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10 Best Types of Moving Head Light for Mobile DJ

Are you wondering what type of moving head Light is best for Mobile DJs? If YES, here are 10 best moving head lights for Mobile DJs. 

If you are looking towards starting a career as a Disc Jockey DJ, one of the major work tools or gadgets that can’t be found missing in your collection of gadgets, is moving head lights for mobile DJs. Disc Jockey (DJ) lights are usually multicolored lights that come in specific patterns.

These patterns can be strobe lights, disco balls with lights in them, or even simple headlights. DJ lights are specifically designed to follow the beat of the music at a rave, house party, or DJ gig depending on what you are looking for.

No doubt, if you want to get people to love your performance as DJ, then you must make sure you have the right set of moving head lights for mobile DJs. The truth is that, if you have a bad moving head light as a mobile DJ, you will find it pretty difficult to effectively convince your customers that you are on top of your game as a mobile DJ.

Having said that, considering the number of options in the market, shopping for the best moving head lights can be challenging and time – consuming. In no particular order, here are 10 of the Moving Head Lights for Mobile DJ that you can get in the market.

Best Moving Head Light for Mobile DJ

  1. Tomshine 60W Moving Head Lights 

Tomshine 60W Moving Head Lights is one of the reliable moving head lights that you should consider buying as a mobile DJ.

This is so because the product is small in size but high in power. Interestingly, the Tomshine 60W Moving Head Light supports the DMX512 protocol. If you use the computer to disassemble the software, the software needs to support the DMX512 protocol.

So also, the Tomshine 60W Moving Head Light has 6 basic colors, of which UV light is used in conjunction with fluorescent products to render fluorescent effects on some festivals. The wavelength of the light determines that even if it has a very high power, the eyes still look unlit.

  1. LED Disco Crystal Ball Effect Party Bulbs

The LED Disco Crystal Ball Effect Party Bulb is another reliable and cheap moving head light. As a matter of fact, the LED Disco Crystal Ball Effect Party Bulbs comes with up to 20,000 hours per bulb, you will likely be able to use these lights for many years to come.

LED lights, in general, save plenty of energy. These lights claim to save as much as 80% compared to traditional bulbs. They are also much brighter and multicolored, which is always a nice touch.

Aside from the fact that LED Disco Crystal Ball Effect Party Bulbs rotates freely, the dome shape is covered in polygons that reflect lights in random directions. This gives the same effect as DJ lights over twice the price. Screw them into a light socket and watch as they change the atmosphere in an instant.

  1. BETOPPER DJ Lights, 7x8W RGBW LED Stage Lights

Betopper DJ stage lights is RGBW 4-IN-1 equipped with an efficient optics lens. It can increase 20% brightness. The lighting range can be 5 meters. The light beam angle is 36 degrees. It can be used as stage lighting, DJ lights, strobe lights, wash lights. With a smooth motor movement, the moving head lights can respond quickly and precisely.

The moving head lights can be controlled by Auto/Sound/DMX/Master-slave. The DMX channel is 9/16. With it, you can change color, dimming, strobe, sound-activated. It will make multi stage effects. Also, it is easy to get the effects through operating the function button.

The moving head lights have rich color effects and function for different needs. Stage lights are bright and blended seamlessly and color changes smoothly, the strobe is intense, which will add a great look to your light show. You can use it in a bar, disco hall, wedding, party, stage, club, etc.

One good thing about this moving head light is that it has a built-in cooling fan. The lifespan of stage lights is 50,000 hours. Worry free after-sale services allow you free return/refund in 30 days after purchasing. And we offer 1 year warranty and lifetime professional technical support.

  1. Pyle PDJLT40 – Rotating DJ Party Stage Light 

Another effective and of course reliable moving head light for mobile DJ that you should consider buying is Pyle PDJLT40 – Rotating DJ Party Stage Light. Pyle brings you the PDJLT40 Mini Moving Head Light. Turn your party, club, or concert into an event with this multicolored LED stage light!

It features bright RGBW colored lights and has Auto-Run, DMX512, Voice Control, Master-Slave Audio, and Automatic Mode Movement Ability control mode. This moving night disco / stage light rotates in a pattern to change the position of the spotlight from the floor to the wall and even the ceiling.

You can easily adjust the pan pattern from a variety of built-in presets. These indoor-outdoor party lights are a great alternative for a disco ball. Has a built-in mic that detects the BPM of the music playing and adjusts the speed of the light pattern to sync w/ the music for an awesome dance party.

Interestingly, this professional DJ lighting system contains focused FX 4-in-1 x 10W, RGBW bulb providing the full color spectrum for a more impressive light show. The bulb is bright and powerful and will bring life to any dance party room.

  1. Lixada LED Head Moving Light 

Lixada LED Head Moving Light Rotating Moving Head DMX512 is yet another moving head light for mobile DJ that should be on your bucket list. The colorful display of red, blue, green, and white makes the place look very festive.

Also, it is smart with auto blinking, flashing, and RGBW mixing color changing. – Even the head is automatically rotating. Lixada LED Head Moving Light Rotating Moving Head DMX512 is equipped with an automatic 540°rotatable Pan and an automatic 230°rotatable Tilt.

So also, the flexible head of this moving head light can move quickly, smoothly, accurately. Very sensitive to voice under sound controlling. Great to be used in discos, clubs, KTV, pubs, bars, banquets, weddings, family parties, etc.

  1. U`King LED Moving Head Light 

The U`King LED Moving Head Light is possibly one of the best mobile DJ lights for the money. The U`King is a professional moving light head fixture with variable scanning angle, super-fast 540 ° pan/270 ° tilt movement. Aluminum alloy + PVC materials shell and cooling function.

This fixture support 9 channel & 11 channel control and ideal for stages, theaters, churches, nightclubs, concert venues, and event productions.

U`King moving head offering vibrant output, advanced features, and a sleek design. Up-lighting is a fantastic way to transform any venue for a party. U`King LED Moving Head Light is ideal for accentuating walls and other architectural features of a venue. Dual brackets that can be used for either variable-angle hanging or floor-standing.

  1. HSL Moving Head Light 

HSL Moving Head Light DJ Lights 4in1 Rotating Beam Lights is yet another moving head light every DJ should consider buying. HSL Moving Head Light DJ Lights 4in1 Rotating Beam Lights can focus to 7 degrees to achieve extremely focused aerial effects, And with RGBW DJ Moving Head exit 4-IN-1 beam, it also provides perfect separation effect.

40w LED Moving Head Beam Light is perfect for projecting tight, vibrant beams. Red, green, blue, white, 4Ni1 beam, more features of this versatile light include a dual blade dimmer and shutter strobe.

  1. Tomshine Moving Head 15 colors and 8 gobos DJ Lights

The Tomshine Moving Head 15 colors and 8 gobos DJ Lights is one of the best mobile DJ lights for the money. This moving head DJ light can create 8 mono-colors and 7 mixed colors, total of 15 different color lighting beams, and 8 patterns. Sound sensor design enables you to control colors & patterns and change speed with sound & music.

Tomshine Moving Head 15 colors and 8 gobos DJ Lights come in a compact size and exquisite workmanship, ensures low power consumption, and allow fast smooth, and accurate movements. Designed into small size and lightweight for easy installation, this stage light can be mounted on a bracket to hang on a truss, install on a wall or put on the ground.

As a matter of fact, a wide variety of user-selectable modes can be run via DMX, auto speed or sound (via integral microphone with adjustable sensitivity), and master/slave linking are available. For the more advanced users, the Stage Light offers DMX512 protocol with 9 or 11 channel control modes like dimmer, strobe (0-10Hz), pan (540i max), pan fine, and tilt fine.

  1. Lixada Moving Head Light 7x10W Moving Head 

Another moving head light every DJ should consider in their bucket list is the Lixada Moving Head Light. Lixada DJ light features 7 individually controllable 10 watt RGBW Osram LEDs that deliver a tight 1.5-degree beam that will cut through the darkness.

Individual control of red, green, blue, and white LEDs and mixing. This moving head light has 4 control modes, DMX512, master slave, sound active, and automatic. What’s more, the DJ light is professional 9/14 Channels DMX-512 LED stage light that can basically meet your needs.

This moving head and stage light has strobe effects, adjustable flash rate, and beaming angle. LED display for easier operation and low power consumption. Clear precise colors are produced. To get white, the fixture will illuminate red, green, and blue LEDs all at once. No matter how you slice it, and you will see color fringing and odd light artifacts even if the target is far from the light.

Lixada Moving Head Light fixture has stand alone capability with color fades, strobes, static colors, and sound activated modes, built in microprocessors to ensure fast and smooth movement. It lights up whatever is above it straight up the ceiling. Good for Christmas house parties, get together, birthdays and Halloween parties et al.

  1. SHEHDS Moving Head Light

SHEHDS Moving Head Light should be on your bucket list if you are looking for an effective and reliable moving head light for every mobile DJ. The SHEHDS Moving Head Light is made of cast aluminum shell with LED display, excellent stability, great heat dissipation capability for long working life.

You can control the lamp via DMX, sound control, strobe, master & slave or simply let it rotate automatically. The moving head DJ light enables large-angle pan or tilt movement, and easy to change beam direction w/ 540°pan and 180°tilt.

SHEHDS Moving Head Light comes with 2 handles which is easier to install in the ceiling, walls, floor and desk with angle adjustable. Which is ideal for DJ, Karaoke, Ballroom, KTV, Disco, Pub, Theater, Church, Club, Bar, Shopping Mall, J-show, Halloween, Christmas, Wedding home indoor celebration party dance, etc.