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10 Guaranteed Ways to Get High-Paying Clients as a Lawyer

Okay, so we have considered all the requirements for starting a law firm. We also took it further by providing an in-depth sample law firm business plan template. In this article, we will be analyzing and drafting a sample law firm marketing plan backed up by actionable guerrilla marketing ideas for law firms. So put on your marketing hat and let’s proceed.

In the70’s and 80’s the law profession was one profession of envy. Nearly all parents lobbied to have their wards study Law at the university. Fast forward these days and it seems the reverse is the case. You realize that many fear that the avalanche of lawyers being churned out every year from the law school might not get befitting clients and deals.

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If you have followed the trend closely or are a lawyer yourself, then you just might agree that being a lawyer sometimes could be a herculean task, especially if you have had to struggle with getting new clients in the past. So just what activities might you possibly get yourself involved in to attract clients? Below are 10 sure-fire tested and proven activities that you must get involved in to get clients as a lawyer.

10 Guaranteed Ways to Get High-Paying Clients as a Lawyer

1. Market your expertise-: If in time past you have been too cool with marketing your skills, well it is time to put on those ‘marketing shoes’ of yours and get running. It is needful that you know that there isn’t any hard and fast rule to advertising your strength and services as a lawyer. Decide it is time to allocate some funds to marketing your expertise. Tell people about yourself, and attend business meetings.

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2. Advertise on the Electronic media-: You can strike this off by talking with television houses and talk shows that you might want to be given the opportunity to come analyze some societal issues. You can choose from the various TV stations which exist. Remember, that the idea is for you to let as many people as possible know what services you render

3. Use the Print Media-: Ever picked up a newspaper and found some legal adverts? If your answer is yes, then you might notice that many lawyers are taking a cue from this. You too can also adopt the Print media mode of advert. Meet with personnel at any of the newspaper houses and hint them on publishing the services you offer to the general public.

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4. Social Media-: The world has become a global village and so you must also position your business on the global map. One other veritable tool in marketing yourself is through the social media. You could choose to have a facebook page for your law business, or get a website developer to open a website for your chambers where there might be adequate information about who you are and what services you offer. One other good trick you might also want to adopt is to upload a video of you on your site. Make the video a one-on-one type where you talk to your potential clients about who you are and what you do.

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5. Avail yourself for any Pro-Bono legal cause-: This might sound somewhat discouraging but the truth is that giving free services to people is one sure way to add more clients to your business. You just might be surprised at the amount of clients you can possibly get when you avail yourself for pro-bono legal causes. All you need do is keep vigilant and keep your ears peeled to be informed about cases which you might want to take up.

6. Create a Blog and consistently blog on legal issues-: The power of blogging can never be overemphasized. While there isn’t any restriction on the type of subjects you can blog about, you might want to usurp the opportunity you have to blog about legal issues. One of such subjects might be about societal and economical issues on the front burners. When you blog consistently, you begin to impress in the minds of your readers that you are a competent to take their legal issues.

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7. Register with a Legal Bureau in your area-: Over the years so many bureaus have sprung up and one of such bureaus are the law bureaus .Be sure to register with one or more of such bureaus where you can be notified of openings in business. It is the duty of such associations when you register to alert you when they get a potential client for you.

8. Send your profile to companies-: Spreading the net in the sea to be sure it traps plenty fishes is very important to a fisherman. Hence, one other way to get new clients is for you to send in your profile in a brochure format to companies, as well as potential clients who might be in need of your services in the near future.

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9. Ask For Referrals-: You might also want to look inwards too. Whilst you are experimenting with other avenues that might possibly get you new clients, you should also not neglect the old and existing ones. Ask that your existing clients whom you have served well refer you to companies, family and friends who might be in need of the services of a lawyer. You would be amazed at the number of clients this singular request might gather up for you.

10. Review These Steps From Time To Time-: It is very imperative that as you take these steps you also set time apart to review and analyze these activities. Why is this important? This is so that you know the areas where you have attracted the most clients from and the areas where the least clients are coming from.

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You should also work out more creative law firm marketing ideas. Analyzing also avails you the opportunity not to waste your time and resources on the activities that yield you little or no result.

Would following these steps help in getting you clients?

You bet! Mark you, all you need with these steps is consistency and hard work; and you can be optimistic that getting clients as a lawyer would yield dividend. Be hardworking and positive about these activities and you can be rest assured that in no time at all you would have as many clients as you want, plus you would have grown into becoming a household name.