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10 Best Trucking Mileage Tracker Apps for Android

Are you looking for the best trucking mileage tracker app for android? If YES, here are 10 excellent trucking mileage tracker apps. If you clock thousands of miles as part of your job as most truck drivers do, you’ve more or less experienced a well-known headache that is always felt in the trucking industry, that is tracking your truck miles.

This headache comes again when you’re just thinking of keeping a tally of all those dates, travel reasons, odometer readings, and whatnot data required for claiming the IRS mileage tax deductions or reimbursement.

It is currently easy to avoid those headaches in the future. You just need to automate your business mileage tracking process. No need for pen and paper to create a business mileage log for taxes, reimbursement, and other purposes, you can easily use mileage tracking apps.

Mileage tracking apps are known to use GPS to track your truck’s motion from one location to another, and they often start recording distance when the wheels start moving and stop if you are in one place for a certain amount of time. Although you don’t have to expect 100% accuracy, — it is still a good idea to simultaneously keep track of mileage yourself with your own odometer, just to make sure.

Every business has different needs or services from mileage trackers: Some need solid classifications, while others need to add more notes and reminders about each trip. That is where many of the available apps differentiate themselves. Nonetheless, here are some of the highly rated truck mileage tracking options available as iOS apps and Android apps.

What is the Best Trucking Mileage Tracker App for Android?

  1. TripLog

TripLog automatically tracks miles every time you drive your truck or your fleet of vehicles. TripLog is designed for both personal and business expense reporting and automatically tracks deductible mileage, saving your business time and money and protecting you in case of an audit of your taxes. It also offers 100% IRS-compliant reporting that you can use with all major accounting platforms.

TripLog is highly customizable: You can log miles for specific times of the day or set up the tracker for business and personal rides. TripLog can keep track of all vehicle and business expenses — fuel, parking, tolls, maintenance, insurance, lodging, meals — that you can cite as business deductions. TripLog also captures expense receipt photos and upload them to the cloud.

  1. BizXpenseTracker

This is a great functional application for tracking mileage, in which you can personalize the interface and various functions to simplify your work and make it more efficient in terms of business. Note that you can track not only the mileage of the truck but also everyday commercial expenses, time for performing various tasks, etc.

You also have an access to all the reporting functions; you can save all the data in the cloud storage, for example in Box and Dropbox. Another convenient feature is the ability to scan receipts and add information about your location.

  • All types of expenses are tracked.
  • Extended mileage information.
  • Tracking of current expenses.
  • Subcategories
  • Cloud data storage.
  1. Mileage

Mileage is a program for your mobile device based on Android and iOS OS, which allows you to easily control the fuel consumption of several cars. Features of the program include;

  • Support for multiple vehicles.
  • New flow charts.
  • Customizable input fields.
  • Powerful statistics.
  • Import data using CSV.
  • Automatic backup on SD.
  1. Stride

This is a free business expense and mileage tracker that helps you track your self-employed and 1099 business travel and expenses to save money on your tax bill. It’s ideal for driving-intensive vendors like Uber, couriers of all kinds, pet sitters, sales personnel, and many more business categories.

Note that it allows you to import expenses from your bank, allows you to take photos of your business receipts, and helps you find money-saving tax deductions and write-offs. The app integrates with tax-filing software to make tax filing a breeze and helps you import your business expenses and upload receipts to make tax filing easier. It’s totally free of charge, too.

  1. TaxMileage

If you are seeking for an easy way to control the mileage of a truck for later filling out a tax return or compensation payments, then Taxmileage is just what you need. It comes with a long list of features, among which you can note the creation of reports, automatic backup duplication, real-time monitoring with GPS, and support for more than one account. Mileage has the ability to:

  • Keep track of several cars.
  • Consider fuel with liters and gallons.
  • Operate with kilometers and miles.
  • Take into account the price of fuel in various currencies.
  • Display fuel consumption statistics in the form of graphs.
  • Import/export data to CSV, SQL, and SQLite DB format.
  • Plan maintenance of cars (replacement of oil, filters, etc.).

This app is a very convenient and useful program for motorists. It allows taking into account the fuel consumption (and money for it) for several vehicles, viewing statistics, taking into account and planning maintenance of the truck.

  1. Fuelio

This is a versatile Android app that can track mileage, fuel economy, fuel costs, vehicle expenses, and other maintenance costs. Note that its mileage log lets you track fill-ups, gas costs, fuel economy, partial fill-ups, and GPS location. This app does more than keep an eye on vehicle costs — it can also provide fleet management, letting you track multiple vehicles at once.

Fuelio also offers gas price data in real-time, so you can make a more informed choice the next time you need to fill up. You can store Fuelio data locally or store it in the cloud, syncing with services like Dropbox and Google Drive so you can keep a backup to access anywhere

  1. Everlance

Have it in mind that this application uses GPS in order to track the mileage of your truck. The application automatically saves your trips in the background. The program is specifically designed to save battery life. There is synchronization with the cloud storage.

Everlance tracks your miles automatically by logging all your trips. Note that this is an excellent solution for business trips because the program marks the time of the beginning and the end of the journey and calculates the cost of reimbursement.

In addition, there are several classifications: business, personal, charitable, or medical trips. Another convenient function of the program – it saves receipts for the mileage, reserving it in the cloud. So, now you will not lose a single trip by truck. All expenses are also saved – they are checks for food intake, etc. The application supports multiple revenue sources.

  1. MileWiz

The MileWiz application is designed to record gasoline costs. Here, there are all the basic functions for business trips, including adding, editing, and deleting vehicles and events, viewing cost statistics, fuel consumption, and so on.

The MileWiz application is free for all registered users and includes several functions, including the ability to monitor the current status of MileWiz (“Stop”, “Idle” and “Move”), categorize trips, and activate or deactivate the auto-tracking function.

  • IRS compliance, easy generation, and provision of tax reporting.
  • The ability to create multiple trips on several vehicles.
  • Automatic tracking of mileage.
  • iDevices synchronization.
  • Paid subscriptions for a month or year, 20 free trips are provided monthly.
  1. QuickBooks

With options to track your mileage, but also keep a close eye on all your finances, QuickBooks is a complete package for small businesses or sole traders. The mileage tracking works by using your phone’s GPS, to help keep battery use down, and all your mileage data is saved and sorted into categories so you can read the data at a glance.

However, that’s not all you can expect from this app, as you can use it to invoice, keep track of expenses (with a receipt scanner or manual entry), and automatic tax calculations as well. You can access it from the app or web client, and you can try the app for free for 30 days. Once the 30-day period is up, it will cost you a monthly subscription, starting from $5 per month.

  1. Hurdlr

This a business expenses and mileage tracker targeted to small business owners, self-employed people, independent contractors, freelancers, Uber or Lyft drivers, couriers, and others, offers a compendium of services to let you easily capture receipts and create expense reports.

Hurdlr connects with banks, Uber, FreshBooks, Square, Stripe, and PayPal to import your income and expenses automatically for easy income tax calculations. Also note that the app’s free version features expense, income tax, and semi-automatic mileage tracking.

Meanwhile, the premium version has better automation features with a detailed business tax tracker for quarterly tax accounting. Hurdlr’s IRS mileage tracking helps 1099 filers claim maximum tax deductions.

The app lets you export detailed expense reports with receipts and send them via email or to a tax specialist. Hurdlr offers real-time, year-end, and quarterly tax estimates for independent contractors. Hurdlr is specifically designed to work without draining your battery, even with heavy usage.