Are you interested in operating a business in the media and publishing industry? Then below are the top 20 small business ideas in the media and publishing industry.

Imagine a world where we didn’t have the media industry. No news updates, no weather forecasts, political news or stock market reviews. Everyone just operated blindly with no one having access to information beyond what goes on in their locality.

That doesn’t sound like a world anyone would want to be in because even in the Stone Age, our forefathers had means of communicating with each other and platforms for sending messages across. There were the town criers and the town square meetings. Information has always been important.

Information is power and the media industry does a really good job of making sure that we have access to information. Apart from the fact that we get to know about the things happening around us, we also get to expand our knowledge through reading of books, watching of movies and documentaries and even listening to music.

The media/publishing industry has continued to evolve with new innovations coming out regularly. For instance, hard cover or paper-books used to be the way to put information in print in the 80’s and early 90’s but now, with the advent of the internet and e-books; even newspapers now come in soft copies. This is a very good innovation; one that helps to protect our environment, so we no longer have to cut down trees and use them to manufacture paper.

So let’s quickly discuss the top 20 businesses you could start in the media/publishing industry.

Top 20 Small Business ideas in the Media Publishing Industry

1. Proofreading Services-: When people write books or articles, there are chances that they would make grammatical errors or spelling errors; so they would always give their manuscripts to someone else to read and correct possible errors that they may have made. People who offer these services are known as proofreaders.

2. Freelance Writing-: Freelance writers offer their services in several ways. They write articles for newspapers and online magazines, they write web content for website owners, write educational materials, e-books and so many other informational materials. This is a business that is really in hot demand and the good thing about it is that you get to work from home so you don’t necessarily need an office or shop space.

3. Desktop Publishing-: Desktop publishing has been making money for people for a long time and it doesn’t look like it’s about to stop. With a computer, a printer and a few other equipment, you are set to start your own desktop publishing business.

4. Copywriting Services-: You see those newsletters you get regularly from one company or the other persuading you to buy something or just generally informing you of products and services, they are usually written by copywriters. A copywriter drafts marketing letters on behalf of his clients and copywriters are really in hot demand.

5. Freelance Journalist-: Instead of signing up a contract with one media agency, you can decide to be on your own and become a freelance journalist, going around gathering your own news and information and selling them to media houses.

6. Personal Relations Consultant-: Personal relations agencies are also known as image makers. They project the image of their clients in a positive way to the public. These clients could be large or small companies, musicians, actors and actresses, politicians or the government.

7. Social Media Consultant-: Well, Social media is now more than just social media. With the gazillions of people flocking around social media daily, smart business owners have discovered that it’s a good way to increase awareness for their businesses or products. Social media consultants are hired to give expert advice on how to promote businesses and services on the internet via social media.

8. Business Directory Publishing-: Ever heard of the yellow pages? Or the green pages? These are popular names for business directories. Business directory publishing business involves collecting a token from business owners to have their business details published in your business directories which could be online or offline.

9. Graphic Designer-: A graphic designer designs business cards, company logos, book covers and several other similar materials.

10. Record Label-: Floating your own record label is quite capital intensive but highly rewarding especially when you are lucky enough to sign artists that are really good at what they do. So, if you are deep-pocketed and looking to invest in the media industry, this is a good one for you.

11. Jingles Producer-: Yes, there are people who actually specialize in producing those interesting radio and television jingles. If you are creative, witty and intelligent, you should really consider starting a jingles production business.

12. Movie Production-: This is another business idea for the deep pocketed investor. Producing your own movies takes time and a lot of money and then there’s the issue of piracy to deal with. Nonetheless, you can make a lot of money from it especially if it’s a blockbuster movie.

13. Online Magazine-: This is a relatively untapped niche in the media industry. Instead of the regular glossy hard copy magazines, online magazines are taking the forefront. You could start your own online magazine too and make good profit from advertising.

14. Radio Station-: Radio stations are our one-stop source for information and our regular companions when we are bored or driving or taking a break. Internet radio stations are in fact becoming more popular. You could start your own radio station and make money from paid jingles and sponsored programs.

15. Television Station-: Yet another business idea for the deep-pocketed investor which could also make you a millionaire within a short time.

16. Billboard rentals-: Starting your own billboards business is simple. Just get a permit from the government agency in charge of advertisement, construct your billboard in a strategic location and have people pay you to place advertisements on your billboards for a rental fee.

17. E-book Publishing-: You can either publish your own e-books for sale or help other people write and publish their e-books on platforms like E-bay or Amazon.

18. Website Design-: Any business that doesn’t have a website these days risks a challenge of not being taken serious by clients or seen as a shady business. With the number of new businesses popping up daily, a very good web designer really stands a chance of making a whole lot of money.

19. Stock photography-: Stock photography production and sales is another trending business idea in the media industry that you could look into.

20. Reality show production-: A popular American family, The Kardashians makes millions of dollars just from producing their own reality TV. There are also different popular reality television shows that make a lot of profit too. Who says you cannot start your own reality TV show too? Just make sure it is interesting and makes a whole lot of sense.