Are you interested in starting a mail order business from home, but you can’t seem to figure out the right product to sell? Then below is a list of ten fast selling products you can sell via mail order in 2020.

Now, this is a very good business for stay at home parents or people who are currently employed but looking for other sources of income. It is also a good business for students and people who are searching for something to keep them busy after retirement.

Mail order business is very convenient to run. It is a business that involves clients placing orders for products and services through their phones, product catalogues, website or via e-mail.

The person running the mail order business prints a product catalogue and sends it to the postal address of prospective clients or more recently, to the e-mail address of the client and then the client takes a good look at the catalogue or e-mail newsletter and selects the kind of products that he is interested in. Then, he places a telephone call to the business owner to order or fills the e-mail order form.

This kind of business does not need a physical address or store for conducting business. All businesses are conducted over the phone or through e-mail. Some people often confuse having an online store with mail order business. It is only similar but different. Online stores may also have physical stores where people can go in and buy stuffs too but a mail order business has no physical location whatsoever.

Mode of Operation for a Mail Order Business

Mail order businesses operate through the following ways-:

  • Catalogues

This method involves the business owner printing colorful catalogues which contains all the available products and then the catalogue is posted to the clients. The client in turn fills the order form provided in the catalogue stating the products or services he is interested in buying and mails the order form back to the business owner.

The business owner confirms availability of products and provides the client with payment instructions. When payment is made and confirmed, the goods are sent to the client. If you are using this method for your mail order business, you can start with a large mailing list and eventually trim it down to only people who have ordered in the past or have shown interest and possibility of placing orders in the future.

  • Online

Mail order business can also be conducted on the internet. In fact, the online method has gained more prominence than using catalogues because the internet makes the process easier and cheaper. You can sell your products by using SEO targeted towards the category of people who would be interested in the kinds of products you have for sale.

You can also set up an online store where people can go and take a look at the collection of goods you have and eventually place their orders. To encourage customers to patronize you, you can offer free shipping services or allow customers to choose the most suitable option for them. Once again, you do not need to have a physical address to conduct your mail order business online.

Steps to Take to Make your Mail Order Business Successful

This is a business that is conducted based on trust. You do not have a physical address for your business and your clients cannot see you, so you must ensure that you take steps that would boost the confidence of your customers and encourage them to patronize your business. Some of the ways you can do that include-:

  • Excellent customer service

You must ensure that you have a solid customer service system that ensures that customer’s enquiries and challenges are promptly attended to. Imagine that you are the client who just got this beautiful product catalogue in your mail box and you immediately send a mail to enquire about the products you are interested in but this mail wasn’t replied for days or maybe you placed a call to the telephone number provided and nobody answers your call.

Would you still be encouraged to order from that company? So you must have a dedicated e-mail address for your business and you must attend to customers promptly and you should also try to employ a customer service professional who would take clients calls regularly.

  • Customer rewards-: You must also have a program in place to reward your clients from time to time. This may be in form of discounts, promo codes or free shipping.

How to Start your Mail Order Business

You can choose to start your own mail order business from the scratch or buy an existing business or franchise. If you want to buy an existing business, a business broker could help you do that easily. You must also get a grip on advertising.

Advertising is very important in this business, so you must decide on the methods you want to use to advertise your business. Your advertising strategy must be cheap and effective. You should also look for mailing lists that you can start with before you are able to build your own mailing lists. There are people who offer this kind of service and sell mailing lists for a fee.

What Products Can You Sell Via Mail Order

First, you should conduct a small research to determine hot selling items which are not easy to find and people usually buy via mail order. Don’t go for random items that people can easily get in the nearest store. Here is a list of some recommended mail order business ideas-:

Top 10 Booming Mail Order Business ideas

  1. Books-: You can sell inspirational books, hot selling fictional novels, educational books, religious books or several other types of books. You can even sell your own personal books via mail order.
  2. Computer software and hardware-: Another product you can sell is computer accessories, latest mobile phones, mobile phone accessories, solar chargers or computer software.
  3. Toys and video games: This is also a very good business idea too. Games and toys are generally hot selling items and you can make money from selling them through mail order.
  4. Health and Beauty products-: How would you like a monthly supply of your favorite beauty products? Or having access to your vitamins and supplements without leaving the comfort of your home? You could do this for your clients too through your mail order business.
  5. Clothing-: Designer clothing and accessories are also very good products for mail order business.
  6. DVD’S, Movie tickets and magazines-: You can easily sell latest movie tickets, magazines and DVDs through mail order.
  7. Services-: It doesn’t always have to be products. Who says you can’t sell services too? You can sell your real estate agency business, accountancy and taxation or any other service through your mail order business.
  8. Cars-: You can also sell cars, motorcycles, bicycles and spare parts.
  9. Furniture-: You can go into furniture making and remodeling business and sell your products via mail order.
  10. Food items-: Yes, it’s also possible to sell food items and ingredients through mail order.

To start a mail order business, you should budget between $100 and $50,000 and you can make as much as 10% profits within the first year of business.

Ajaero Tony Martins