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How to Make Money Building and Selling Bird Houses

One of the very lucrative and profitable lines of income to add to your portfolio is the building and selling of bird houses. It is one way to make some decent money on the side, especially if you have a knack for crafts. The start-up cost is under $2,000, and this business can be operated from home. If you are already in paid employment, this is one business that can be operated part-time. There are a couple of franchises available and they can be operated online.

So, what is the bird house business all about, and how can you tap into the dynamic industry? First off, a birdhouse is typically built from bamboo or light wood, and it is actually a bird feeder – a place where you put out food for birds to come and eat each day.

A birdhouse is a modest structure with seven straightforward parts — two sides, a front and back, a bottom, and two pieces for the roof. And you certainly do not need power equipment to cut the wood.

How Much Can You Make Selling Birdhouses?

Skills are really needed in building the best birdhouses that would be irresistible to a buyer. However, with constant practice even as a novice, you should be able to compete favorably in your market. Once you are able to get a hang of being skillful at the art, you can be sure to make as little as $10 for a simple one, to as much as $100 for a very stylish birdhouse.

What Qualifies You?

You pretty much don’t need any formal qualifications to start building birdhouses. All you need is a mild crafts skill with a power saw and a hammer. Plus, you need to have a bit of a creative mind to create something beautiful. One of the things that stands some of the best birdhouse builders out is their very imaginative minds. So as you plan to launch, you have to put your best foot forward always.

How to Start Building Bird Houses for Profit

1. Research the Business

Nothing beats going the good old route of research. With research, you are exposed to information and resources that will help you build the best birdhouses. There are a lot of Pallet Wood and Birdhouses magazines and resources online that can help you add things up, especially in the area of research.

For instance, the money that you can make may vary from person to person. You could make around $10-$20 per birdhouse when you make 4-5 of them per day. You may consider using any of the research web resources to draw the right information.

2. Research Bird Behavior

You also need to do some research into bird behavior. This will help you know what to tell your buyers about when you eventually start. It will give a nice branding touch to your woodcraft business. People gravitate more towards those who can give adequate help to them in business. So be sure you are well read in the bird housing business.

3. Visit Local Birdhouses Around You to Source Raw Materials

As one who is trying to launch out and test the waters, you need to first of all visit local businesses and ask if you can haul away some of their old pallets. Many will be happy to let you do so since they will not have to pay to have them hauled away.

Then, cut the pallets up and practice building your birdhouses. The wood is free so your only cost is nails and your time.

4. Consider Making Your Birdhouse Look Natural

The idea behind building a birdhouse is that it should come across as natural as possible. It should reflect the natural environment in which the birds build their nests. Use extremely natural woods. Old scraps of wood can be ideal for building a birdhouse.

Try to keep the finishing as natural as possible. Do not consider using paint, polish, or even adhesive to join the sides because birds prefer a natural environment; an abode that will make them comfortable and feel at home.

5. Make Sure You Produce Functional Bird Houses

Interestingly, a functional birdhouse is not complicated in design. Do not forget that birds are looking for something as close to a tree as they can find. The elements of nature like the wind and rain should be able to penetrate the birdhouse a little bit. So when designing your bird house for sale, you should have that in mind.

6. Stick to Making Only the Recommended Dimensions

Only some particular type of dimensions will get noticed by buyers. The shape of all birdhouses is typically consistent and boxlike. But other design elements should be absolute while keeping the kind of birds you are hoping to attract.

The height is usually kept at about 8 inches. Bigger birds like an owl or a hawk require building a bigger 8 x 10 birdhouse that is up to 12 inches in height.

Where to Sell Birdhouses

Birdhouses and bird feeders sell great at hardware stores, garden centers, larger grocery stores, craft stores, feed stores, farm stands, vegetable stands, farmers’ markets, and antique stores. You can also consider displaying woodworking shops and cabinet shops.

Take Marketing Seriously

Knowing how to get words out there about your bird house business would be a plus. These days, there is nothing that cannot be sold online. This is why you must take social media really seriously. Ensure that you know where your target market is clustered on the web and take your campaigns there. Be sure that your social media handles are well set up so that you will know how to serve your audience well.

There you have it, a short complete guide on how you can start and sell birdhouses in your neighborhood and make some good money from it.