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14 Best Trucking Route Planners [Price Included]

Are you looking for the best trucking route planner for your trucking business? If YES, then here are excellent trucking route planners to consider. If you are looking towards starting a trucking and logistics business, one of the major work tools or software that can’t be found missing in your business is a trucking route planner.

You just have to spend money on a reliable trucker trip planner. The truth is that hauling loads to multiple stops can make every trucker trip complicated, and the logistics can be confusing.

Truck drivers and the owner-operator of the company are always facing difficult situations and looking for a solution. Some of this is unavoidable, but there are also things one can do to make the experience easier, more seamless, and even more enjoyable.

Getting a reliable trucking route planner will go a long way to make sure that your truck drivers and operations are efficient, well-organized, and of course, it leads to more profits for the business overall and also builds a better reputation with dispatchers and customers.

Considering the number of options in the market, shopping for the best trucking route planner can be challenging and time – consuming. In no particular order, here are the Best Trucking Route Planner that you can get in the market.

Best Trucking Route Planner

  1. Circuit

Circuit for Teams is the best way to manage your delivery operations. Trusted by companies managing a single driver to fleets of 100s, dispatchers use Circuit for Teams to manage delivery operations of all sizes.

Circuit for Teams is designed for all businesses managing drivers, scheduling pickups or deliveries. Circuit makes it easy to save time, money and delight your customers. Please note that Circuit pricing starts at $20.00 per user, per month. They do not have a free version. Circuit offers a free trial.

  1. Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR is an integrated, high-performance, automated vehicle location, total fleet management and communication system. Real-time vehicle information, using active GPS and the Prism onboard data recorder, is delivered via a flexible, web-based manager portal.

Two-way communications and a wide range of detailed reports give businesses the tools needed to boost productivity and reduce costs. Please note that businesses with vehicles or assets can use the GPS tracking software. From big rigs to bulldozers and everything in between, DIRECTOR enables businesses to maximize the ROI of their mobile assets.

  1. Logistia

Logistia helps your courier company control your resources and dispatch drivers on the best and most cost efficient possible route. It save energy, time, fuel and eliminate bad decisions in organizing the last-mile delivery chaos. Define your own business rules and generate routes in seconds.

If the driver is on the move, you and the customer will know for predictability and transparency. Logistia is suitable for companies with their own fleet for local deliveries. Please note that Logistia pricing starts at $9.00 as a flat rate, per month.They do not have a free version. Logistia offers a free trial.

  1. WorkWave Route Manager

Cut down on operating costs, reduce mileage, and improve customer service with Workwave’s web-based route planning software. Identify the fastest, most efficient routes within minutes and take the headache out of planning & scheduling.

Start optimizing today’s routes or plan for the whole month. Demo Workwave Route Manager today and let us do the heavy lifting for you! WorkWave Route Manager is highly suitable for logistics professionals involved in planning, scheduling and optimizing routes and efficiency for fleets of 1-500+ vehicles.

  1. Samsara

Streamline your operations and reduce costs with Samsaras all-in-one platform for fleet management. Live-to-the-second GPS tracking shows your vehicles in real time and pairs with rich reports so you can plan better routes, dispatch drivers at the last minute, and share accurate ETAs with customers.

With integrated dash cams, driver safety scores, and automatic alerts for speeding, idling, and geofences, Samsara helps you protect your business and assets. Samsara is an FMCSA-approved ELD.

  1. eLogii

eLogii is the leading cloud-based delivery management platform for route planning and optimisation. eLogii supports businesses of all sizes and across various sectors such as Retail & Distribution, E-Commerce, Food Delivery, Logistics, Post & Courier, Field Service, and Healthcare & Pharmacy.

eLogii’s software solution is trusted by a global customer base across Europe, North America, and Africa, including large enterprise businesses such as Unimasters Logistics and Caldic North America.

eLogii supports businesses of all sizes and across various sectors such as Retail & Distribution, E-Commerce, Food Delivery, Logistics, Post & Courier, Field Service, and Healthcare & Pharmacy. Please note that eLogii pricing starts at $159.00 per month and they do not have a free version, but they offer a free trial.

  1. Routific

Routific helps you deliver faster and on schedule, track your drivers, and lower your cost-per-delivery. Whether your delivery fleet has 1 vehicle or 25, Routific lets you plan, dispatch, and track optimized routes in minutes.

Routific is highly suitable for small and medium-sized businesses that make deliveries, stops or pickups each day. Perfect for businesses with multiple drivers and routes. Please note that Routific pricing starts at $39.00 per feature, per month.There is a free version. Routific also offers a free trial.

  1. OnTime 360

OnTime 360 is one of the highest reviewed courier software solution on the market. They offer an ever improving delivery management software solution that will keep your company on track, on time, and always connected with your team and customers.

OnTime 360 offers you more features at a lower price. Includes customizable customer web portal, international support for nearly 300 countries, flexible customer pricing structure, and advanced route stop scheduling.

OnTime 360 delivery software is for transportation companies that want their couriers, messengers, and dispatchers to have advanced features while operating more efficiently. Please note that OnTime 360 pricing starts at $39.00 per feature, per month. They do not have a free version. OnTime 360 also offers a free trial.

  1. UltraShipTMS

LoadFusion Optimizer’s award winning user interface makes viewing and comparing routes, schedules and loading models easy and intuitive.

In seconds: Amplify cost savings, Increase lead time/improve on-time delivery, Improve loading/utilization moving more freight with less equipment, Minimize empty miles and reduce fuel cost, Accommodate last minute orders & disruptions like regulatory changes, market changes, peak seasonality, etc.

UltraShipTMS is suitable for serving high volume shippers in North America. Specializing in food shippers, retailers, manufacturers, consumer product groups. Please note that UltraShipTMS pricing starts at $1000.00 per month. They do not have a free version. UltraShipTMS also offers a free trial.

  1. SMART Software

Irrespective of the industry you belong to, SMART is the integral solution for your company. SMART was initially released 20 years ago, and has evolved into one of the most robust and comprehensive service and monitoring systems on the market.

Field Service Management, Inventory/Asset tracking, Mobile Access to Software & Data, Quick Books Integration, CRM, Contract Management and Alerts, Customer Portal for your clients, Text & Email Reminders, In-Depth Reporting, Customer Portal, Vehicle Management, & much more.

  1. IntelliShift

IntelliShift connects your people, processes, vehicles, equipment and data in an all-in-one fleet management solution. Solutions are configured to your fleet, and include AI video dash cams, telematics, Inspection software, route management, fuel management, driver safety, compliance, fleet maintenance, and ops intelligence.

They partner to ensure a seamless deployment, integrate with your existing solutions, and provide ongoing support to help you achieve optimal ROI for your investment. IntelliShift is highly suitable for large field operations with fleets of at least 50 vehicles and assets.

Please note that IntelliShift pricing starts at $16.99 per feature, per month. They do not have a free version and also offers a free trial.

  1. OptimoRoute

Our cloud-based software helps companies plan efficient routes and schedules for delivery drivers and service technicians.

The benefits of using OptimoRoute include: 15-25% increase in efficiency (more orders serviced as a result of efficient routes with less driving time), reduction in mileage, ability to allocate resources using set rules that are based on the strategic priorities of the business, (improved) visibility into the situation in the field, and faster planning and re-planning.

OptimoRoute is perfectly suited for all businesses that need to plan efficient routes and schedules. Used by companies of all sizes from small family-owned businesses to $1B+ global logistics players. Please note that OptimoRoute pricing starts at $17.10 per feature, per month. They do not have a free version but they offer free trial.

  1. Locus Dispatcher

Locus Dispatcher is an automated route planner that uses deep machine learning to simplify the distribution of goods for delivery agents, drivers, and dispatchers. It is a comprehensive solution in logistics that enhances fulfillment operations & increases consistency in transport planning, with nearly no human intervention.

The software considers real-life constraints and distribution models and offers the shortest and most effective delivery routes, ensuring optimization across freight costs. Locus Dispatcher target medium to large enterprises looking for supply chain solutions.

Their client base consists of companies like Urban Ladder, Tata Group of Companies, Droplet, Licious, Rollick and Lenskart. Please note that Locus Dispatcher pricing starts at $10000.00 per year. They do not have a free version and do not offer a free trial.

  1. DispatchTrack

DispatchTrack’s routing engine creates superior routes and provides to-the-minute accurate time windows. It optimizes and routes thousands of stops per day and can reload, reroute and replan your entire day—in seconds. And it does all of this on a true Saas platform that seamlessly connects all of your moving pieces—drivers, routes, trucks, loads, customers, clients, dispatches—in real time on whatever device they have.

DispatchTrack is suitable for furniture retailers, appliance retailers, 3PL, home delivery logistics companies, food and beverage distributors, building supply delivery, audio/video technicians, field service technicians etc.