is safe and secure while carrying.

  1. JoyTutus Portable Refrigerator for Car

The JOYTUTUS 26-quart car refrigerator provides quick cooling performance even at extreme temperatures or a 30° bumpy environment and with minimal power consumption. The inner layer of the portable refrigerator is upgraded with cooling film material that could freeze down to -4°F from 32°F within 35 mins.

The 12V compressor refrigerator can be used as a standard refrigerator as well as a freezer, 12/24V DC and 110V to 240V AC power inputs, and cigarette lighter connector long 3.5 meters enable you to place it wherever you want, backseat, the trunk or even camping lawn.

  1. Koolatron D25 Hybrid Portable 12V Cooler Bag with Shoulder Strap

The Koolatron D25 Soft Bag Thermoelectric Travel Cooler is designed with busy lifestyles in mind. This thermoelectric cooler features multiple zippered pockets, built-in drink holders and an insulated lid. The soft mesh exterior is made of durable nylon material and is built to last.

Plug your Koolatron thermoelectric cooler into the 12-volt plug in your car, truck, SUV, boat or RV. This 12V cooler will cool its contents to 40°F (22°C) below the surrounding temperature. For best results, it is ideal to pack your cooler with pre-chilled food and drinks, as it can take several hours to cool warm or hot items.

Once the cooler is plugged in, please ensure the fan is not blocked. Unobstructed air circulation is needed for optimal cooling. You can also use the optional Koolatron AC Adapter (sold separately) to plug this cooler into any 110V AC household outlet.

Ideal for festivals, picnics or anywhere the road takes you, the Koolatron D25 soft-sided thermoelectric travel cooler has convenient carry straps to make it easy to carry. Keep healthy snacks on hand for your family when you head out on your next road trip, or take refreshing drinks with you on your next outdoor adventure.

  1. Ivation Electric Cooler & Warmer with Handle

Ivation Electric Cooler & Warmer is a powerful thermoelectric technology that provides dependable cooling & warming for all your potables & perishables. It maintains drinks icy cold at 40 °f & maintains hot food at 130°f. Enjoy while camping, fishing, hiking, catering, dining outdoors, picnicking, barbecuing, road-tripping & so much more.

Ivation Electric Cooler & Warmer has a 25-liter interior compartment – Enough Space to Hold Dozens of Bottles, Food Trays, Dishes, To-Go Containers, Refrigerated Medications—Even 2-L Soda Bottles. Easy-Clean Design Wipes Down in Seconds & Requires No Costly Maintenance.

  1. F40C4TMP Portable Refrigerator Freezer

Whether you’re enjoying a day on the beach, spending several days on the road, or camping with family and friends, F40C4TMP portable refrigerator meets your need to keep your drinks and food fresh. With a strong compressor, only needs 15 mins from 77℉ to 32℉.

Range from -4℉~50℉, you can get a freezer or fridge. Using an aluminum alloy inner wall, the temperature drops faster than the plastic inner wall. This 53-qt fridge freezer will fit snugly in your trunk, behind a car seat, or in the bed of a truck.

  1. AstroAI Electric Cooler

AstroAI Electric Cooler is capable of handling the family’s entire lunch or dinner menu! Its large size makes it perfect for family road trips or anyone who spends a lot of time in their vehicle. Load the 24 Liter cooler out to the park or beach. With the ergonomic folding handle, carrying this cooler to the picnic site is a breeze. AstroAI Electric Cooler cools up to 32°F (18°C) below ambient temperature.

  1. Coleman Cooler

The Coleman PowerChill Portable Thermoelectric Cooler keeps food items at the perfect temperature when you’re on the road. This portable thermoelectric cooler keeps its contents up to 40 degrees cooler than the surrounding temperature without the need for ice, making it ideal for keeping beverages and perishables cold. Perfect for long road trips, this portable cooler, and food warmer features a compact design that fits easily into the cabin or trunk of most cars.

  1. SetPower AJ30 32 Quarts Portable Freezer Fridge 12V Cooler

SetPower is a professional company that offers economic, valuable, and good quality portable car refrigerators from 12 to 45 liters, which cover all your need when you are on the road. With SetPower, you can choose a mini-size portable refrigerator FC12 or large capacity RV45 according to your camping, or a couple of day off-gird excursion. With SetPower, you just need a little power to get a cool summer, which means a lot when you are in extreme conditions.

  1. Dometic CFX28 12v Electric Powered Cooler

Dometic cfx compressor portable refrigerators/freezers provide excellent cooling performance, even at extreme ambient temperatures and with minimal power consumption. They can be used for standard refrigeration as well as for freezing.

Fitted with heavy-duty features like reinforced corners, stainless steel Hinges, and a robust lid lining, hi-tech cfx refrigerator/freezers can withstand the most demanding of loads. Even so, they are remarkably lightweight and easy to transport. Great for adding refrigerator or freezer space to any RV, car, truck, or boat. With the ability to utilize multiple power sources you can take your refrigerator/deep freezer with you on any adventure.

  1. BODEGA 12 Volt Refrigerator Portable Freezer

BOADEGA car fridge has a battery protect system for different level H/M/L. The system can correspond to different startup voltage and shutdown voltage respectively. The strong compressor can make the temperature 15 min to 32℉(0℃) (Left Zone) in max mode.

  1. Kohree Portable Refrigerator

The Fast Cooling Small Freezer has a touch screen control panel and attaches a USB charging port. The touch screen helps you set the temperature and view the current operating mode more conveniently. The USB port can charge most electronic devices quickly.

The Electric Cooler for a car or RV comes with an upgraded embedded handle, is easy to carry, and saves space, fitting snugly in your trunk, behind a car seat, or in the bed of a truck. This Car Cooleris very rugged doesn’t make any noise and was designed for Vehicles, RV, Boat, Camping, and Travel-12/24V DC and 110/240V AC.

  1. BougeRV 23 Quart 12V Portable Refrigerator 

With Compressor refrigeration technology, this 12 v car freezer could achieve 20 min fast cooling from 77℉ to 32℉ and 50 min from 77℉ to -5℉, keeping your food fresh. No ice is needed. (Demension:22.60*12.8*12.97in, Weight: 22.4lb lightweight).

The truck freezer is designed for low noise and also has a shock-proof design to face the uneven road, operating with no problem in case of a 30 ° inclination when you are off-road. The RV fridge/freezer is equipped with a 3-level battery monitor to prevent the fridge from draining your vehicle’s battery. You can choose at what battery voltage the fridge shuts off to prevent complete battery drain.