Do you know that you can start a business based on your hobby or passion? Do you have a money making hobby but you just don’t know what to do about it? Then read on.

The dream of many would-be entrepreneurs is to slide seamlessly from their passionate, enjoyable pursuit of a hobby into the passionate, enjoyable establishment and operation of a company based on their favorite pastime. Nothing is better to do for money than something you already enjoy doing for free.

To begin making money from your hobbies; to start building a business around your hobby, you must first evaluate yourself realistically. This is necessary because your commercial success will be so tied into your personal proficiency at this hobby, so you need to reckon with yourself realistically.

Are you skilled enough at this hobby that other people will actually pay you for your service or knowledge, or do you just enjoy the heck out of it? Do you have the commitment and disciple to fully pursue this venture when it starts to feel like a job instead of fun? If your answer to the last question is yes, then here are 15 money making hobbies that you can turn into business.

15 Best Money Making Hobbies You Can Turn into a Business

Education is a major element of a child’s development. For parents wanting the peace of mind that their child is receiving the proper education, extra curriculum tutoring can be the preferred method of extending educational training beyond public school. This is where you come in.

However, there is one main requirement for starting this type of instruction business. You must be an expert in the field in which intend to teach or tutor. Beyond that, this business is very simple to start. You can operate on a mobile basis by going to the client or from your office with the client coming to you.

Most people think of professional writers as the big name novelists. However, most professionals have other jobs and write part time. You might also write for a weekly newspaper. Write a column or two and offer to let them use the columns free for the first two weeks to see what the response is from their readership. Then negotiate the payment for each column.

If you like to write poetry, then consider sending your work into greeting cards. Go to card shop and Grocery Store and look for the smaller card companies. The major publishing companies having internal staff writers and normally do not accept outside submissions, but smaller companies depend on the material coming from people just like you. You can also write for children.

If you enjoy using a camera, whether it is a still-camera or a video camera, there is money to be made with it. Perhaps the easiest way to begin is to take the camera to a local youth sporting event and begin taking pictures. Be sure to have inexpensive brochures available explaining to the proud parent where they can order actions shots of their own little super stars in action. A few big weekends of that type of freelance work will let you see how big this market can be.

If you are talented in the area of hair weaving, why can’t you start it as a business this week? I know a lot of women who can weave better than most big boutiques and salons in town but will never want to start it as a business. Wasted talent is a wasted resource.

To start this business, all you will require is to set up a particular place and it doesn’t have to be a shop, your basement, under a tree near your house is enough to start. You will also need two chairs for your customers with a mirror so that they can see their hair during and after plating. You can introduce incentives like weave 2 times and get the third one for free, as a beginner and see what will happen.

Everywhere you turn to now as a fashion conscious person, you are faced with different types of jewelry. If you aspire to grow in this career, it can take you to the corridors of power as you can end up beading for the high and mighty. It can also launch you into the world of interior decoration, designing and fashion at large.

A person equipped and empowered with the bead stringing craft and design skill can produce variety of products such as Beaded Bags, Beaded Slippers, Beaded Necklaces/Earring and lots more. This gives access to the public at large to buy and use your hand made products. As it serves their needs, you see your income boosted and raised. The profit level on the business is 60% of the initial materials cost.

Actors entertain us by portraying characters in dramatic productions such as plays, movies, soap operas and commercials. To be a successful actor, you must be disciplined. You must also love acting, you must try and develop your skills by constant practice, you must be able to interpret your script very well, and you must also have a very good diction.

Acting is about emulation, which is doing what is not your real self. The Actor Guilds of Nigeria offers relevance training in this area; you can also learn the act of the profession at the Nigerian film cooperation (NFC). The acceptability of the viewing public determines the take home pay of a particular Actor or Actresses.

Singing is a very important aspect of music business. A lot of people who are gifted with good voices are in high demand, and such people can make a lot of money by joining a band, church choir, studio, being a backup singer for musicians that want to wax an Album. You can also form or join a musical group that performs at weddings, birthdays, house warming and so on. The more performance you engage in, the more income you receive.

  • Gaming

One thing we really need in this country is more leisure and entertainment. The Game center concept is good both for those who have jobs and those who want full time involvement. A game center is a place to which people (mostly young) come to play computer based games like play station, Nintendo, Atari, etc.

You will also provide avenues for refreshments like ice cream snacks, drinks etc. You can also include board games like chess, scrabble, backgammon etc. The extent to which you invest will determine the extent to which you make more money. If you can get a hall or flat like space then you have a chance to create a hub for young people in your area.

If you start small, you can make between N5, 000 to N20, 000 a day. If you manage it well, it will draw people. It is not easy managing a crowd especially a crowd of youths. Without very strict management, one fracas could close you down.

It is very important that you protect your equipment don’t forget that you’re dealing with the youth. Work out your protocol and how you will collect and monitor money, record keeping etc. Prepare for power outage and keep your cost low, organize local contest and competitions. Also try to get corporate organizations to advertise.

  • Acrobat

Do you know you can make money with your acrobatic skills by entertaining audience with difficult and spectacular feats, such as leaping, tumbling, and balancing, alone or as member of a team? You may also use equipment, such as chairs and teeterboard. The more show you perform, the more money you make, If you don’t have the talent, you can bring together these great talent manage them, get shows for them and in turn make a lot of money.

  • Cartoonist

You can make money by drawing cartoons for publications to amuse readers and interpret or illustrate news highlights, advertising, stories, or articles. Either you work on full time or part time, you will make a lot of money, you can make as much as N20,000 to N50,000 per design depending on your credibility in the industry.

Dancing is no more the pastime of the young and the idle. Thanks to the media explosion, especially in the entertainment sector. Dance has become an art form that has spawned a myriad of career options from dance instructors to choreographers. However, you must also have a lot of patience and verbal skills to communicate the ideas to dancers.

The demand for choreographers is on the rise, with stage shows forming an integral part of any function or event, be it marriage or a corporate launch party. Corporate events like auto-expo are never complete without a dance performance. Companies now organize a lot of events and dance performances have become integral to them.

It’s doubtful that even the most successful motivational speakers like Dale Carnegie, Anthony Robbins and Maryann Williamson dreamed of entering this field when they were children. Motivational speakers are not born; they are made. They launched their careers by speaking to smaller groups, collecting testimonials, and growing their businesses to a national level.

As a motivational speaker, you will travel frequently unless you decide to market your presentation to a larger seminar promotion company and/or hire others to teach in your place.

Some people have the talents to spot errors in printed materials and they do not even know what opportunity they are sitting on. Proofreading is the act of reading printed materials in search of errors prior to the actual printing or publishing. Now if you think you have the talents identified above, you also need to measure yourself. You also require ability to pay attention to details, thoroughness and hard work.

The way to go about this venture is to offer your proofreading services to established firms that do require them. There is no need for you to have an office initially as you can do business from the comfort of your home, but as the time goes on, you might need to get an office in order to be taken more seriously and to up patronage.

  • Master of ceremonies and comedians

An emerging and creative and rewarding profession in Nigeria commenced in the early ‘80s when comedy business started with late Gbenga Adeboye and Ali Baba on the other hand pioneering the trend. They did not only make joke making fashionable and profitable, but also set a pace for new generation of humorist and a new professional in the Country.

If you are convince you can make people laugh, all you need is self confidence, walk on your presentation, get good books on jokes, browse the net and subscribes to joke sites on the internet, you will also need a complimentary cards, attend events and get close to some of the well established comedians.

Some of them sometimes have more than one engagement while some organize regular shows they can give you few minutes to perform in any of their shows this can be the break through that will take you to the limelight.

Setting up an NGO strongly depends on the nature and character of the NGO. There are different kinds of NGO ranging from membership organization or individual organizations.

You don’t need an office, you can start from your house, look for credible people to work with especially influential individual who can assist you to raise money through their friends, then as this money comes in, make sure you think about how to register with the corporate affairs commission because it will allow you have access to foreign donor agencies.

So what are you waiting for? Start doing what you love and get paid for it. Who know? You might just be the next Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey or Steven Spielberg.