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100+ Best Business Name ideas for a Medical Spa

Picking the ideal name for your business can be quite challenging, and this is particularly true in the medical aesthetic industry. To ensure that your medical spa can draw the attention of clients, it is important you choose the right name. The ideal name for your medical spa needs to be unique and able to conjure thoughts of vitality, health, and beauty.

A medical spa is a place where a vast array of medical, cosmetic, and relaxation treatments are provided to clients in a spa-like setting, and with the oversight of a medical doctor. Owing to that, your business name needs to be able to entice and inspire trust in potential customers.

In the medical spa sector, the services being provided may include “medicine” or “medical”; however, it is imperative to note that these terms can be quite generic and don’t in most situations convey the type of services provided in medical spas.

To ensure that your name provides a better description, you might want to utilize terms like “aesthetic,” “esthetic” or “anti-aging”, but these terms are included in the “specialty area” naming rules in most states.

If you intend to go into a special branch of the profession—in this case medicine—the Office of the Professions in most states in the United States mandates that you send in proof of certification in that specialty practice.

Although physicians are allowed or permitted to obtain board certifications in dermatology and plastic surgery, you have to realize that practicing within the field of aesthetic medicine comes with no such specialty board certifications.

While this might seem like a viable option to use, have it in mind that the term “spa” in connection with “medical” are prohibited in most places because it is considered misleading. Also, note there are many more related “misleading” terms that are prohibited.

Catchy Medical Spa Names

  1. The Soothing Retreat
  2. King’s Paradise
  3. Glory Lounge
  4. Pure bliss Haven
  5. Magic Touch Clinic
  6. Shine and Glow
  7. Relieve Nook
  8. Glamor Room
  9. Feel and Relax
  10. Heaven’s Gate Spa
  11. Saving Touch Parlor
  12. Ease and Enjoy Clinic
  13. Mighty Joe Parlor
  14. Benefit Station
  15. Cute Transformation
  16. Alluring Nerves
  17. Muscle Revamp
  18. Oasis Spa
  19. Radiant Clinic
  20. Luxury Touch Lounge
  21. Yin–Yang Parlor
  22. Aftermath Clinic
  23. City Luminous
  24. Revive and Glow
  25. Rejuvenation Clinic
  26. New Breath Spa
  27. Fresh Vitality Spa
  28. Clean Vista Station
  29. Expert Touch Zone
  30. Bounty Freshness
  31. Lighthouse Med Spa
  32. Peace and Tranquility LLC
  33. Elegant Souls
  34. Royalty Lounge
  35. Viva Beauty and Class
  36. Fresh Radiant
  37. Serene Massage Bar
  38. Garden of Eden
  39. Bodyworks Clinic
  40. The Fountain of Youth
  41. Beautiful Reflections
  42. Zero Stress
  43. Ageless Elixir
  44. The Healing Orchard
  45. Splendor Experts
  46. Concrete Benefit
  47. Green Contour
  48. Bay of Freshness
  49. Castle Monica
  50. Eternal Life Glow
  51. Richards Beckley & Co® Medical Spa, LLC
  52. Laura Greene® Medical Spa, LLC
  53. Santiago Group of Medical Spas, LLP
  54. Deb Rosen® Health & Wellness Coaching Services, LLP
  55. Jake Lee© Medical Spa, Inc.
  56. Aaron Smiths & Associates® Medical Spa, LLP
  57. Green Power® Medical Spa, Inc.
  58. West Coast® Medical Spa, LLC
  59. Phil Nelson & Co Medical Spas, LLP
  60. Louis® Medical Spa Services, Inc.

Popular Names of Medical Spas in USA

  1. L’Amore Laser & Medical Spa
  2. 30a Medical Spa
  3. Rousso Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic
  4. Melindas Med-Spa And Salon
  5. Advanced Medical Spa & Laser Center
  6. Infinity Med Spa
  7. Trifecta Med Spa Downtown
  8. Cadella Medical Spa and Wellness Center
  9. SOLUX Med Spa
  10. Georgetown Allure Medical Spa
  11. The Natural Look MedSpa
  12. Persona Medical Spa
  13. Radiant Skin
  14. Simply Beautiful Medical Spa
  15. Reverse Laser and Medical Aesthetics, LLC
  16. Lake Austin Spa Resort
  17. We Care Detox Spa
  18. The Lodge at Woodloch
  19. Miraval Resort & Spa
  20. Rancho La Puerta
  21. Sundara Inn & Spa
  22. Spa at Chiva Som International Health Resort

Tips to Help You Name a Medical Spa 

  1. Research the competition

This is indeed very important as it points you in the right direction in an industry as restricted as the medical line. Owing to that, before coming up with your own medical spa name, you should find out all you can about other businesses in the field and note the sort of names they use. This will give you an idea of what’s already been taken.

  1. Make it unique

It is also important that the name you choose for your medical spa remains unique and different from others. For one, you would want your medical spa name to be unique and easily recognizable, so that your clients won’t be confused. Also, strive to choose a name that speaks of the values you want your Medical Spa to have.

  1. Consider your business’ personality

When coming up with a viable title for your medical spa, take into consideration your brand identity. Take time to understand the words you will like your clients to use when outlining your company’s personality. Fun? Serious? Friendly? Professional? Whimsical?

Once you understand this, come up with a name that will evoke these characteristics to ensure that your marketing efforts will be more impactful and result oriented.

  1. Keep it short

This is also another important tip to take into consideration. When naming your business, it is important to go for shorter names because they have proven to be more memorable than long names. It also makes it easy for people to remember your medical spa name without difficulty. Owing to that, ensure to keep it short and snappy. Normally, it should have no more than two syllables.

  1. Ensure the domain is available

You cannot afford to underestimate the power of having an internet presence in this age. The medical spa industry is quite competitive and you will want clients to know that you exist. Owing to that, to ensure that your medical spa name is available for use on the web, make sure to find out if a matching domain is available. You can do this by using a Domain Name Search Tool.


To ensure that your medical spa can draw the attention of clients, it is important you choose the right name. The ideal name for your medical spa needs to be unique and able to conjure thoughts of vitality, health, and beauty, while also falling in line with the rules for naming medical and professional entities.

Don’t also forget that each state has its own rules that regulate business naming, particularly for businesses that offer medical services.